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Mi Pueblo Home Style Chips ( Estilo Casero )

Comparing Hayward outlets at least, i'd rank their chips a bit better than Chavez Market's. the crunch is just amazing, i swear it makes echoes in my kitchen when i eat em. I would rank the bulk deli salsas (selection & quality) about equivalent across both chains. Molcajete is my favorite. together with the house chips, it makes for really excellent, inexpensive home snacking.

Tostilocos and Mexican ice cream in Hayward

Haven't stopped into Don Gazpacho but will need to try it soon. right in that same 'hot zone' of neighborhood Mexican deliciousness is where 'Rodrigo's snack bike' hangs out on weekends. he's somehow stashed a selection of paletas, frutas, seafood cocteles, y mas, on that rigged up bicycle cart he pedals around. fun guy.

oh well, on that note, i'm off to Chavez Market for shoppng and a quick birria lunch! ;-)

Tostilocos and Mexican ice cream in Hayward

Hi Melanie

the other place mentioned by Shanghai above on Hesperian is "Paleteria El Plebe"; smaller place than United, but also some great choices. Pic here is of their Diablito (i chose tamarindo flavoring).

FWIW, the paleteria on B Street downtown also mentioned by Shanghai appears to now be closed :-(.

Speaking of United, i'm a big fan of the aguachile & other fresh seafood at United's mariscos place on Jackson St. The rest of the menu is kind of middling, but they seem to take their seafood seriously.


Tostilocos and Mexican ice cream in Hayward

Have been enjoying this place also since moving to Hayward a few months ago (along with the multitude of other Mexican delicacies around the neighborhood ).

My favorites are the mangonada ( pictured ) and the diablitos (a raspado/shave ice made with chile & chamoy flavoring). So delicious and refreshing.


Best Aquachile in San Francisco?

I'll put in a vote for United Mexican in Hayward:

Address: 467 Jackson St, Hayward, CA 94544, United States
Phone:(510) 886-4588

extremely fresh & bold aguachile, cayo de lobina

tried it out right after coming back from Pto Morelos, where my inlaws treated me to some of their own superb recipes. now i have a nearby place to rekindle my seaside memories...

value is off the charts; $14 for an extremely generous plate of various cuts.

Why Airplane Food is so Bad

took ANA to SIN and back last Fall in their new Dreamliners; one of my best flight experiences ever. Really nice & interesting Japanese menu, drinks, & service; and that Ippudo late-nite ramen service hit the spot like very few snacks have in the past year.

May 26, 2014
pushslice in Food Media & News

Any SF Chinatown restaurants that will accommodate a 70 person early dinner banquet?

I'm helping plan an event of mostly out-of-towners (actually, out-of-countryers) in September, and as a conclusion to touring SF for the afternoon (coming from the East Bay), thinking about ending in Chinatown and having a meal there. I'm guessing the options for this size of group are somewhat limited, but will consider most any reasonably good places even if not super-high on the Chowhound scale. I usually eat Chinese in the East Bay so i'm not really familiar with SF Chinatown save for a handful of the smaller joints.


Wine Country Off the Beaten Path

Huge 2nd on Valle de Guadalupe. Really beautiful area and stunning semidesert landscapes everywhere you look, framing the vineyards. I thought the whites (Chenin Colombard, for one) stood out more prominently than the reds, but very good examples of both were easy to find.

Sep 28, 2011
pushslice in Wine

Why is In-n-out so damn good?

please post up some examples of In-N-Out's alleged 'marketing hype'. other than their occasional billboard, their website, and in-store swag-for-purchase, I don't really see much marketing going on with them. that's considered pretty bare-bones for most customer-facing enterprises of their size & scale these days...

Apr 19, 2011
pushslice in Chains

Favorite Sour

as good as Cons., Sanc. are, IMO RRB's Supplication seemingly hits it completely out of the park (to the deepest part of center field, no less) with its superb mix of barrel aging, color, and of course making my tastebuds dance.

Mar 07, 2011
pushslice in Beer

Tamarind crab

Little Saigon is closed?? oh no, when did this happen?

i haven't made a visit anytime recently; sad to hear. I loved their tamarind dungeness!

Someone please help out with an East Bay recommendation here, I am in need of a fix!! (and will likely go to Le Cheval as a fall-back if nothing else comes up).

Le Cheval
1007 Clay St, Oakland, CA

Rye Beers -- which ones have you liked?

if you like Hop Rod, then you're sure to love Ryevalry, from the same brewer. stronger but still crisp; about 8.2% ABV. not as easy to find as HR, unfortunately

Dec 13, 2010
pushslice in Beer

Cheese at Costco

oh well, what's that saying, "Better to have loved & lost..."

Nov 28, 2010
pushslice in Chains

La Tur cheese at Costco for only $5.89 each!

Thanks for posting this (and reminding me); we picked this up at Costco just on a whim, served @ Thanksgiving, and it got raves all around. We will def. be repeat customers. it made the other cheeses also on the table (harder ones, fwiw) feel neglected by comparison ;-)


i've only tried one Bonarda, 2008 Viejo Isaias Clasico, (quite recently actually; $15) but enjoyed it well enough to keep seeking out this grape. thanks for the suggestions above.
I liked the distinctive earth/floral flavors (vanilla maybe) that punctuate the fruit profile; is this a common trademark of the varietal?

