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Do you know of any new restaurants coming/in the Berkshires?

Anyone been to the New Five guys? Wondering how it is...just opened yesterday I think. I love five guys but don't know if I should wait to go until it irons out any kinks.

Do you know of any new restaurants coming/in the Berkshires?

Yeah I went to Mad Jack's for lunch take out. Got a burger that was so tasteless, hard and dry that I was very disappointed. However the ribs and sides were OK. Would go back but only for the BBQ.

Fiori-Great Barrington Massachusetts

I completely agree with you. I am a local. I love food, restaurants and going out to eat. We waited a few months to try Fiori, knowing they were just getting off the ground. I hadn't heard anything positive about the restaurant but wanted to give it a fair chance. We went on a Friday night, and sat in the bar area. We had a table that overlooked the mountains which was nice. I noticed the table had not been wiped down, and had rings of liquid, where drinks had once rested. The waitress gave us both the dining room menu, and the bar menu. I was in the mood for a nice glass of wine, but to my surprise, there was no sauvignon blanc on the menu; I had to ask the waitress for a glass of wine "like sauvignon blanc"; she recommended the most expensive wine by the glass--at $10. The wine was fine, but really--a restaurant should carry all of the "basic" types of wines people enjoy (chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, merlot, etc.)

I ordered the veal off the main menu. At $28, this was a huge disappointment. The veal lacked flavor--needed salt and tasted very bland. My husband ordered the steak sandwich with dipping sauce, off the bar menu with a side of fries. He enjoyed his dish, said the sandwich had good flavor, the meat was tender and overall he was pleased. The fries were good too, I sampled them.

Lastly. The service. Horrible. We had a youngish waitress who never once came over to check on our meals. My plate ended up sitting under the hot plate for 10 minutes, even though it was ready to go when my husband's plate came out. She did not ask how the meal was, if we needed anything such as more wine, beer or water. My husband had to bus our table and go up to the bar to ask for another drink. I had to shout across the bar to ask for our check. At the end of the meal she did not thank us for coming in or apologize for her lack of attentiveness. Terrible service.

Overall this restaurant sucked.

Catering Recommendation for small baby shower in Cambridge?

Thanks to you both! I will look into these recommendations!

Catering Recommendation for small baby shower in Cambridge?

Hi everyone,

My cousin is hosting a small (20 people) baby shower for me in Cambridge next weekend. We hope to serve a simple brunch, with quiche, fruit, good green salad and pastries/desserts. Does anyone know a good and affordable caterer in the area that might be able to do this job? We know we can get these things pre-made at Whole Foods for example, but wanted to find something a bit more elegant for the brunch, if possible. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

The gift of a delicious meal


My brother recently moved to Portland 3 months ago, and I was thinking of getting him a gift certificate to a great restaurant.

The trouble is that I've never been to Portland, and am on the complete other side of the country.

So, that said, if you were going with your significant other, and had a $100 gift certificate to any restaurant in Portland - where would you go?

I know he'd be open to any and all possibilities. He's not too picky when it comes to wine or beer, so no need to go overboard there. He's adventuresome with his food - willing and excited to try new things. After doing some initial research, Beast seemed interesting to me, as did Le Pigeon.


Dec 15, 2011
madelinewater in Metro Portland

Pittsfield BBQ

Great thanks! I'll check it out...anyone who has eaten at JackJack's --please let me know what you think. P.s. seems sort of strange to have a "madjacks" and "jackjacks" but...oh well.

Pittsfield BBQ

I heard there is now another new BBQ place in addition to Mad Jack's in Pittsfield. Anyone know about this -what it's called or where it is?

Dragon Steakhouse, Pittsfield

Yes I've been now twice to Dragon Steakhouse. The verdict is that it is fairly good- but very heavy food. They do still have the spring rolls; they are pretty good, but my husband remarked that he didn't like the filling--it tasted too non-descript and to him had a gooey texture. I still liked them as they were well fried and I thought tasty. My husband had the "kobe beef" burger which he doubted was actually kobe beef for the price, but who is to know. He thought it was ok; I had one of the steaks which was cooked to medium rare perfection, very buttery and tasty and silky. The plate is a big one as it also came with a vegetable and potato. I really enjoyed it. Don't get the side-dishes, it will be overkill as the plates are large. So, overall I would rate it fair to good, if you are up for a heavy meal and do not mind the atmosphere, which I find decor wise rather confused. The service is good and friendly.

