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What is quintessentially Denver?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like there's great food to be had, but not much consensus on a general "local cuisine." I spent some time reading the last few months' worth of Denver threads, to get some suggestions for specific restaurants. But again, I've never been to the area and I have no clue about where things are located, etc.

From what I've read, I'm excited to try Rioja, Mizuna, and a few other spots for "nice" dinners. It also sounds like we should seek out a taqueria or two (suggestions?). Also, seems like there are some great brewpubs--unfortunately, no one in my family is much of a beer drinker... is there a brewpub still worth going to, solely for the food?

We will be staying downtown, but with a rental car, and willing to drive for a great meal. We'd also be willing to drive to Boulder for a day, if there was a can't-miss restaurant there.

Finally: we will be going to at least one Rockies game (to see our hometown Indians, I'm afraid). I've been to enough ballparks to know the best concessions can sometimes be tucked away. Any tips (or things to avoid) at Coors Field?

Sorry to cast a wide net, but I really appreciate your input.

Jun 09, 2008
ckrubin in Southwest

What is quintessentially Denver?

I'm hoping there are numerous answers to this question. I've never been to Denver before and I know nothing about it. I will be visiting with my brother and dad in a couple weeks. We'd like to find great food that is in some way representative of the area. Any ideas?

Jun 01, 2008
ckrubin in Southwest

Cleveland - Sasa Matsu (new Japanese restaurant)

I was unfamiliar with the term until yesterday, but yes, the restaurant does claim to be izakaya style. I took this to mean they have a "small plates" menu (?). I did not sample anything from the beverage menu, but it looked pretty extensive. The people at the next table had each ordered a "sampler" of four or five varieties of sake. At one point, the chef was visiting with them, offering his opnions on the various types. It looked like fun.

Cleveland - Sasa Matsu (new Japanese restaurant)

Tonight I went to Sasa Matsu, a new Japanese restaurant that opened this week at Shaker Square (replacing Sushi on the Square, which went out of business, and which I never liked anyway).

Sasa is run by Scott Kim and his wife, who owned the former Matsu in Shaker Heights. If you liked Matsu, you'll like Sasa. But Sasa is more upscale and has a slightly more creative menu.

We tried 7 or 8 dishes, including an ishiyaki-style "hot rock" on which you cook thin slices of beef, a lobster and shrimp egg roll, and a seared ahi tuna dish. For sushi, we sampled 2 "everything but the kitchen sink" uramaki rolls, and several types of nigiri.

The highlights, for me, were the "snow mountain roll" (containing shrimp, crab, and masago), a really excellent bluefin o-toro nigiri, and a surprisingly flavorful escolar nigiri. The "hot rock" was fun (and different--I can't think of another restaurant in Cleveland that does this); the beef was very flavorful.

For dessert, we ordered the banana tempura and the poached pear. Both were amazing--the pear especially.

The restaurant is brand new, and they're obviously still working on the decor and training the staff, but I thought the food was wonderful. I will most definitely be back.

cleveland: two jacob's field chow musts

I periodically review Jacobs Field concessions items on my blog. Here is a menu:

Melt? Lakewood CLE. . .

I've eaten there twice. The menu has about 20 different kinds of grilled cheese and not much else. The sandwiches are very thick and hearty. I've tried the Parmageddon (grilled cheese with pierogi inside) and one with mushrooms and onions. Both were very good, but they left me distinctly content not to eat any more cheese for a while.

Cleveland anyone? [Moved from General Topics]

Regarding the food at Jacobs Field...

On my Cleveland sports blog, I have a running series of Jacobs Field "concessions reviews" (see links below).

Anyway, Stadium Mustard is probably the most important thing to try for any first-time (or one-time) visit. It's hard to find outside of Cleveland, but in Cleveland it's everywhere and we're fiercely loyal to it. It's the only kind of mustard available at the Jake, so you won't have trouble finding it. I recommend going to one of the kosher hot dog kiosks (there are five or six scattered around the park). The dogs they serve at the "regular" concessions stands aren't as good.

My blog:

A list of "concessions reviews" installments so far:

Babka in Cleveland

Heinen's grocery store sells a babka bread from a bakery in Macedonia (don't remember the name of the bakery - sorry). It looks good but I haven't tried it.

Cleveland - downtown delivery options

I know the Cleveland restaurant scene pretty well, but I just moved to an apartment downtown and am still trying to figure out who will deliver food to my building after hours. The other day I saw a stack of Nunzio's pizza boxes sitting next to the trash chute on my floor, so apparently that's an option--anybody know if their food is good? Any other recommendations? Thanks.

Cleveland - Cafe Limbo

After a meal at Boulevard Blue on Larchmere this evening, I noticed the restaurant next door for the first time--Cafe Limbo. It looked really cool, an old house with a big party tent set up in the back yard and a live jazz band... but is the food any good? Has anyone eaten there before?

cleveland hamburgers

Probably not what you have in mind, but well worth a taste... For the more upscale in burger creations, Sarava at Shaker Square has an amazing appetizer called "Sarava burgers"--thin plancha-grilled mini-burgers with peppedew peppers. Delicious like nothing else I've ever tasted!

dinner ideas

We went to Border Grill and it was awesome. Thanks!

I was thinking, we really love Jewish food... what would be the best deli/lunch counter for us to go to for lunch later in the week?

Jul 19, 2006
ckrubin in Los Angeles Area

dinner ideas

My brother, father and I are in LA for the first time, staying in Santa Monica. Where could we go for dinner tonight on short notice? Any type of cuisine is OK; doesn't have to be in Santa Monica but it shouldn't be too far; something quintessentially LA would be cool.

Where else should we go while we're in town? We like to hit up non-fancy, extremely chow-ish lunch spots and the like.

Jul 18, 2006
ckrubin in Los Angeles Area