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Spring For Coffee ~ Downtown Los Angeles

Spring for coffee is like a super model who seems like your new dream crush until she starts speaking. Some training/fine tuning is needed.
The pros: friendly, professional, stylish interior. Cons: inconsistency, no rosettes here, they rotate the beans... which would be great if the quality was decent across the board.
They do serve Intelligentsia one of the three days.... turns out to be the best day.
Consequently I am still pining for decent coffee Downtown.

Apr 23, 2009
flowrider in Los Angeles Area

Anyone tried Andiamo in Silver Lake?

I had read great reviews of the pizza here... I was psyched as Andiamo is within walking distance. Having since tried it twice, I suspect the reviews were written by the staff. Some of the most bland "New York" pizza I've had in L.A. This is more akin to mediocre frozen than NY pizza. There were no bubbles in the crust, which appeared pressed rather than hand thrown and not nearly thin enough. The cheese was tasteless as was the sauce. Thoroughly unimpressed and I won't return.

Jun 11, 2008
flowrider in Los Angeles Area