Marketplace Cafe, Pittsfield: the Pits!

No, haven't bought cheese from down there yet--usually get my cheeses at NeJaime's. It's worth the trip down there, and it seems they have some very kid-friendly dishes on the menu, too! Good luck, let us know what you think if you make it there.

Pittsfield BBQ

I've had Mad Jack's once, and I found it pretty good (though I do have to say Route 7 is my absolute favorite bbq in the Berkshires)...however I think Mad Jack's is doing good things- the owner as far as i know is a young guy, and it seems like a really honest business that it seems we should support!

Marketplace Cafe, Pittsfield: the Pits!

hi, the Marketplace down in Sheffield (same owners) is wonderful....the chicken caesar wrap is DELICIOUS as are some of the other selections. I'm not sure if the Marketplace in Pittsfield just needs to get off of its feet-- hopefully at some point soon it will be up to the standard of the one down in Sheffield (because I love the food down there)...

New Restaurants in Lee, Ma.- Peruvian and Italian/Pizza

I LOVED panayiotis, especially for the pork slouvaki pitas...I went back recently to Timothy's and was disappointed with the was definitely not as good as panayiotis--it lacked good texture and flavor--especially needed salt. Oh well, I know it hard to make a good pita, but this one needs work. The pork on the other hand and greek sauce was good, and on the mark. Hopefully they are still working on the pita recipe.

Elizabeth's in Pittsfield, MA - Feedback

Hi Dana, did you already go to Elizabeth's? I went there with 2 friends this weekend. They have some good things on the menu, other things I find screamingly boring. For example, my friend got a pasta dish with wild mushrooms and herbs de provence...very good and delicious (though oily). I on the other hand, got fettucini with a cream sauce that was very boring (just a plate of pasta w/cream sauce)...I took it upon myself to add peas to my dish to try to add some color and a bit more flavor. My other friend had a pasta dish with gorgonzola sauce; again, nothing special-just a plate of pasta with a cream based sauce and I couldn't even taste the gorgonzola in it. Hands down the pasta dish with mushrooms was the best. I wish the restaurant would have some more creative dishes instead of pasta dishes with only a sauce. The salad was good, plentiful and hearty (though my friends and I did not like the watermelon and blueberries in the salad-everything else though including cheeses and radishes were wonderful). Nice and reasonably priced wine. The service was attentive and friendly. I agree it is not the most comfortable of restaurants but if you sit downstairs, you feel more "in the action."

Pittsfield - Lennox - Williamstown Recs Please

My two cents: I strongly agree that Nudel is NOT worth checking out. I have gone there twice and have not had a consistent meal. Also the service was horrible (due to not having enough servers) but they might have improved this.

On a better note: I highly recommend Brix in Pittsfield and Cafe Adam in Gt. Barrington. I also agree that Cafe Lucia is a good solid restaurant.

40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Cafe Adam
325 Stockbridge Rd Ste 4, Great Barrington, MA 01230

Cafe Lucia
80 Church St., Lenox, MA 01240

35 Church Street, Lenox, MA 01240

Perigee, Rte 102, Lee MA

I have been now twice to Perigee. I find their food inconsistent but did enjoy their fish and chips dish. What I found inconsistent were their caesar salad (way too heavy on the dressing, it was thick, way too creamy, and way too much of it--it drowned the lettuce) and the onion soup (french onion soup should be served properly, in a small crock, with bread and melted cheese over the top --placed under the broiler). This soup was just a bowl of broth and onions (not very hot at all), with a crostini with some cheese on it. Very underwhelming. The deep fried cornish hen was acceptable, though presentation of the stuffing was lacking. The star of the night was the pear dessert with ice cream--delicious, beautiful and so simple. They have a lot of work to do --it is too difficult to only have 50% of the meal be great!!

