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Clams and Mussels - What's the black stuff?

I want to like shellfish, I really do, and I like to think I'm making a real effort of it. I have a hang-up, though; everytime I eat clams or mussels, I'm always acutely aware of some black organ inside the thing. I've performed little disections and no, the black does not seem to be a solid mass.
What is it exactly that I'm eating here? Is the thing's digestive tract, something akin to a shrimp vein? Is this what they call the "belly" and remove to make clam strips?
Break it down for me, guys! Am I eating clam turds or what!

Jun 18, 2008
NinjaDiner in General Topics

Stuck on a limited diet. Help me be creative...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that all you really need to make your own saurkraut is cabbage and salt.

Jun 10, 2008
NinjaDiner in Home Cooking

What is your deal breaker?

Red onion, particularly when raw. I had an aversion to all kinds of onion for a long time which I finally managed to overcome, but there's something about that tang in red onion that still puts me off. I am not proud of this.
Cilantro, too. I feel like it's an in-joke that everyone but me gets. If the flavor's pronounced in a dish, that's a deal-breaker for me.

Jun 10, 2008
NinjaDiner in Home Cooking