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bridal luncheon venue in Baltimore

i'm not too sure, but I would think they could work to accomodate your group. good luck!

Two young people visiting Baltimore first time

If they're in the Fed Hill area, they should try either Luca's (which is actually Locust Point) or Corvina (?) - this used to be Junior's on S. Charles Street so they can get the address that way. I've been 2x and it's really good, tapas style food. Jack's in Canton is good, as is Ra in Harbor East (if they like sushi).

Baltimore Pho - Hollins Market area (long)

Hi Aussiewonder- we also LOVE Baltimore Pho. Service, owner, prices, menu and food are all wonderful! Neighborhood is a bit lacking...but there is always Zellas-

Off topic, have you been to the new Aussie bar in Fed Hill, Billabong?

bridal luncheon venue in Baltimore

Dogwood in Hampden- it is almost entirely (if not completely) organic and/or local, and Hampden is definitely a funky/artsy neighborhood. I think it would be perfect.

sushi for dinner tonight in Baltimore

Minato is actually great- the owners are also really friendly and have always made a point to chat with us whenever we pop in (and we're def not regulars, so it's not like we get favoritism). They also have really innovative rolls. Either place is a win, in my opinion.

dinner for 20 in Baltimore

I would go to Captain James Landing for the crabs-it's right on the water and you could either water taxi, regular taxi, or (a bit more ambitiously) walk to the harbor from there. They only accept large party reservations so you should be ok, but make sure to book asap as they do fill up quickly (esp that weekend). It's very 'Baltimore" and much cheaper than LP Steamers (which, make no mistake, I LOVE). The harbor will be bustling that night with tourists to answer your second question. Have fun!

sushi for dinner tonight in Baltimore

definitely matsuri for date night!

Somewhere interesting...

sammy's trattoria.

The difference between a Pub and a Bar...

If J Patricks is close to you, you should also try Mum's and the new Billabong Bar in Fed Hill.

e bars in Baltimore

once again, i LOVE this idea! i third elliott's pour house and add ellicott mills brewing company in ellicott city. have fun!

Harrisburg Brunch?

we went to mangia key and it was FANTASTIC. thank you so much for your recommendation!

Feb 03, 2009
igrowveggies in Pennsylvania

b bars in Baltimore

love it love it love it. unfortunately mi amigas lack that sort of structure. we'd get tipsy and distracted. so i must live vicariously through you...please keep us posted!

Harrisburg Brunch?

My girlfriend recently moved to PA (I still reside in Baltimore) and Harrisburg is our approximate 1/2 way point. Does anyone have a good recommendation for brunch in Harrisburg? Thanks!

Jan 29, 2009
igrowveggies in Pennsylvania

Five best restaurants in suburban MD?

Also really good are India Delight in Catonsville, Sushi Sono in Columbia, San Sushi in Towson, and Clementine in Lauraville.

b bars in Baltimore

Bartenders! Or Bertha's, Brewers Art, Babalu, Blue Agave...that is such a great idea- I'm thinking of poaching it with my own friends!

Dinner near BCC, Inner Harbor?

there is also a new restaurant by camden yards, frank & nic's west side grille. the food is really good. federal hill is super close to the convention center, and they have some good places to eat, including (in order of distance):

metropolitan (american cuisine)
nichiban (sushi)
sobo cafe (eclectic comfort food)
the dog pub (good personal pizzas)
ryleigh's (great seafood and raw bar)
wine market (which is a bit further but really tasty)

Sunday lunch (brunch?) in Canton/Fells Pt Baltimore

helen's garden should be able to accomodate a group that size and has a good brunch with plenty of options!

Virginia Beach?

The hubby and I are road tripping from baltimore to va beach in a couple of weeks and are looking for good/fun/delicious/notable etc places to stop on the ride there and back, as well as can't-miss places while were are in virginia beach. So please help :) Happy new year!

Aussie traveling for authentic american cuisine on a budget

Foods I miss when visiting my in-laws down under:

-Good mac & cheese
-Huge fresh salads with tons of stuff in them

Guinness Beer in Baltimore...

if you're ever in the fed hill area around happy hour, ryleigh's does $3 for all their draft beer. i'm not sure about the exact times of the hh, sorry...they do have a decent selection for the price though. $1 oysters too...

Sunday Brunch and/or Buffet around Inner Harbor

Rusty Scupper has a great buffett and a raw bar, as does Pisces in the Hyatt. Ryleigh's in Federal Hill also has a really good brunch (not buffett though) with a raw bar...I was there yesterday for brunch and they had something like 15 types of oysters :)


In Baltimore I recommend either Paper Moon Diner, which is up around 29th St, or Metropolitan, which is on S. Charles St and should be re-opening very soon.

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

There is a small place on Fort Avenue (it's on the cusp of Fed Hill & Locust Point) called Lime. They make nachos where they individually dress each chip- not a big, messy, gooey experience but you need less when every bite has every flavor, no?

I also like No Way Jose's nachos.

Midweek specials - Baltimore?

My favorite in my hood (Fed Hill) is Ryleighs...they have $2 crabs/$1 (fantastic) grilled ears of corn w/ feta(?) and butter, $1 oysters, etc on Tuesdays...then Wed nights their chef does a great $10 tapas-style menu, plus they have $15 bottles of wine from 5-close. That last one makes me very happy...

Five best restaurants in suburban MD?

Iron Bridge Wine Company around the Columbia/Clarksville border. Great food, great atmosphere. Try it before you knock it!

Steamed Crabs (by the bushel) - Baltimore Area

Ditto...but the carryout is called SeaKing. I have ordered them from there 3x this summer and not been at all disappointed!

Rennet in NoVA/DC/MD area?

I have bought the liquid at Wegman's in Hunt Valley, they may also have the tablets but I didn't check.

Taco pizza Baltimore

Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for but Bartenders on Boston Street has one:

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap

Ditto Ryleigh's- it's really close & has good food


ditto ditto and more ditto. I dream of mac & cheese from the Wine Market. The trick, I've been told, is truffle oil, really, really sharp white cheddar, heaps of butter, and, my favorite, the scallions on top.