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The Ultimate Philly Buffalo Wing String

We finally made it to the Jug Handle. What a disapointment. The wings were breaded, and while the sauces were tasty (we had extra hot and bald eagle) there is just no way around the fact that a breaded wing just isn't a true wing. As an aside, while I would sit in a sewer to eat a quality wing, the Jug's bathroom was the worst I've ever seen!!

The search continues.

Next stop is Union Jack and/or Mesquito. I also heard about another place in South NJ from a guy in upstate NY who knows great wings. I will get the name and post it.

Jul 11, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia

It's so bad... and I love it!

Chun Sing's dumplings are actually pretty good, with a nice vinegar ginger sauce. That said, it hits the mark for your so bad it's good. You can order every chinese cliche, but somehow they work......just not too often

Mar 01, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia

The Ultimate Philly Buffalo Wing String

THe Jug is our next spot to try. A little out of our way, but great wings are well worth the trip. I think the comment that different people like different types of wings is valid, but that is why a sauce selection is key.....and if they aren's crisp without being breaded, they simply are not worth eating as far as I'm concerned.

Have to add Union Jack and Mesquito to the must try list. Been years since I had the wings at London, will have to give them another shot.

Feb 27, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia

The Ultimate Philly Buffalo Wing String

My boys and I live for great wings, and sadly the Philly area is pretty weak in this department. To be great, a wing must be:

1. Very crispy without being breaded
2. Have a great FLAVORED sauce, preferably with multiple heat options, including a true scorcher
3. Not too big, not too small
4. A quality blue cheese dip, extra points for carrots

We rate each category 1 to 5 (though we often cheat and use half points for high scores).

We've tried all the Philly usual suspects, and all are pretty lacking when compared to the gold standard, Jeremiah’s in Rochester, NY.

The best we have found is The Artful Dodger, though we always order them extra crispy. 5 for crisp, 4 for sauce, 5 for size (the crispy wing tip puts them over the top), 4.5 for dip (they have carrots)

Other favorites?

Feb 10, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia

Looking for best pho in Philadelphia

I've had Pho at most of the places listed, and I like Pho 75 slightly more than the others.

Pho Eden in Cherry Hill has surprisingly good Pho, though without the breadth of meat options you will find at Pho 75. There are a number of other Pho/Vietnamese places in the Cherry Hill area, including Pho Barclay (which in 3 trips has been consistenetly weak on both food and service). Those are the only two in CH I've tried.

Feb 10, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia

New Tiffin Locations

Has anyone heard any updates on Tiffin's plans to open in Ardmore and/or Bryn Mawr? The Ardmore location looks like it went back on the market and Bryn Mawr seems a question mark now as well.

Feb 10, 2010
rbarr in Philadelphia