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Catering recommendations for Severna Park/Millersville/Glen Burnie/Crofton area

From a catering stand point the major ones in Annapolis would travel to your home. Ken's Creative Kitchen, Palate Pleasers, and Main Ingredient. Kerri Out in SP also does catering or you can buy the food pre made and heat then serve yourself. With most of these companies the price really depends on what you want to serve. My preference is Ken's. There are some smaller operations in the area and Google/Yellow Pages might be the best bet to find them. Good luck and have a fun party.

rehearsal dinner for 40 in annapolis?

Chart House, Carrolls Creek, Severn Inn. If you are friends with a member of the annapolis yach club they could host you.

Annapolis Restaurants

What makes Pusser's a rathole? Go there to sit outside and enjoy a painkiller with the view.
The Wild Orchid is also a good choice. It is in Eastport, just over the drawbridge from Annapolis. I agree with Lewnes, O'Leary's, Sammys deli, Tsunami, Jalapenos, Joss, and Boatyard as the better (best) places in Annapolis.

Best Crab Dip in Annapolis?

If the weather is good go to Sly Fox and sit on the patio. Last summer the crab dip was good. It is right off Church Circle.

How should I prepare purple potatoes?

I like the fingerlings on a veggie tray with some good dips. Homemade ranch is tasty. We have roasted them prior to splitting and serving.

Mar 27, 2009
JQuigs in Home Cooking

Corned Beef–Potato Rösti

What is the purpose of the mesh strainer? Are we supposed to press the potatoes after they are grated?

Mar 16, 2009
JQuigs in Recipes

Romantic restaurant in Baltimore

Charleston is great. I haven't been in a while but the Brass Elephant was good when I went. If you drive south to Severna Park, Cynthia's is incredible. I know it is in a strip mall but don't let that stop you. The food in unmatched in the area. If you keep going south and want seafood go to O'Leary's in Eastport.

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

I am a fan of They will ship to you. Very helpful too if you aren't sure what cut you want.

Cooks Stink

It is unfortunant that your hubby doesn't appreciate the well seasoned clothes.

Jan 09, 2009
JQuigs in Features