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Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

i posed a best pollo question to washingtonian today and todd kliman has no one fav pollo place. i think he also doesn't know of all the possibilities!

Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

good yuca fries? delicious chicken? i am SO there! thanks for the tip :)

Best wings deal

College used to have a plethora of places (read: mostly bars) nearby with cheap wing deals. Wednesday Night Wing Night was one of my favs, being able to fill up on meat for a mere $0.25 or $0.40 a wing. Alas, I've graduated and moved home.

Where in the Rockville area is there a good wing deal? It can be a bar, a restaurant or maybe even a little hole-in-the-wall. The only place I know of is Hard Times Cafe in Woodley Gardens, is there anything else?

yucca fries

Sardis in Beltsville today had various-sized yuca fries at lunch today. A nice basket of them for $3 and free green or yellow sauce. The yuca was too dry and fibrous, and the yellow sauce was wayyy to mustardy for my liking. The green sauce appeared to be hot pepper paste. I didn't try the chicken at all but at least I got to eat some yuca even if it wasn't the best.

yucca fries

Alas I got done with errands too late last night and couldn't make it in time for yuca. I'll try again today.

yucca fries

Oh a good reason to go to DC! Surely I've never had yuca fries to die for and this sounds like the place! Were they reasonably priced?

yucca fries

Can someone check on the yuca fries status at EPR? I too have heard they only have fries. Maybe certain locations started on the yuca?

yucca fries

Which C&J do you go to? I usually frequent the Leisure World location and love it and have been told by my best friend that the Rockville location is even tastier.

yucca fries

Yuca, not yucca, I stand corrected.
I'll be sure to try La Canela and Chicken on the Run when I get the chance! I heard there's a place called Sardis in Beltsville that I'm trying tonight, so there will be many yuca fry days ahead

yucca fries

ISO: yummy yucca fries in the Montgomery/Prince George's County areas.

There are so many posts about the yummy Peruvian chicken places, but I'm more in love with the yucca fries than the chicken. That said, I suggest a list of all the places in the area that sell good yucca fries (and hopefully green sauce too). Can you help? I've got a craving that I wish to cure :)

Crisp & Juicy
Don Pollo
The Nibbler

RW DC 2009

I've done DC Coast, Rasika, Dino, Sushi Ko and Ruth's Chris and I enjoyed all of them. This time I'm booking DC Coast, Passionfish and Equinox. I mean, even Obama has been to Equinox!

Wine store in VA

My coworker mentioned a rwine store with a spectacular selection near Tysons Corner in Virginia but couldn't remember its name. Would any of you happen to know?

Baltimore Artscape - What's the Food Like?

yes, there's def beer vendors near the stages, especially the ones that aren't main stage.

Pizza in Derwood (Rockville/Gaithersburg)

oh goodness, i forgot about giuseppi's. i do love their food as they're a staple for those who went to RMHS.

Pizza in Derwood (Rockville/Gaithersburg)

i live in derwood. as far as i know, we have no good pizza places in it nor amazing food places. seek refuge in another town. although i'm no pizza expert so i can't recommend anything in particular to you, sorry!

DC RW Summer 2008

from wapo.
Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus,

I am trying to be patient, but I just can't contain myself any longer-- I had to write to the experts and inquire:

Whate dates are the Washington, DC 2008 August Restaurant Week?


Julia: Official word is: August 11 through 17. The list of participating restaurants isn't confirmed yet, but you know all the usual suspects....

One other fact worth noting: Dinner prices are going up to $35.08. Lunch is still $20.08. Guess all those gas and grocery prices are affecting even beloved traditions like Restaurant Week.

yogiberry in olney, md

has anyone been to yogiberry or knows anything about it? so far i hear its another pinkberry/tangysweet/sweetgreen.

Breakfast in Rockville

I second Mosaic! I've never had their waffles, though they're known for them, but the rest of their food is delicious.

Rockville/College Park crabs

Summed up: I need tasty, good-sized, well-priced crabs in the Rockville/College Park area that I can buy in order to host my own crab feast.

I'm trying to host a crab feast with my friends but where should I buy crabs? It doesn't matter if they're cooked or alive, but as a recent college grad, I'm on a budget. However, as a former lover of Bmore, I need quality crabs. Plus, with recent gas prices, I'd rather not go too far away to get these tasty crabs.

Also, what are the best side dishes to go with crabs? I've got beer covered, though I don't know what else to serve besides crabs.

Summer Happy Hour = Margaritas!

As much as I love Bmore and try to get there as often as possible (not very often), I'm down near DC in Montgomery and PG counties although I love venturing to DC for something worthwhile.

Where did Food Factory go?

There's a Food Factory in College Park, MD that sounds like what you're craving. I've never been there but friends have said that it's delicious.

Summer Happy Hour = Margaritas!

It's summer and I can resume drinking my fav, margaritas! Whether it be during happy hour or not, what place has the best deals for margaritas or any other yummy summery drink?

Best crab place in Baltimore and cheap eats??

You're in luck! The Baltimore Sun's blog/column Dining@Large just finished up Crab Week last week and had many recommendations in the city as well as the surrounding areas.