Nudel in Lenox: Exciting New Work in Progress

I went to Nudel for dinner the other night; they are very much still finding their groove and it's worth checking them out...I would say I wasn't entirely pleased with my dinner, but I think it might have been what I ordered, as my fellow diners were more pleased than me. I started with the mussel bisque soup...which was alright, a bit underseasoned...and well I guess I prefer mussels in the shell. I think that the restaurant would do well by having a few dinners that aren't pasta based; such as a steak or fish dish. There were a few pasta dishes with fish incorporated into the dish-- one of which I got...and I was let down by the amount of fish in was in the sauce and not discernible...I was let down to pay $24 for basically a plate of pasta. I could have gotten the smaller plate which was much more reasonably priced, which I should have done. However having said all of that, the atmoshphere is very nice, the host/server was very nice and I think the concept is good. The menu just needs a lot of tweaking.

Berkshire Harvest

Ok. I really didn't want to have to do this. I have been checking the posts regularly to see if berkshire harvest restaurant improved. I have held out hoping it would improve, given the overall negative posts. I went there last night for dinner and will never go back. I feel horrible saying this because I truly would like the restaurant to survive. The service was excellent-- the staff friendly and observant. But the food was awful. My partner got the meatloaf. The taste wasn't horrible but it was very dry...with lifeless mashed potatoes and institutional looking vegetables that had no flavor and looked like they had been frozen and reheated. I got the locally grass fed burger. The taste of the burger was not bad. But I got the same horrible vegetables and a side of cape cod potato chips--for fries you must pay an extra $2.95 (or so) which is ridiculous given I was paying over $11 for the burger. On a positive note, the wine and beer were good. The started clam chowder had a lot of grit. Too bad. I was routing for this place.

Alta's in Lenox, MA

I respect Alta as a restaurant; I have been there multiple times for lunch and twice for dinner. I have sat both in the bar and in the dining room. I think the food and prices are pretty much on par with other local restaurants of their sort. However, what is different is the service; the owner is a youngish guy who takes the business very seriously and wants his customers to be happy. They have gone through and are still going through some growing pains but I have been there on several occasions when the owner is there making sure we are happy and taken care of. Definitely support Alta!

What happened to Lenox?

Lenox637 I totally share your grief about Lenox restaurants. I have been coming up here for the past 28 years and have lived here for the past 2...Zinc used to be great- reasonably priced...we used to get steak frittes for under $20 and it was delicious. It has since sky-rocketted and is wildly overpriced. I haven't had a good meal at Church St probably for a few years. We really miss the french crepe restaurant, especially for brunch. Carols was a wonderful spot and though Haven's food is pretty good it doesn't have the character that Carols had. Fin is okay for Sushi and pretty dependable if you can deal with the loud interior and spotty service. Dish bistro used to be alright but has since gone out of business. Actually, we have been going to Alta lately and find it very nice. We sit at the bar (they have a bar menu). it is run by a youngish couple, the young man is very hospitable and european...I would like to see them survive. We still go to Cafe Lucia and it is a good restaurant if you are willing to spend a bit more. I agree that FRankie's is okay but boring...and hit or miss as far as food. Unfortunately I definitely think Great Barrington takes the cake as far as food-- we love Route 7 Grille, Baba Louie's, Cafe Adam (wonderful food)...I hope Lenox can revitilize the food scene so we don't need to keep traveling elsewhere. What we also need is a good bar here (similar to Allium in great barrington), a good sandwich shop, a better coffee shop ...

Family Dinner w/kids in Stockbridge?

you could try the tavern at the Red Lion Inn in stockbridge (they have two, one in the basement, one upstairs next to the formal dining room) both are kid friendly, fairly inexpensive and decent food. In Pittsfield, there's Patrick's Pub which is also very kid friendly, inexpensive and decent...Jae's spice in pittsfield is also kid friendly and is a fusion between american and asian cuisine...again fairly decent food and you can get some inexpensive dinner options there too.

Old Forge .Lanesboro,Ma.

yes old forge is a good place for wings and especially for beer. I had a lobster pasta dinner once there that was good too...but some of the other menu items are hit and miss...such as the beer battered fish and chips. Once they were good, another time they were cold and I had to send them back. The salad bar is nothing to write home about. All and all a good place for friends and food.