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Bento Boxes & Accessories

Thanks, I usually go downtown during the weekends, so I'll definately chenk out Sanko and Tap Phong. Unfortunately, Mika's Japanese Gifts is probably too far (like JTown and P-Mall) so I don't think I can check that out. But, thanks anyways!

@always_eating : Too bad little Tokyo is closed.. A friend recommended that store too me but I never got a chance too check it out >.< (btw thanxies for the info)

Bento Boxes & Accessories

Hi. Firstly, sorry if this post doesn't belong here, I'm kinda new to this site.

I live in Toronto(york/north york). I'm wondering other than P-Mall and J-Town (those are too far), is there any place where I can purchase box boxes and accessories (egg molds, rice molds, picks, etc.) in store. Thank-you.