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Thuet - WTF?

I've also made many trips to France, and prefer less formal spots. However, I'm used to not being ignored, and don't really feel like I should need to get up and walk to re-order my drinks. I'm not at a $10 pub, so don't want pub service.

Casual Ottawa Recs

Try Stoneface Dolly's on 479 Bronson - good wine selection and specials are always good.

Red Rocket Coffee?

Agree - nothing special. Uncomfortable-looking metal chairs with only 2 comfy leather ones. Coffee is good, but not outstanding - no decaf choice. It seems geared to TTC drivers... they can't decide if they want to be Tim Horton's or the Mercury.

Philippines suggestions

I always go to the Barrio Fiesta on Makati Ave when I'm in Manila - good fun always (although the food, like most filipino food, doesn't really do it for me.) For food, Kai in Greenbelt 3 is really good, and Circles buffet in the Shangri-la is probably the best buffet I've ever experienced!

Good Restaurants in Manila

I like Pantalon on Manila bay (just down west of the US embassy.) You can pick your own seafood and go nuts. It's not 4* food, but it's a really fun place where you can get serenaded by the staff as you sit on a deck jutting over the water.

Thuet - WTF?

Has anyone experienced terrible service at Thuet. I hadn't been before, and had some colleagues from NYC up for dinner, so decided to try it out. We sat down in a 1/2 empty restaurant, the waiter came over and described the tasting menu (which we told him we wanted + wine pairings) and he left.

We kept trying to flag people down to get us a drink or something(!) but had no luck. It looked like he was the only person serving, along with about 4 busboys. After 45 minutes, several glasses of water, and a slice of bread each, we got up and left - over to the Spoke for dinner (which, maybe because of my hunger, was the best meal I've had there - spring menu was really good.)

Is this sort of indifferent service typical there? I can't understand why a server would want to piss off a high-revenue table...


Fare Bistro is now hiring. Experience Required. Wonder if it's the same owners?

Sweet Bliss Indeed!!

I guess it happened to me several times, enough that I stopped going. it's been happening to too many of my favourites - there, Kubo, and I _so_ want to like Eddie Levesque's but the service is just consistently awful... Thank goodness for Gio's and Tomi-Kro.

Sweet Bliss Indeed!!

I don't even bother with Altitude anymore. We've starting calling them Attitude based on the way they act like they're doing you a favour for selling you stuff. Don't even bother making any special requests - they don't want your business! I've taken to going all the way to cabbagetown and Daniel et Daniel when I need pastries....


I saw a sign out front saying now hiring for some bistro. Looks like it's gone.