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How to Outfit Your Ultimate Home Bar

A bar-mat makes a great addition. Get a large rectangular rather than the long skinny one. I use mine a lot more often than my long-handled bar spoon, or channel knife. Just my thoughts

May 07, 2010
billjames_88 in Features

Madison: Sardine or The Old Fashioned or elsewhere?

Old Fashioned is always good, but alas, seemingly always crowded. Sardine is simply my favorite restaurant in Madison. Honestly, I love both places It usually comes down to if I'm in the mood for an Anchor Steam on tap (Sardine) or a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet (Old Fashioned). Really, you can't go wrong.

Madison, WI Head to Head Choices

I love Harvest, always have. L'Etoile is always wonderful, but can be a bit expensive. I have no interest in dining at Magnus anymore. Bad , weird food doesn't interest me. Lombardino's or Old Fashioned are far better choices.


Don't have any Aperol, would Campari be an acceptable substitute?

Aug 15, 2009
billjames_88 in Recipes

Sardine in Madison

Sardine is my very favorite restaurant in Madison. I have eaten there many times and have always had superlative food and fine service. Their wine list is always well thought out and reasonably priced (although I usually get an Anchor Steam on tap ! )
If you can get there early, sit outside to watch the waterski show!

Best Hamburger in Midwest

AppleRum Burger at the Alchemy Cafe in Madison, WI (get the wasabi green beans as a side yummm !!)

Tutto Pasta Opinons?- Madison, WI


Madison, WI on the company dime?

You can't beat Sardine for a great meal accompanied by a wonderful view (get there early for a patio seat!) Fresco comes in a close second and you can go the museum before dinner for a great evening. Without being mean, I'd avoid the Essen House at all costs...IMHO. Weary Travrler is a very fun spot (Bad Breath burger isn't as good as it used to be and they raised the price!). Alchemy Cafe on Atwood is a great alternative too !

the old fashioned in madison

The Old Fashioned is one of my favorite places for drinks (gotta get a BOF !) and dinner. Their prime-rib is one of the best in town, the Mac n' Cheese is second to none, imho. It's a busy place, but well worth the wait.

Looking for Duck Fat in Madison or Milwaukee, WI

You can stretch the duck fat with olive oil with pretty good results.

Any rec's for Fall trip to Door County [WI]?

Mission Grille in Sister Bay is delicious and if you need to shop, (and trust me, you'll want to) the Main Street Market in Egg Harbor has one of the best wine selections in all of Door County. We went there to stock up on some breakfast stuff and walked out of there about $400 lighter...those were some expensive Pop-Tarts ! (Ok maybe we got some L'Ermitage and Sea Smoke too!)

Madison, WI - Need help w/ choices ...

Sardine is my favorite place in Madison by a long shot(L 'Etoile has been overrated and very overpriced for years, imho) We've done the "watch the dog from the patio" thing ourselves at Sardine. As some other posts mentioned, Barriques has a great wine selection, ask about their "Wall of One Hundred". Great bargins, and always delicious. Have a great time in our wonderful city.

Salad ideas to feature roasted beets

Roasted beets with crumpled Wisconsin goat cheese, roasted pecans, mixed greens and a fresh lemon vinaigrette is one of our favorites.

Sep 12, 2008
billjames_88 in Home Cooking

Moms' Night Out in Madison

The Gallery Pub in Middleton is a fun little place, good food quiet enough for good conversation too.I also love The Old Fashioned,but it can be a little loud (great drinks though!) If you are looking for more of a "wine bar", Eno Vino has a great selection and wonderful atmosphere. It can be a bit pricey, but you deserve it !

Madison, Cafe Continental

Cafe Continental is one of the great little restaurants that make Madison a wonderful restaurant town. Their steaks are very good, especially the top sirloin ( ! ) Brunch is very nice, the service is friendly and attentive. Prices are very reasonable for such high quality.(PS: Their "sister" restaurant, The Continental in Fitchburg is a larger, and just as great version of the King Street location.)

The Basics: How to Make Perfect Oven Fries

Grilled option: Don't wanna crank up the oven on a hot day? try this. Turn gas grill on low, put your oiled, seasoned potato wedges on the upper rack skin side down. Cook at about 300-400 degrees about 20 minutes,or until blistered and crispy (cook times and temperatures depend on your particular grill). Enjoy immediately!

Jul 19, 2008
billjames_88 in Features


Treat yourself and the beerlovin husband, leave the kids at the hotel, and go to the Del Bar. You deserve it.

Wisconsin Cheese .... amazing

Try Barrique's in Fitchburg for some really great Wisconsin cheeses, as well as some outstanding European selections. Their Triple Cream Brie is delicious.

Good sushi in Madison, WI??

Sushi Muramoto has great sushi, as well as everything else on their menu! One of Madison's true jewels.

Jul 07, 2008
billjames_88 in Great Lakes

Suggest the perfect cocktail for my in-laws(and me)

Gotta have a Brandy Manhatten! Brandy with vermouth and a cupla good green olives. Classic Wisconsin Supper club choice.

Jun 27, 2008
billjames_88 in Spirits

breakfast in madison?

Marigold is the best , Gotham Bagels has some wonderful selections but you can't beat a fresh scone and a latte from the Farmer's Mkt on saturday.

Best in Madison, WI

For Steaks, Johnny Delmonico's
Fish, not Fried, Sardine
Fish Fry, Quivey's Grove
Supper Club, Kavanaugh's Esquire Club
Breakfast, Marigold Kitchen
Late Night, Weary Traveler Free House

Best in Madison, WI

Best in Madison, WI