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Finger Lakes Region: October Dinner

Hi there,

A Boston chowhound here looking for a great place to enjoy dinner for 5 in an upcoming mid-October weekend. We're attending a wedding in Geneva, NY and will be staying in Seneca Falls. We're not looking for any one type of food in particular, just a place where we can get substantially above average food comprised of local ingredients. Can anyone help? I'm tired of useless Internet searches with the restaurants that pay the most popping up first!

Tarrytown area waterview restaurant for pre-wedding gathering

Looking for a place to have a drink or two with appetizers, preferably with water view prior to a wedding at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown. Outdoor seating a plus......any ideas?

Breakfast or Brunch in Central Connecticut?

Rick's on 5 in Wallingford for a no nonsense breakfast, in many cases, for under $6 a person. It doesn't score highly for ambiance, but I have not had a better pancake ANYWHERE! A great hometown diner-type place!

Old Neath's space in Providence

Someone has just informed me that there is an outstanding new restaurant in the old Neath's space on South Water Street in Providence run by the old chef from Al Forno. Can't recall the name, but does anyone on "the Chow" have experiences/recommendations they wouldn't mind sharing?

Temple, Providence, RW dinner report

Unfortunately, this will probably not get posted in time for others to change their Restaurant Week reservations, but here goes for all others who might attempt to pay full price for this place.

My friend and I went to Temple Bar, in the beautiful and sexy confines of the basement of the Renaissance Providence Hotel. The atmosphere was appealing immediately, but we should just looked around instead of eating. Things got off to a horrible experience immediately when the hostess informed us that she had given away our table after we arrived 15 min late. I understood why this was our fault and she said she would seat us ASAP after that. After about 25-30 minutes of strategizing on the part of the very cute, but not so intelligent hostesses, she informed us that there would not be any tables available for over 1 and a half hours. What are our other options, we asked? The lounge...we were told

The lounge is a very sheik area where very trendy folks put up their feet and sip the designer cocktails. That's if you can attract any waiters to your banquette/table. We waited for over 20 additional minutes to even see a menu, then we had to ask for the Restaurant Week menu when it was not given to us....please.

Finally, came the food. We hoped it would be the bright spot of the night. Wrong! My dining partner had the clam chowder to start (which came in a microscopic bowl) and then the fish and chips, which came resting on a soggy white bread roll and pseudo-newspaper. More soggy than crispy.....they didn't fool us. I chose wiser for appetizers and got the eggplant and tomato flatbread....simple, but an ample portion and seasoned well. It was no Al Forno, but we weren't expecting. Then, my dinner was the skate which came without the usual cartilage/bony parts which was convenient, but seemed either overcooked or manipulated to accomplish this. Severely underseasoned to. The wine was the bright spot, the only Cote du Rhone on the menu priced at $32.

And just when we thought it was over, after a 30 minute wait between dinner and the dessert order, we were presented with the wrong desserts. We ordered the chocolate cake and instead got vanilla gelato and a brownie!!! What kind of culinary idiots did they think we were? Of course, how else would this terrible experience end, but a check that was incorrect and inconsiderate of the restaurant week pricing. It was promptly corrected, but then discovered to be incorrect again. After fixing the second time, I had missed the last commuter rail back to Beantown and ended up taking Acela back instead. I guess I can thank Temple for allowing me this comfort.

The only justification for going is to people watch and perhaps cocktails....consider Mill's Tavern, Gracies, Al Forno, or any number of fine dining restaurants instead!

New Venue for New Haven Area Rehearsal Dinner

Hi there,

You might recognize me as the guy who was casually asking for Sunday brunch advice after my upcoming wedding on Aug 18th. Well, now unfortunately, I'm the guy who's asking for a replacement site for our 40 person rehearsal dinner. We WERE scheduled at the Yankee Silversmith in Wallingford, but a recent fire/water damage destroyed those plans. The following are the requirements:

1) Excellent food, even when done for large quantities of people

2) A private dining room/area where we can dine and make our own noise w/o listening to too many others' noise.

3) A decent value for the $$$$$( do not read this as dirt cheap though!)

4) Convenient to the Branford-New Haven-Hamden area on a Friday evening in mid-august.

Any ideas?


Best $50/plate meal in Baltimore area?

Definitely outside the touristy district. My friend's a native (almost) and I can't think of many cities where the best food is in the same places as tourists.
Thanks in advance,

Best $50/plate meal in Baltimore area?

Hey there Baltimore/DC Chowhounds!

I'm a Boston chowhound looking to treat a good friend of mine living in Baltimore to a quality meal and am looking to spend $50/person for it, so go for it...given that I've never spent any quality time in Baltimore, I need suggestions. No limits as far as cuisine goes with the only exception being sushi. I haven't quite gotten him interested in the raw fish thing yet....some day!


Sunday brunch in New Haven

Hey there,

I'm getting married on Saturday evening, August 18th and am wracking my brain trying to think of a quiet or not quiet brunch place for a newly married (slightly hungover) couple the following Sunday morning. Any thoughts?

Best sushi in Providence or Boston?

I reiterate my vote for Fugakyu in Brookline (right outside of Boston) and repeat the notion that Providence is NOT a destination for sushi. I've spent significant time living in both cities and really believe the best fish in Rhode Island must be cooked!

Chatham Pub Grub?

Hey fellow Chowhounds,

Going to Chatham the last weekend in April and wanted to find a pub for tossing back a pint or two as well as fish n' chips. Additionally, will be spending the night and needing dinner suggestions that can satisfy both seafood and "meat and potatoes" type appetites. THANKS in advance!

Chatham Pub Grub?

Hey fellow Chowhounds,

Going to Chatham the last weekend in April and wanted to find a pub for tossing back a pint or two as well as fish n' chips. Additionally, will be spending the night and needing dinner suggestions that can satisfy both seafood and "meat and potatoes" type appetites. THANKS in advance!

Persian Food?

As for what they offer, the offerings are too numerous to name, but I found a good link with reasonably current menu items:

The combination, as it was told to us by the Persian owner, came when they opened the place and they feared that the average New Englander would fear Persian food alone. (I think some of Lala Rokh's menu offerings reveal this same fear.) The owners then hired an Italian chef to cook Italian food while they paid distinct attention to cooking the Persian food. I echo others sentiments of ignoring the Italian menu and exploring the many great options. My personal favorites are the Adass Pollo and the Lamb Shank. Reminds me of the lamb my Armenian grandmother used to make!

Persian Food?

I actually would upgrade MC Slim's evaluation of Marcello's Persian food to very good to excellent. I have been several times with a Persian friend from California and she swears that it's the best AUTHENTIC Persian in Boston. I personally think Lala Rokh adds unnecessary "blue blood" Beacon Hill touches to satisfy its clientele.

Boston chowhound seeks San Diego eats

Hey there San Diego Chowhounds!

Will be in San Diego the last week of March for a conference and can spend $64/day on food and be reimbursed for every dollar. Staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt on the waterfront and want recs for everything and anything within reasonable walking distance (B,L,D). Am adventurous in a culinary sense so thus, would not be averse to paying more on any given day, but still want to keep it sensible.

Jan 16, 2007
bostonhyedoc in California