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Where to shop for Chinese Ingredients

"The 99 Ranch in Van Nuys is OK, but compared to the SGV outposts it's just a shanda."

Ya, it may be shanda-esk. But an oasis in the desert. If they ever closed, where else would valley peeps go?

Fresh-carved cold turkey sandwich?

The Wildflour Bakery in Sierra Madre have decent sandwiches. Their turkey is pretty good especially with the cranberry relish. You can tell them to omit this if you only want plain mayo. All their other meats are roasted in-house, as well.

Donuts in the Valley?

Tho its not in the Valley, we went to Primos Donuts in West LA. Being in the neighborhood at 2pm, the opportunity to give the place a look-see arose.

I think they are similar to K's Donuts. Wifey says they are better. Orange glazed donuts had tasty orange rind in them. Cherry glazed didn't do much for me. Apple tart was stellar.

Really really nice folk! the donuts don't have that "greasy" feel or taste. The lady behind the counter told us the "secret" to good donuts is to change the frying oil frequently.

One turn off: there was a fly flying around inside the display...pleasantly munching away on the donuts. I can't stand flys and if I see one in my house I stop everything to find and terminate it immediately. Unfortunately, I keep having flashbacks of that damn fly!

I am happy with K's...but will continue searching around...heck, the kids like our Quest of the Holy Donut!

Help! I've moved the the I.E.!!

First time using Trader Joes Pizza Dough

I usually make my own pizza dough, but was too lazy today.

Wifey mentioned TJ pizza dough, so we ventured out and got the "plain" kind.

Not bad. In a pinch, it comes out really well. Crisps up like the real stuff.

Wifey said mine is better <of course, that why she married me> that it was a bit salty for her taste.

The kidlets chomped it down.

Good stuff!

Jul 05, 2008
WheresTheGrub in Chains

Zankou. Downhill fast AND they changed the garlic paste!!!

Went to Zanko Pasadena about a month ago. Noticed the pre-fab/pre-packaged garlic a while ago and kinda knew it was the beginning of the end. Makes you wonder how or why business owners change the values that are credited to what made thier place "great". I remember when McDonalds was actually a kinda decent burger to eat, remember? when you could see the guy in the back COOKING your burger (rather than pulling it out of some warmer box with tongs)???

One thing I noticed about Zanko, was that the people behind the counter seemed to be way nicer and more smiley than before. Can it be possible that they can't serve good food without being crabby? or vica versa?

Donuts in the Valley?

havent been. Don't plan on making a special trip to get what I can get here, ya know?... just happy to have this one so close by.

Donuts in the Valley?

Yup, after munching on thier good stuff...i asked the guy what time they close and he said 10 p.m.

Need Sour Cherry in LA area ASAP..

Persian market....the one I know would be Valley Produce on Vanowen, just east of Reseda Blvd.

Donuts in the Valley?

Ima gonna try, but our donut "ritual" involves having donuts for dessert after dinner (when I don't feel like handmaking something). K's is open 'til 10 p.m., another plus!!!

Wolfgang's last night..............

<<grin>> Whatz it cost for a steak dinner for two at that joint???

Donuts in the Valley?

Been to Dad's, really good stuff... Went to K's tonight, very good donuts, orange cake with orange frosting stuff... didn't get it but I will next time (wanted to try the classics first).
Cinnamon rolls are something you don't see at many other shoppes, the gent running the place was very nice... This one makes top of list, so far.... next gonna try Blinky's and Donut Hut... Finally, the quest is nearing the end...there is a decent donut in the Valley!!! isn't life beautiful???

side note to sbritchky: after chasing three kids all day, life is comatose at 3 a.m. (those were the days, my friend...)

YAKITORI BINCHO owns all. BEST in LA!!! Yea, this may sound super-hype but I stand by what I like. Werd. (Maxi-Review w/ pics)

Hallelujua! My wife has been beating me up almost everyday for procrastinating and not going in time before they closed. Now i get to redeem myself. Believe u me, that same day they open, we are there! <ducking from a flying frying pan> that same day!!!

Give up on Studio City/Ventura?? a few good spots

Interesting experience at Pho Sa 1. Given that I started monitoring my blood sugar, I limit the amount of carbs I eat.

I asked the ever so helpful waiter, what can I get with no rice and the waiter guy (they are all so nice there) asked me how much did I want to spend? huh??? I said... I dunno about $5-6 bucks. He ordered a "meat only" plate for me with a side of greens (and jalepenos, of course) to wrap the meat in. Gotta say, it was heaven on earth. And for $5, it was a good sized portion of thier grilled (?) meat...YUM YUM... ima goin back tomorrow!

Donuts in the Valley?

