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Ortanique closing...sad news

That's a drag but I appreciate the news Bob and hope to stop by and wish them well before they close. I wonder if they would have survived in that precious neighborhood even if the food was more widely praised, Huron Village is not the first place I think of when I think ethnic dining and the rent must have been steep. Lunches during the weekdays must have been real slow.

Poppa B

I wouldn't hesitate to visit; Blue Hill Ave is a main drag and very well lit. If it makes you feel any safer, there is a large Boston Police station at 1165 Blue Hill Ave. That part of Dorchester is under explored on Chowhound, likley on Yelp as well.

Jamaican Patties ?

Good run down itaunas! Only fresh made Jamaican patties in Boston I'm aware of are at Lennies Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill Ave near the intersection of Morton Street. They also have fresh made coco bread.

Patties are baked not fried, I was horrified when I had my first deep fried version at Izzy's. Ones at the JA store on Norfolk tasted off. In Cambridge I usually check Ortanique for my standard pattie fix. I believe most commercial patties (and most coco bread) in Boston come from a bakery in CT not NY.

Great Meal at Aegean Last Night!

I adore the fried calamari, and the shrimp dish with tomato and feta. Great to see a mention on Chowhound.

Should Beer be Considered More Compelling and Interesting with Increased Strength and Complexity?

Just like beer fanatics, maybe some would, be it for personal musical taste or if they had not developed a broad understanding of the genre. Leaving aside the music analogy, there is a generation of beer lovers who have grown up with BA, Ratebeer, ebay auctions, and geeking out on cult status beers/breweries from the US, Belgium and elsewhere. I like their enthusiasm and many of the cult beers they worship, knowing that at the end of the day people who focus only on these beers are but a tiny fraction of beer consumers.

This is a great board, lots of good opinion and a mix of posters create a different flavor of discussion from that found on BA and RB.

Jun 09, 2008
BanhmiFotheringayPhipps in Beer

Should Beer be Considered More Compelling and Interesting with Increased Strength and Complexity?

I hear what you are saying but I don't believe that this is a new phenomenon in the good beer community- Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is an example of a highly popular big beer from 20 years ago as are Salvator and Old Foggy. Well made big beers have flavor, not just ABV.

I don't judge fellow beer nerds, if they get off on extreme beers so be it. If lagers or session beers are your thing thats cool too, some of us enjoy the whole spectrum.

Jun 09, 2008
BanhmiFotheringayPhipps in Beer