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Dinner with friends - should they show up empty handed?

According to what I know from etiquette books: as a host you should not expect anything. While it is nice to for guests to bring a hostess gift, it is not required of them. However, what is required is that they reciprocate, which from you original post I understood they don't.

So yes, you are right to be annoyed, but probably should be annoyed for a different reason.

Apr 30, 2010
lerkin in Not About Food

Another "birthday dinner out with friends" predicament

To me a simpler and more fair solution would have been for the second group to equally split the difference among themselves. This way the first group is satisfied because they only paid for themselves and the second group is satisfied because they equally split the bill of the second group.

Frankly, for second group to argue about paying more is silly.

Jan 06, 2010
lerkin in Not About Food

Group dining etiquette poll

The same in my social circle - The birthday boy/girl picks the restaurant and everyone pays for themselves. Sometimes the birhday person pays for appetizers or first round of drinks, but it all depends on the person.

I agree - not the most mannerly thing to do by Miss Manners. But, if it does not bother anyone in your circle of friends, then there is no harm.

Sep 30, 2009
lerkin in Not About Food

112 Eatery (MSP) Maybe it was an off night, maybe expectations were too high or maybe its just coasting?

I had similar experience about a week - tagliatelle with foie gras meat balls were very bland and nothing to write home about.

I liked the gnocchi, but I kept wishing they had more "wow" factor.

The real disappointment for me were cauliflower fritters - I've read several reviews and really wanted to try them - they were completely void of any flavor. They tasted like steamed cauliflower.

I did enjoy the scallops appetizer.

Dinner with kids near Space Needle

Thanks for the advice.

We are planning to visit Pike Market after the cruise before going to airport. I have a plan for several counter type of places to visit (including Piroshki bakery, which I have heard is amazing).

Our hotel offers free town car service, this is why I wanted to eat either near hotel and take the town car to the Needle or take the town car to the Needle and eat nearby the Needle. I looked at the map and I think it will be hard for my 4 year old to walk the distance to Pike Market the first night.

Being from Minnesota, I am not so sure about public transportation, so I am not sure about monorail.

May 19, 2009
lerkin in Pacific Northwest

Dinner with kids near Space Needle

Hello everyone,

my family will be visiting Seattle in August for 1 day (before departing for Alaska cruise). We are arriving in afternoon and wanted to visit Space Needle, but we probably will be very hungry, so we would like to eat before visiting the Needle.

I was looking for recommendation for not very expensive (entries around $15-18 or cheaper :)) restaurant near Space Needle, which also has good food. My kids are 4 and 11, I can control them, so in terms of behavior I am not looking for a place that caters to kids. In terms of food, my 11 year old will eat of adult menu. 4 year old will need something simple (with not a lot of sauce) if kid's menu is not available.

Another alternative location would be a place not far from Sorrento Hotel. This is where we will be staying.

Thanks in advance for your help.

May 18, 2009
lerkin in Pacific Northwest

MSP-Retirement Lunch for 40-60 people

We have couple of vegeterians and couple of people who eat fish (because of kosher considerations).

MSP-Retirement Lunch for 40-60 people

We are located in Golden Valley, but willing to travel about 20-25 minutes.

MSP-Retirement Lunch for 40-60 people


I am in charge of planning retirement lunch for 40-60 people. I am looking for a venue that can accomadate this number of people, has really good food and is not extremely expensive (i.e. Morton's prices are out of the range). Basically I am not looking for a "power lunch", but for a good food and atmosphere.

Thanks in advance.

Family Lost in the Kitchen

When my MIL is "helping" me in MY kitchen she never uses cutting board, just starts cutting on the top of the kitchen table or counter top - never does this in her house though. When I point that to her she always acts dumbfounded. Then yet again, when she smokes outside of my house she just throws the cigarete butts on the ground even after repeated requests to use an ashtray (I even bought one for this purpose - we don't smoke), so the issue is probably disrespect - LOL.

Jan 15, 2009
lerkin in Not About Food

When is a Split Charge Appropriate?

In my book split charge is OK if either of the two events occur:
1) You only share 1 dish betwee 2 and the split charge is clearly mentioned on the menu
2) You get extras as part of the splits (i.e. sides).

I must say though - 1) makes me feel like I am being nickeled and dimed. I might have to think twice before going to such establishment.

However, what is not OK with me is what recently happened to me in one of the Wisconsin Dells restaurants (that claims to be fine dining, but not really):
The split charge was listed on the menu, but the 2 of us ordered 2 appetizers, one entry, bottle of wine and one desert (the desert was eaten by my husband). The entry was brought on one plate and looked like a normal-size entry (judging by how other people's entries looked). We were also given one empty plate, so we were the ones doing splitting. The check included a split charge. I felt it was petty for the restaurant to charge the split charge in that particular case. It left bitter taste in my mouth.

Sep 19, 2008
lerkin in Not About Food

dumb restaurant names [Moved from Ontario Board]

The Strip Club, St. Paul, MN

Jul 09, 2008
lerkin in Not About Food

MSP - Create Dining Studio Info Request

Hello everyone,

I've seen some posts recomminding Create Dining Studio catering and was wondering if people could share their experience with them in a little bit more detail (like what kind of menu you had, how it was dealing with them, price point, etc).

I would like to have my birthday party their, but I am not sure what to expect.