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Tampa luch and dinner - near USF?

My daughter will be attending the medical school next fall, yeah! We are headed there from Orlando to look around at apartments.
Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Some of our favourites places in Orlando are K Restaurant, Rav Pig, Antonios, Luma, Thai Orchid, Sushi Pop .......

Apr 05, 2012
kadaffodil in Florida

Toronto Dinner for group fun with good food

In Toronto for one night with a group of 8. Used to live there 15 years ago. Now unfamiliar with good fun places to eat. Staying downtown. Open to all kinds of good food from bistro to ethnic but atmosphere just as important. thanks!

Key West Recs for Dinner

Manga Manga ! Great restaurant, fresh pasta, patio etc. Down a side street off the beaten path.

Oct 27, 2010
kadaffodil in Florida

naples - amalfi - rome

re: katieparla Paris
Oh no, don't like Paris? I will be in Rome next week and had narrowed my list down to definitely include it. Could you provide more detail as to why?

thanks so much

Apr 13, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

Details from our recent trip to ROME

Thanks for your report. We will be leaving in a couple of weeks for Rome and Florence. I am just finishing up my restaurant list. We will be staying in the Ghetto and have not been to Italy for 8 years! Any further details of your trip would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 03, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

a nice time in rome

Thanks for your report. We will be leaving in a couple of weeks for Florence and Rome and I am just finishing up my restaurant list. I'm hoping it will be warm enough to enjoy eating al fresco. If you have any other details of your trip it would be greatly appreciated. We haven't been to Italy since 2000. We are staying in the Ghetto.

Apr 03, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

Rome 4 nights end April

Thanks to everyone. Love Rick Steves but to be honest I've also had some doubts about Rick Steves food picks as well which is one reason I started this query on chow. 8 years ago we stumbled across Pallaro and have the same opinion of it as Mushroom and it's still in his guide book for 2009. We did not eat at any of his other pics that trip or any other really.

I think it's back to the drawing board. Any other comments would be greatly appreciated! We are looking for lovely ambience, great food of all kinds, willing to take taxies and not too $$$$.

Mar 27, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

Rome 4 nights end April

Thank your for your reply. Paris is back on the list for sure for dinner, La Gensola lunch.

Gabriello is actually Rick Steves top pick and it appears to have good recs so based on that I put on my list.

Matricianella is also on a number of definite "yes" lists and based on a search and reviews also added it.

Also considering:

Osteria da Giovanni are Galletto on Piazza Farnese - Rick Steves favourite al fresco dining, that alone sold me as I decided to narrow places down by giving ambience heavy consideration, has good food recs as well ofcourse

Montevecchio near Piazza Navona is my pick for Sunday night at this point, also a Rick Steves pick, "beautiful spot", plus other good comments including Sylvia Poggioli with NPR

We will also go to Cul de Sac, Casa Bleve, Platinum, Al Presidente for lunches and snacks.

My list has included, Le Colline Emiliane, La Piazetta, Nerone, Armando, Monti, Vecchia Roma ......

Any further comments would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 27, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

Rome 4 nights end April

We will be staying in the Jewish Ghetto area and after spending many hours on this site over the last few months I am just trying to narrow my list down. There are so many good recomendations.
We thought one night we'd go across the river, one or two around Navona and Fiori and one maybe to the north around Spainish Steps. Don't have to be all that close to any of these.

Besides great food (and we love everything) I thought maybe I would try to narrow things down by atmosphere. Beautiful outdoor, romantic etc, or even indoor, candlelight.

My list includes really what most have mentioned on this site especially mbfant's recs. We don't want to go really high end $ wise and prefer more relaxed settings. For example should we choose La Gensola over Paris? Matricianella over Gabriello? Al Bric over Fortunato or Il Fico? This is why I thought I would start narrowing things down by the ambience?

Appreciate any help, I'm sure wherever we end up it will be wonderful. We were in Rome 8 years ago and do remember eating at La Veranda in the Hotel Columbus near the Vatican and just remember the beautiful courtyard we sat in.

Mar 25, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

Romantic Restaurant in Orlando

Here are a few suggestions - they all have web sites you can google and find them and take a look at menus and maps etc.

Luma in Winter Park - wonderful and romantic, great area in Orlando
The Ravenous Pig - a gastro pub, maybe not quite as romantic as others listed
Graze - wonderful chef, hip and romantic, couches outside, candles etc
Hue - fantastic, outdoor seating
Nona tratattoria - wonderful, outdoor seating as well

Mar 23, 2009
kadaffodil in Florida

Quick Rome Report

I had to laugh after reading all of the above as I too have an ever changing list. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only on obsessed with my restaurant picks. We will be in Rome the end of April, 4 nights and 3 in Florence where we will be dragging our daughter back home after a wonderful semester for her in Florence and all over Europe.
I'm going to rely on her to pick the places in Florence as she is a "foodie" too. My list for Rome includes Paris, La Piazzetta, Filetti di Baccala, Montevecchio,Osteria da Giovanni ar Galletto, Palatium, Barcaccia and La Veranda.
I would love any comments.


Mar 22, 2009
kadaffodil in Italy

The Latest in Rome

It looks like you have really done your homework. We will be travelling to Rome the end of April 09 and I had planned on doing just what you have done as far as research and planning for eating as we wonder around Rome. We will be staying on Piazza Mattei but ony for 4 nights in Rome. Would you be willing to share your knowledge when you return. We would be so grateful.
Have a fabulous trip!

Sep 18, 2008
kadaffodil in Italy

Rome: Apartment Rental Location

frankki, we will be in Rome the end of next April for 5 nights and would love to rent an apartment in trastevere. Any advice on which site to rent from? We will be meeting our daughter in Florence after she finishes her classes there and after a few days will be spending more time in Rome. Any favourite places to eat in the area?
Thanks for any advice.

Aug 27, 2008
kadaffodil in Italy

Anniversary Dinner Orlando

Love RP too but think we like Luma on Park Ave even better. Fantastic food and atmosphere.

Jul 25, 2008
kadaffodil in Florida

place to eat in or near Marias

We will be in Paris just for 3 nights and love food, travel to eat! Any recommendations for great food. We were last there 8 years ago and ate at Bofinger, L'Epi Dupin, Alazar and Grizzli among others. Thanks for any help!

Jul 23, 2008
kadaffodil in France