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roasted capon recipe-Jacques Pepin?

Ok. I am out of ideas. I have searched my cookbooks, accumulated written recipes, back issues of Food and Wine, and the world wide web to no avail. About a dozen years ago, I made roasted capon with a shiitake, cream, and cognac sauce that was to die for. If my memory is correct (always a question these days), it was a Jacques Pepin recipe. I want to recreate the meal for Thanksgiving this year.
Does anybody have this recipe? Anybody know where I might find it? Anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks.

Oct 31, 2010
ctb in Home Cooking

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Today is my friend's birthday and she wants (no, demands) soft shell crab. The obvious choices are Shaw's, Joe's and Roy's. They are good, but I'd like to take her to a place that is offering a great soft shell crab dish that's special. A place that doesn't necessarily focus on seafood alone. Anybody had great soft shell crabs lately? If so, what and where? And if I can be a bit more precise, I'd love a place that offered outdoor dining as well. Thanks.

Jul 18, 2006
ctb in Chicago Area