Oct 25, 2010
pushslice in Wine

Looking for Best Craft Beer Bars in the Bay Area

Seconded on all of those. LLSW is excellent and a nicely priced alternative to RussianRiver's Sour line of offerings (altho it ain't quite Supplication).

Moonlight's offerings are worth an extra hike if need be. hand-crafted goodness.

Must have BIG Zin

Big 2nd on Rosenblum Rockpile or Linne Problem Child. these will not be shy! i probably would save them for drinking by itself, as I prefer more of the Ridge-Geyserville style to pair with meals.
speaking of Ridge, their Del Carlo Ranch (Dry Creek) Zin could probably also sneak into the OP's 'big' category.

Sep 20, 2010
pushslice in Wine

Trader Joe's Wine

I *really* dig the 07 Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone, found last week at TJ for $6.99. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and would have no problem breaking out more bottles for a nice dinner get-together. (twist-off cap too; yeah you go, Frenchies!)

Sep 20, 2010
pushslice in Wine

Help Me with a "70's Funk" Party Theme

Let It Whip (-ped Cream) - Dazz Band
Sweet Sticky Thing -Ohio Players (cinammon rolls!)

Sep 06, 2010
pushslice in General Topics

Adobong Pusit and Special Halo Halo at Hayward’s Taste of Manila

The veggie dish is likely 'Pinakbet'; definitely a staple of pinoy cuisine; glad u liked it, it can often take newcomers aback.
Fresh lumpia is great to see on a menu; many of the smaller mom-n-pop places don't serve it, for whatever reasons. It would be great, imo, if more people got to try it and learn that lumpia isn't always the ubiquitous little fried 'shanghai' style variety.

The Most WTF Cookbooks of All Time

I think you guys would enjoy flipping thru the Gallery of Regrettable Food:

Jul 01, 2010
pushslice in Food Media & News

Bay Area Banh Mi Google Map

Nice, thanks! that would be a extremely handy for our occasional spur-of-the-moment Livermore winery tasting-n-picnic afternoons.
The pate option is a plus.

Bay Area Banh Mi Google Map

KatoK, thanks for the tip! I headed down to Pho Sam yesterday after reading your post. I had the BBQ pork, as well as the 'Pork roll' banh mis. As you said, it was decent but not great. The meat was very tasty and fresh. The cilantro was kinda messy, as they didn't really bother to 'pluck' it and threw the whole shoot in there, fibrous stems and all. I'm not complaining though, as in this neighborhood, I can't be choosy!

FYIs to the board, this location is about 150 yards South of the 'Ao Zai' location (now defunct) referenced on the Banh Mi map.

Pho Sam Restaurant
2550 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583

Sri Lankan Cuisine - San Ramon

haven't made it out to Kadupul yet, sorry....will try soon!

8939 San Ramon Rd, Dublin, CA 94583

Hainan Chicken Rice or Khao Man Gai Recommendations in the Bay Area?

While I am a semi-regular patron of SOTC, I've gotta say their Hainanese Chicken Rice is pretty dull. Have tried it 3 times now, each successive time hoping they 'come through' for me. It seems to me they do not cook-to-order the rice and it might have been cooked amongst a very large batch at the beginning of the evening.
I dont' believe they really wish to 'feature' this dish amongst their many other offerings, and thus just *kind of* phone it in, so to speak. That being said, since SOTC is somewhat closeby and I if am jonesing for HCR again, there will likely be a 4th try!

Sri Lankan Cuisine - San Ramon

Hmm..right next to Lumpia House, so no doubt I'll be in the area from time to time. I'll check it out. I have no idea what Sri Lankan cuisine is all about , though!

Lumpia House
8937 San Ramon Rd, Dublin, CA 94568

Pliny the Younger Sightings?

Hopyard-San Ramon still had it as of Sunday (on their 2nd keg of PtY). This year was my first time sampling it and I really enjoyed it!

Two Days in Manila

Hi Pilinut,
I just got back, and sorry to say I missed those places. I had heard about Seaside, and even had an open invite for a cousin to take me, but time did not allow :-(. Also walked right by Tao Yuan, noticed it, thought it looked mighty interesting, but was on my way to another engagement!
Anyhow, as it turned out, besides home-cooked meals in Malate, didn't really end up eating around there when we ate 'out'. had some good food at Cena in Greenbelt 5, Kanin Klub in Alabang, and did the Old Manila Tours food 'wok' of Chinatown/Binondo. good stuff!

As for that 'home-cooked' food? well, lets just say our family's cook of 20+ years loves to spoil me :-)
Rellenong Bangus, Daing na Bangus, Adobong Pusit, Vigan Longganisa, Beef Nilaga, fried Galonggong (sp)...oooff..not even sure why I bothered eating out! oh, and green mangoes from the backyard + bagoong each day.

Two Days in Manila

Hi klyeoh,
I'll be in Manila for the next week, after some years of being away. any other places worth noting in Malate? (other than the ones mentioned already)

And also to Pilinut, et al, is the Seaside Market def. the go-to 'paluto' type marketplace in Manila? (considering i'll be based in Malate).

Lastly, that Binondo food tour posted below looks pretty cool, I might have to check that out! I'm looking for the veggie-style fried lumpia; kinda rare here in California, places here mostly serve shanghai which is kinda Meh, imo.

Best Happy Hour at a High End Restaurant

I've visited Fleming's Walnut Creek a couple of times for this; worth a shot if you are in the area. The burger might be the most solid hit of the food options; choice of fries or onion rings to go w/ it. also tried the crabcakes and the carpaccio, decent as well.