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Feedback on restaurant selections in BCN

Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I have to go back and group the tapas crawl based on neighborhood. Really looking forward to El Peix D'or; will let folks know. As for questions in the air, I'm still torn as to whether or not we should go to PacoMeralgo? It's a birthday celebration meal but we are looking for something casual (vs. upscale) but amazing food. Looked at Robert Gelonch menu but having a hard time fully grasping it since it's in Spanish.

Then there's the question of Fonda Gaig. If we could only do one traditional Catalan restaurant, should it be it?

Nov 20, 2011
BigAppleEater in Spain/Portugal

Feedback on restaurant selections in BCN

Hi, we're visiting BCN in November and trying to firm up our restaurant selections. We're both visiting from NYC and are coming to BCN from San Se. We'd love to explore the BCN food scene with particular interest in traditional and modern Catalan food, tapas and seafood. We love good food and go out of our way to find the best. We'd like to keep most meals under $50 Euro per person but will splurge on one or two meals. Please give us your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

WED | Nov. 23 | Dinner | Ticket | molecular

THU | Nov. 24 | Breakfast | Boqueria Market: Pinotxo/Kiosk Universal| tapas

THU | Nov. 24 | Lunch | Alkimia | modern

THU | Nov. 24 | Dinner | PacoMeralgo | tapas

FRI | Nov. 25 | Breakfast | Boqueria Market: El Quim

FRI | Nov. 25 | Lunch | La paradeta (self-service seafood)

FRI | Nov. 25 | Dinner | Tapas Crawls: Quimet & Quimet, Cuidad Comtal, etc.

SAT | Nov. 26 | Lunch | Fonda Gaig (traditional Catalan)

SAT | Nov. 26 | Dinner | Tapas Crawls: Tapac 24, La Taverna del Clinic, etc.

Nov 15, 2011
BigAppleEater in Spain/Portugal

Oyster Crawl in Long Island

Hi everyone,

So I've been reading a lot about oysters and want to take a trip out to Long Island to try some from the source. I've been told that fine oysters can be found in Long Island’s East End: Peconic Bay, Noyac Bay, and Gardiner’s Bay, North Fork, Mecox Bay, Pipe’s Cove and Saddle Rock. But I'm having a hard time finding exact places to go to eat the damn thing. I searched chowhound as well as google and only came up with the growers themselves and at best frisky oyster in greenport.

I guess I'm looking for actual places like a shack, a bar, a restaurants that serve Long Island oysters in those areas mentioned above (particularly North Fork). I know there's an Oyster Fest out there in October but would rather avoid the crowd.


Narrow down Wagyu options in Osaka

Hi everyone,

This is our last week in Japan and we really want to get great wagyu before going home. We'll be in Osaka and I'm considering three places and want your opinion:

(1) Shabu Shabu at Udon-chiri Nishiya Iori (CAN'T FIND ADDRESS, let me know if you know its location)
(2) Steak Ron, 06-6344-6664 Osaka: Umeda / Steak house Sonezaki Shinchi
(3) Minami, 06-6646-5128, Osaka: Namba / Teppanyaki, Nanba 5-1-60, Swissotel Nankai.


Aug 16, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

Thanks. To clarify, I wanted to know if it was necessary to eat Kobe beef in Kobe, or whether we can get just-as-good Kobe beef in Osaka/Kyoto. And if so, which specific restaurant?

If we have to eat in Kobe, where should we go?

I guess we wanted to see what the big deal is with Kobe beef. If you think there are better beefs to be had in Japan, do let us know!

Thanks again!

Jul 31, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo


Aug 8 | Tsujiki market, Hama Rikyu, Asakusa, Ginza at night
BREAKFAST: Daiwa Sushi
snacks: Tsukiji Market in the outer market (donburi rice bowls, ramen)
LATE LUNCH: Tofuya Ukaitei (tofu)
DINNER: street food near Ginza station and/or Kagurazaka and Ningyocho

Aug 9 | Shinjuku, Harajuku, Omotesando/Aoyama, Kabukicho
LUNCH: Ramen (Ramen Jiro or Menya Kissou or Chukasoba Ito
snacks: Isetan depachika
DINNER: Buri Ebisu (standing bar) and izakaya (Toki No Ma)

Jul 30, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

I'll plan accordingly with Ivan's Ramen and rethink the izakaya additions. We're planning to hit up Momen and Endo Sushi in Osaka. If folks have recommendations for Kobe anywhere in Kyoto or Osaka, let us know!

