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Best Chicken Fried Steak?

Even better if you fry the CFS in bacon drippings.

SOS--indian burnout

The Haandi in Bethesda? I'm surprised. We like food really spicy, and they accommodate us, but maybe it's because they know us. My experience at Passage to India was bad. They gave me the wrong dish and wouldn't fix it.

Mini Key Lime Pies

Just Cakes in Bethesda. They are a little sweet for my taste, but others like them. They also used to make individual lemon meringue tarts, which were very pretty.

SOS--indian burnout

Haandi has still got it. Way better than Passage to India. And service is better too.

DC, Rockville, Gaithersburg area sure bets- Help!

Haandi in Bethesda has some of the best Indian food around. And very kid-friendly. Our 2 year old is a regular. I wouldn't recommend Tandoori Nights for food or kid-friendly atmosphere. But the Kentlands area has tons of restaurants and a good place to walk around with kids.

2 Amy's in DC has great pizza and is very kid friendly. You didn't necessarily want pizza, but 2 Amy's has very good Neopolitan DOC pizza. Also good donuts on Sundays and small plates for kids - risotto balls, meatballs, etc. Service is spotty.

5 Guys Burgers is really good. There is one in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, but I think the ones in DC - in Chinatown and National Press Building are better.

Joe's Noodle used to be very good, although haven't been there recently. They were very accommodating to our toddler. If you go for dim sum on weekends it is very crowded. A&J's also on Rockville Pike has good Chinese food and weekend dim sum.

Red Rock Canyon Grill in the Washintonian Center off of Sam Eig/270 is good. They have several other restaraunts there, like Hamburger Hamlet and Corner Bakery (good breakfasts and pastries). And it's a nice area to walk around with toddler.

St. Louis Specialties

Gooey butter and deep butter are two different coffee cakes. Some of the best used to be from Lake Forest Bakery on Clayton, which I understand since moving away, has been reincarnated into a candy store a few doors down. Still offer deep butter, paradise cake (which is I think another St. Louis speciality), and others, but not as good as old days.

Jack salmon sandwiches at Ed's White Front were also a favorite. Too bad Ed's White Front is not around any more.

Best pizza was at old Talayna's on Skinker and this basement-like restaurant near SLU. Can't recall the name. But very good and popular.

Toasted ravs at Charlie Gittos were really good.

I've lived in a lot of places, and St. Louis definitely has the best food. Seems the average restaurant (and bakery or grocery store for that matter) in St. Louis is much better than those in Boston, DC, Chicago. But maybe that's nostalgia talking. Oh how I miss St. Louis pizza, toasted ravs, deep butter cake, Miss Hullings cakes, Culpepper's wings, and even Schnucks' salsiccia!

Razor clams? any DC restaurants serve them?

Jaleo in DC used to have them as a special. But they weren't nearly as good as the ones I've had on the West Coast.