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San Antonio, on Riverwalk good wine list good food?

Le Reve closed on October 31st, but Chef Weissman has a new Italian restaurant Il Sogno & has relocated his seafood restaurant, Sandbar. Both establishments are located on the Pearl Brewery grounds & have an extensive wine list.

Dec 02, 2009
chickster75 in Texas

Nashville-Radius10 is closed

Just got word today that radius10 is officially closed. Bye-bye low country shrimp & scallops.

Taste of Russia Franklin, TN (surrounding Nashville area)

I had an amazing experience at Taste of Russia and want to spread the word. I went there for lunch yesterday & was beyond impressed. First, my friend and I shared an appetizer of cabbage dumplings & potato dumplings (vareniki). Then we each had a bowl of hearty borscht. It was so good, I would've been happy with just having more borscht for my meal...but I'm glad I didn't! For my entree, I had a fried pork chop with mustard sauce and a side of mashed potatoes. I loved it so much that I rarely lifted my head from my plate. The pork was perfectly encrusted and the mustard sauce that accompanied it was tangy & spicy (in a horseradish kind of way). A good way to enjoy this dish is to put a little mashed potato with a bit of pork & then dip it in the mustard sauce....WOW, truly amazing! For dessert we shared two big Russian-cheese filled blintzes with a side of blackberry sauce. The added bonus was, after my four course feast, my total ticket came out to $15.37! We did split the app & dessert, but when was the last time you had such a giant meal for such a great price?? The only drawback was the speed of service. We waited quite a while to be greeted & between courses, but it was definitely worth the wait. On the other hand our server was very attentive and pleasant. I can't wait to go back!!

Taste of Russia
101 Shingle Way
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 472-1432

Nashville Choice

Did you get a chance to check out Radius10? I happen to be a server there & want to know what your visit was like. I didn't work Saturday night, but hope you had a good experience. From what I understand, they were busier than they expected. I came in for a cocktail to visit my co-workers & everyone was running around like busy bees!

Nashville: Great Mexican Popsicles at Las Paletas

These are definitely the real Mexican thing with a gourmet twist. Being born & raised in San Antonio, TX & being a Mexican chica myself, these popsicles remind me of home. We used to have a man with a little cart walk my neighborhood with popsicles that are virtually identical to these paletas. The only difference is Las Paletas features creative flavors such as Basil (my all-time favorite) in addition to flavors you'd find in Mexican cuisine (such as Cucumber with Hot Chili). I love that their flavors change all the time & they have both cream based popsicles as well as fruit based. My only dilemma is living within walking can I resist not going every day?!