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Smoked Turkey Legs

Awesome. Thanks!

Oct 21, 2008
chioubacca in Manhattan

Smoked Turkey Legs

I bought a bunch of collard greens at the greenmarket this weekend and I wanted to try Alton Brown's Pot O'Greens ( recipe.

Where can I buy smoked turkey legs?

I have already tried Whole Foods Columbus Circle last night, but they said they do not have smoked items. I do not know if this means that location, or all of Whole Foods.

I'm willing to go to Fairway between 74th & 75th but along the D line from 59th street to the Brooklyn Atlantic stop works, too.


Oct 21, 2008
chioubacca in Manhattan

Best and Worst Food Magazines

I really like Everyday Food and its PBS show.

Mar 20, 2007
chioubacca in Food Media & News

Loose leaf chamomile tea

I really like Sensuous Bean which is at 66 W. 70th (close to the corner of Columbus and 70th). It's a small store, but the people are friendly and knowledgable. The place smells great because of their coffee beans, too.

Oct 06, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan

Best Grandma Slice?

What is a Grandma slice? I tried googling it but I am still confused.

Aug 02, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan


These are both somewhat near the theater district

856 9th Ave
Btwn 55th & 56th St

310 W 53rd St
At 8th Ave

Aug 02, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan

What's Your Favorite Bottled Water?

I love Fiji and Volvic for the same reason as well.

Jul 28, 2006
chioubacca in General Topics

How do I stay logged on after closing my browser?

When you log in, there should be a box that has the option to "Remember Me." Just check that box and log in and you should be good to go.

Jul 28, 2006
chioubacca in Site Talk

Gift Basket?

Jul 28, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan

I need a bakery/restaurant on the west side that serves/has Angel Food Cake

Whole Foods at Columbus Circle has it.

Jul 27, 2006
chioubacca in Los Angeles Area

Dinner near 68th & Broadway tonight?

Telepan (American)
Nick and Toni's (Italian)
Santa Fe (Latin)

Or you can go to La Traviata which is a a great hole in the wall pizza place.

Jul 26, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan


The savory scones they serve with soup are really good too if you want to try one of those as well as the sweet ones.

Jul 25, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan

Great Food, Bad Service

I agree with this. When I go eat chinese food, I want good, cheap and fresh. When "good" service is factored in like Shun Lee (in NYC), I find the price not worth it.

Jul 25, 2006
chioubacca in Not About Food

Otakon Convention at Baltimore - inner harbor?!!?

lol I've also volunteered to go to Otakon with my boyfriend. Thanks for posting this, I was about to do it myself. :)

Ultimate Foodie Tour of NYC

Have you considered planning an eating tour with Famous Fat Dave?

Jul 18, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan

Searching for Birthday Cake/Cupcakes...

The cakes at Cafe Lalo located in the UWS are great. I've gotten a few red velvet cakes that were delicious and very well received. And they often have same day service though it depends what cake you would like.

Cafe Lalo
201 West 83rd Street (b/t Amsterdam and Broadway)
Cakes are on page 8

Jul 18, 2006
chioubacca in Manhattan