Jul 30, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

Yikes, I guess I didn't really look up the costs of Ukai-Tei. It was recommended by a friend. Maybe have to leave that one out. Thanks!

Jul 30, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

P.S. We didn't have kaiseki or kobe on there cuz we're planning to have those in Kyoto and Osaka the week after.

Jul 29, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Feedback on 6-day eating in Tokyo

My husband and I are going to Japan for 6 days in August and we're obsessed with food. We're planning to have one (1) over-the-top sushi meal at Harutaka and if possible, keep the rest of the meals to under $100 for both of us. Please take a look at our food itinerary below and let us know what you think. Does it leaves you screaming "I can't believe they left out __________?" If so, fill in that blank. And let us know where you stand on the OR. We also want to leave room for spontaneous meals while meandering.

Day 1: Stay in Shibuya
LUNCH: Tenkou (tempura)
DINNER: Torishige Honten OR Fuku (yakitori)

Day 2: Tsujiki market, Hama Rikyu, Asakusa, Ginza
BREAKFAST: Daiwa Sushi
snacks: Tsukiji Market in the outer market ( donburi rice bowls, ramen)
LATE LUNCH: Tofuya Ukaitei (tofu)
DINNER: Ukaitei (steak)

Day 3: Shinjuku, Harajuku (meiji jingu park), Kabuchichu
LUNCH: Ramen (Ramen Jiro OR Menya Kissou OR Ivan Ramen OR Chukasoba Ito)
DINNER: Harutaka (sushi)

Day 4: day trip to Nikko

Day 5: Tue | Akihabara, Roppongi Hills
LUNCH: Matsugen Ebisu OR Kanda Yabusoba (soba)
snack: nanxiang xiao long bao
DINNER: Buri Ebisu (standing bar)

Day 6: Free Day
BREAKFAST: back at Tsujiki for sushi?
LUNCH: Ramen/Food Court?

Jul 29, 2009
BigAppleEater in Japan

Best place for pho in NYC?

My favorite pho joint in NYC is An Choi. It opened not long ago by two young Vietnamese from Virginia who want to bring Northern style pho to NYC (or just better pho in general). It's not as beefy and flavorful as you'd expect, it's more subtle but well crafted with quality ingredients.
85 Orchard St. | LES

Jul 12, 2009
BigAppleEater in Manhattan

market watch: Jackson Heights

Thank you so much for your suggestion of SeaTide Fish and Lobster. I wanted to make a bouillabaisses and was looking desperately on the board for a fish market suggestion nearby Jackson Heights, b/c i didn't want to trek down to Chelsea market on this very chilly day. I was immediately impressed with SeaTide the minute I walked in. The place smelled like fish but not fishy, which was a great sign and the selections were pretty good; you get fillets, whole fish, live clams, live oysters, live mussels, squids, shrimps in addition to live crabs and lobsters at very recent prices. Dungeness crab were $7.99/lb and lobsters were $8.99/small and $9.99/large. (You can also get fish heads and bones for make fish stock.) My bouillabaisses turned out great thanks to the fresh seafood! Another great find as I walked from the train to SeaTide were the Ecuadorian carts right across the street that sell whole roasted pigs carved right when you ordered! as well as sausages, corns, tamales and so on. I didn't know how to order so i just got whatever the person in front of me got, which was a $10 platter of the corn, roasted pig and these fried yellow muffin-look-alike, which was the best thing on the platter. Not sure what it is still...maybe a combination of potato and yuca? . It was definitely a lot of food, next time i'd get the $6 platter. Today definitely stirred my interest in exploring Corona. Thanks again.

Feb 04, 2007
BigAppleEater in Outer Boroughs

Fresh mangosteens available on Canal Street and Mulberry [moved from What's my Craving board]

Make sure that they are dark in color and firm to the touch

Jul 18, 2006
BigAppleEater in Manhattan

[Aus] Good Vegetarian Meals at Non-Veg. Joints?

If you are looking for Vietnamese and Chinese food, I would suggest Saigon Kitchen on 4323 S I H 35. At SK, you basically can get anything non-vegetarian as vegetarian. So neither group will miss out on the other's dishes. Their space is also ideal for large groups.

Here's are a few vietnamese goodies that come in both vegetarian and non-veg.

1. Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup
2. Curry
3. Vermicelli Bowls
4. Shrimp & Squid Stir Fried w/ Garlic and Salt----Tofu w/ garlic and salt
5. Chicken w/ Ginger and Chili sauce----Tofu w/ ginger and chili sauce

Jul 18, 2006
BigAppleEater in Austin