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Map for Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential Restaurants (2009)

Hi everyone,

I made a map of Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential Restaurants that just came out.

The article at LA Weekly is at

and a map of all the restaurants is at


Aug 29, 2009
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Help decoding menu at Sea Harbor

Hi everyone,

I've gone a number of times to Sea Harbor for dim sum. I've noticed that they have a little piece of paper stuck onto the order chit now, but it's all in chinese. Can someone help translate it?

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
3939 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770, USA

Jan 19, 2009
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Penang Malaysian Cuisine

Joe Blowe--some items are better than others, of course. And the food in Malaysia is a whole other level. Stick with the items you liked, avoid the ones that aren't as traditional.

MengMacFoodie--Yeah, I was saddened by the loss of "Kuala Lumpur" in Pasadena, as I live just a few minutes from there. But, there were fewer things that I liked there than I do at this place. Their Char Keow Teow isn't bad, though a little oily. If only they also had "see ham" (cockles) in their CKT........

Dec 22, 2008
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Penang Malaysian Cuisine

In tough economic times as these, restaurants seems to be doing poorly. is supposed to start a new "Rally Cry" list to replace its "Deathwatch" list, and I hope that us chowhounders can do something similar for those restaurants that we love.

I'd like to encourage everyone to patronize Penang Malaysian Cuisine (987 S Glendora Ave,
West Covina, CA 91790-4263). I went this past weekend and it was very quiet. The restaurant has apparently changed owners, but the menu seems to be untouched and the food was still quite good. IMHO, I think it's the best Malaysian food in our area and so I'd hate to see it go.

The reason it's doing poorly is that the anchor tenant in the strip mall, a Hong Kong Supermarket, closed about two months ago. So, the whole shopping center is much more quiet than it has been in the past.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp, which was on the list of specials that day, was quite good. Roti chanai was as good as ever. The oyster omelette was ok, but they used canned oysters instead of fresh ones that day.

Incidentally, the little food court next to the supermarket is still open. Satay Fong has now changed name to "... Nikmat" (I can't remember the first name.). We didn't try their Indonesian food, though, so not sure if the quality of food is the same or not. There is a new Filipino food stall there now.

Happy holidays!

Dec 21, 2008
brahms in Los Angeles Area

pasadena discovery

I agree with most of the reviews on this board. On the whole, I really enjoy Daisy Mint. It is a Thai fusion place, but the thing about it is that the Thai food is very well prepared, fresh, and delicious.

Pad woon sen (pan-fried glass noodles with shrimp)
little salmon lettuce cups
summer rolls
any of the curries
pad see ewe
special pork ribs

Not so great:
Beef noodle soup
Duck noodle soup

I just hope they do well during this economic season. I want them to stick around for a long time!!

Aug 10, 2008
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Oba Sushi Izakaya, Pasadena

Went there last night. Menu is a smaller than izakaya places like Honda Ya.

They seem to do tempura well--favorite item was shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp paste, deep-fried with tempura. Very interesting combination of flavors and textures. Would eat this again.

Good, not fantastic: Albacore sashimi, nabeyuki ubon

Jalapenos stuffed with seafood was OK--not as exciting as one would think.

Stir-fried eggplant with white miso was *inedible*. Way too sweet and salty at the same time.

In case you pay attention to this sort of thing, the restaurant doesn't seem to be run by Japanese people, though maybe it's just all the wait staff that are not Japanese.

Unfortunately, even though I live in Pasadena, I wouldn't go back Oba when there are izakayas like Honda Ya or Izayoi in little Tokyo.

May 13, 2008
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Wat Thai Temple- foodcourt closing?

Just came back from the temple today after having a great meal. I was given one of the petition forms and asked to get as many people to sign it as I can.

If you would like have the food court reopened, download this PDF form

print it, get people to sign it, and mail it to the temple at

Wat Thai Los Angeles
8225 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

I wasn't told a deadline, but I'm guessing the sooner you mail it, the better.


Aug 12, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Special meal (Umenohana-like experience?)

Thanks for the ideas! Our family likes Sea Harbor and Triumphal Palace, those are great suggestions. We've never been to Thousand Cranes, so that might be a nice venue too.

Aug 07, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Special meal (Umenohana-like experience?)

At the end of this month, my mother is celebrating 10 years of life since her battle with cancer and our family is looking for someplace very special to have a meal together. She prefers Asian food and avoids red meat. The tofu tasting menu at Umenohana would have been absolutely perfect, but sadly that restaurant is no longer around.

Does anyone have any suggestions for dinner ideas? Our fall back plan is to reserve a private room at a nice Cantonese restaurant and order one of their special set menus. (Suggestions for that would be welcome too.)


Aug 06, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Jonathan Gold wins a Pulitzer!

Did you all see the great news about LA's favorite food critic?

Apr 16, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Sunday. Pasadena. Brunch.

If you haven't yet finalized your list, you might also consider adding the Crepevine (old Pasadena). Savory or sweet crepe for brunch is a nice treat, and then you can browse/shop through old Pas.

Mar 03, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Authentic Japanese restaurants near Claremont

I'm looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant (run by Japanese people) that I can take some Japanese friends to near Claremont (within about a 10 mile radius).

I know of a bunch of Japanese restaurants in the area, but I can only think of Nogi Sushi and Ken's Sushi, which are actually owned by Japanese people. My friends would really enjoy being able to talk to others in Japanese.

Nogi recently changed ownership, so I'm actually not sure whether they kept their Japanese sushi chef.

Does anyone here know of any other places that might be suitable?

(Kinya, Sushi Cruise, Tokyo Kitchen and many others aren't actually operated by Japanese people.)

Feb 05, 2007
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Good Korean for vegetarians & meateaters?

Kobawoo is a good choice. If you search the board, seems that Sal Lim Restaurant is either no longer in business or no longer vegeterian only. If the latter, it could be suitable. Can anyone else verify?

Aug 19, 2006
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Best Beef Noodle Soup in LA

It's not Taiwanese, but I've had a beef ball noodle soup at Ruen Pair whose broth is completely delicious.

Ruen Pair Restaurant
5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 466-0153

Aug 13, 2006
brahms in Los Angeles Area

my ultimate list of eating all across LA and every type of food (LONG!)

Unfortunately, Umenohana has closed.

Jul 28, 2006
brahms in Los Angeles Area

Wisma Atria Food Court - Singapore

I can't agree more about this place. This new food court has some superb food outlets. The oyster omelette here is also great, as is the cha kuey teow (fried noodles with clams). Even the Japanese outlet there is great.

Jul 19, 2006
brahms in China & Southeast Asia

Malaysian restaurant?

Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Banana Leaf serves unauthentic food. Don't waste your time there.

Jul 18, 2006
brahms in Los Angeles Area