Ok, Since moving to the San Fernando Valley (coming from Pasadena), I found a great bagel place, taco place, thai food, chinese food and burgers. The little things in life that make my family happy!

We have been to so many donut places and they seem to all use the same "mix" for donuts. Nothing exceptional. There used to be Krispy Kremes, mind you they aren't "the best" donut, but they were gone from the valley... I guess peeps like chicken over donuts.

There is a donut shop on the N/W corner of Sepulveda and Victory which seems to be the best of the average.

<sigh> Is there a knock out donut shoppe that I don't have to take an hour (and 1/4 tank of gas) to get to?

Me and the familia usually get a donut craving about once a week and would love to find that cavity provoking, artery clogging scrumpcious fried piece of dream junk food! (we love Love LOVE Donut Man in Glendora... the problem there is, well....Glendora!)

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa??

According to this website, it's Nozawa's son Tom who heads the kitchen.

Sandwich Contest

Don Adrian in a mini-mall between a liquor store and a lavanderia. First time there yesterday and will be back again soon.

favorite fried chicken?

I second Max's Fried Chicken. Very yummy, thin skin is crispy and tender inside.

Cemitas Poblanas in Van Nuys

Cemitas Poblanas? I never had one, didn't know what they were. Wifey and I, while driving by, thought we would stop and feed the kiddies at Don Adrian Cemitas Poblanas.

Don Adrian is a small whole in the wall with three booths. Seems like most of their business is take out.

We ordered:

the Pescado (#5-$4.60),
the Cecina Asada (#8-$4.35)
the Tacotote (#14-$5.20)
Quesadillas (#15-$2.20)
Como Botanas Ricas Chalupas (#16-$6.19)

sodas are sold in "mexican" bottles, those big heavy ones.

All the sandwiches are nice and big. Crispy sesame seed buns and full with onions, avocados, lettuce and pickled red peppers and a good Chipotle.

The fish in the Pescado was crispy and of good size, tender on the inside.

The Cecina, the Tacotote and the Chalupas shared the same type of meat...not carne asada, they called it "jerky" style. Really nice and tasty.

The Chalupas had the cheese melted on to the corn tortilla, then the salsa added, then topped with meat and a sprinkling of chopped radish. The plate came with five chalupas, I could only eat four.

The Tacotote was a good size and very flavorful with slices of avocado added. Wifey wrapped it up like a burrito.

All in all, it was tasty. At first glance, it looked like the Chalupas and Tacotote could have had more meat piled on, but that would have been excessive.

For less than $25 bucks, our family of five ate pretty good. Definately more of a take out place... We will surely go back and try the rest of the menu.

Don Adrian
14902 Victory Blvd.
Van Nuys
(818) 786-0328

Authentic Spanish churros/chocolate

Three Drunken Goats in Montrose

Great Eats-San Fernando Valley

We live near all these, gonna try the pizza Friday night and maybe the Thai next week...the only Thai we like is in a small shopping center on Riverside and Coldwater? be nice to have something closer.

Been to Firehouse. Wifey had the Gyro it was good, I had the fish and chips (why the heck would I go Greek and order that!!! <nodding head> It was not really good. YES, the greek salad made my meal...very tasty, and yes, the peeps that served us were very very nice. Kids had burgers...they were pretty tasty.

Sri Langkan in SFV?

Ya! I'm planning on going...found this website

still looking for a restaurant to go to, tho.

Sri Langkan in SFV?

Thanks, been looking in all the valley, to no avail...but Im gonna head over to the Delight place today!

Sri Langkan in SFV?

Been searching the board and can't seem to find anything in the Valley. Curry Bowl in Tarzana, was mentioned in a post along with the comment that if one wanted Sri Langkan they had to go to the Valley.

I don't know of any here.

Craving some hoppers!

piroshki/pirogi quest

Trader Joe's has a pretty decent potato pirogi. We usually boil them, but I am sure you can thaw and fry them. Also, Valley Produce (Vanowen just east of Reseda) has piroshki and pirogi, haven't tried them though I will now that I mentioned them here.

Diehard Foodie question...

I would want a philly cheese steak... proly from phillys best. I wanna die with philly cheese steak breath.

donate the change to the freeway-change begger guy down the street.

Diehard Foodie question...

I was kinda looking for only one...*the* one place. A list of 'em is too easy.!

Diehard Foodie question...

You went to the doctor, he said you have 24 hours to live. You go to the bank and withdraw your last $35 from your savings account.

What restaraunt would you have your last meal at? What would you order?*

*You tell the waiter your problem and he offers to pay for your wine and don't worry about the tip.

RIP Natural Gourmet Sherman Oaks

Silverlining= a good empanada... gotta go try 'em!