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Atlanta - Best Burgers

I would have to say it is Ann's by a mile. Not a gourmet burger, but it is the first to satisfy my craving in a long while. Here is a pic:

Looking for an organic and/or sustainable turkey in atlanta.

Bumping this topic. Where are you getting your turkey this year?

Top Vegas restaurants?

I know these questions can get a bit redundant, but I am looking for some good restaurants in Vegas.
I have eaten at quite a few so new standouts would be much appreciated.



Me too! Looks like it will be great fun.

ATL: deli near piedmont park?

Goldberg's Deli is pretty good and located in Colony Square. Good pastrami, reubens, poboys, etc. G

what is the most useless gadget in your kitchen

Silicone cupcake cups. They run the darn things every time.

Dec 18, 2006
The Blissful Glutton in Cookware

Atlanta for one day--got lunch, what about dinner?

I agree with Pastrami King and Steve Drucker. The Colannade and Tasty China are good choices.
Photos of Tasty China:

Photos of the fried bird at the Colonnade:

Tasty China, Marietta (Atlanta)?

whew...had planned an outing for a bunch of people from my forum for tuesday night...was afraid they might not be open...thanks for the quick answer.

Tasty China, Marietta (Atlanta)?

does anyone knwo when they are open and closed?

Looking for help with an article on Atlanta Xmas and New Years restaurant options.

Hi all.
I am doing an article about restaurants (preferably ehtnic) that are open on xmas or new years eve. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Looking for an organic and/or sustainable turkey in atlanta.

would prefer to get one from a local farmer. any one have any ideas? thanks.

Manhattan Crawl / Food Marathon

Check out this article on cheap eats in New York Magazine. Momofuku is on there and just lovely...also agree about The Tuck Shop.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Did anyone see that article on him in Saveur?


I agree about La caterina. They also make their own fresh cheeses and breads. I really enjoyed my meal there.

Tupelo Honey is great for breakfast but get there early.

Foods most commonly prepared badly... that are great when made well. (Who knew? What's the key?)

Grits and polenta.

Foods most commonly prepared badly... that are great when made well. (Who knew? What's the key?)

I have to disagree. I have had very good ones in San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

Best Indian in Atlanta?

A trip to the triangle may be in order :)

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

I love, love, love this show. I also have the first season which was great. It shows a much cooler side of Gordon's character versus the arrogant ass of Boiling point.

Top Chef 2

So, the first episode is right after the project runway finale (which I love). I could not stand Katie Joel...what the heck did she know about food? She was a total bore. Maybe Rushdie's wife will do better...

Best Indian in Atlanta?

Thanks for the ideas guys. My experiences at Madras have been lackluster to be quite honest.Bbqme: where would you go for meat dishes? I like Panahar's but would like to try somewhere else. Also looking for a good saag paneer. Have not found one that compares to my experiences in London or the Bay area.

Il Mulino - tips for reservations?

Don't even bother going. It is so overrated. My last meal there was just pathetic.

What is your favorite Cooking Magazine

I love Gastronomica. I want a subscription.

Are you talking about delicious from the U.K.? I like that one too.

To Crunch or Not to Crunch -- Edible Cartilage

I give my bones to my BF who gleefully eats the whle thing. I had never seen anyone do this until we started are not alone :)

Bread recommendations for home-made BLT?

Whole foods sells this bread called california black bread. It has only 4 ingredients or something like that. It is the best sliced bread you will ever eat. the same company also makes a white bread called great white bread. it is a lovely and dense white bread which would work quite well.

where to buy cotija cheese in san fran

You can get this pretty much anywhere. Mexican grocery stores (like La Palma Mexicantessen in the Mission) might have it fresh from local producers in styrofoam trays covered with plastic wrap.

Cheer up/comfort meal in SF?

What about Chez Papa Bistro? Their lamb daube and some frites along with a nice glass of red will do you right :)

Cheer up/comfort meal in SF?

What about Emmy's Spaghetti Shack? A bowl of their spaghetti with meatballs always cheers me up :)

Best Indian in Atlanta?

I am seriously grasping at straws here. Love Panahar but it is not Indian. I am just not into Zyka, Bhojanic, Raja, etc. Can someone help me out?

How have your tastebuds changed?

I still don't get the tomatoes thing. My BF hates them raw. How can you hate a tomato? What is about the flavor. He also will not eat ginger or soy sauce. He just eats his sushi plain...not a bad thing but it limits my cooking to say the very least.

How have your tastebuds changed?

My sister is a natto fanatic. She eats this salad that is raw red onion, cilantro and natto. She swears by it. Talk about a body cleanser! I can only eat it every once in a while.