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Dinner Gathering this saturday: Need recommendation please!

SORRY! it got changed to LUNCH about 25 for entrees (not including tax + tip) Thanks!

Nov 14, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Dinner Gathering this saturday: Need recommendation please!

I'm meeting up with a small group (about 5-6 people) for dinner this Saturday and I'm supposed to choose the place.
Price: About 20 per person
Location: Silverlake to West Hollywood
Food: Nothing too out of the ordinary, no sushi, Indian or Middle Eastern.

Nov 14, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Another take on 8 oz - lots of potential here

Went there couple days ago, and it was pretty good. I expected it to be mediocre from the reviews, but i was pleasantly surprised. I had the fish burger, grilled, which was really tasty. The fish was perfectly cooked, fresh, and not dry. My friend had their regular 8oz burger which she said was juicy, and perfectly cooked. I guess they fixed the bun problem because mine was fine. I actually loved the fries (maybe b/c i like in-n-out fries) and it came with regular heinz ketchup. We also ordered the fried cheese curds which was... okay at best. Some of the larger pieces were cold and not melted... it wasn't so crisp and none of them seemed like it was fresh out the batter. I dont think i'll ever order that again....
The service was great and our waiter was verrrrry attentive (maybe a little too much...)
I really like the atmosphere and the vibe. I would definitely go again.

Oct 05, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Arroyo Chop House: semi-disappointment.

So I went to Arroyo Chop House for dinner with my parents because of all the positive reviews on chow, but i was semi disappointed with the results. When we were seated there was a fly on the wine glass that wouldn't move. We ordered oysters on the half for an appetizers but they said they ran out... it was 6:30pm... After asking for sourdough bread TWICE, one of the plates they gave were dirty.
My dad ordered the New York strip medium-well which was perfectly cooked, I ordered the ahi tuna which was the best I've had, and my mom had the pork chops... which were UNDERCOOKED! so we had to send that back in. but after they cooked it a little more, it was still a little raw. So instead of asking them to cook it again, we just boxed it up. We also ordered the iceberg lettuce which was okay (nothing too special), mashed potatoes which were good, but maybe too creamy and the mountain of mushrooms which was delicious.
I expected a lot more from this place, especially because of the reviews and the prices. The manager(?) was really nice, but our waiter was just okay. He basically took our order, came by once to check if it was okay, and gave us our check. The manager came by twice and fixed the pork chops for us, and the busboy gave us our bread...
The table across from us seemed really disappointed. They both ordered steak (not sure what cut), but it was both over cooked and needed to be sent back.
The food was really good, but I don't know if I'll be back.

Sep 07, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Father's Birthday Dinner Help!

It's my dad's birthday this Sunday and I have no idea where to go for dinner! Location: around either Pasadena or Glendale would be ideal but no further than West Hollywood. Price: maybe 30-40 per person. Food: Italian/French would be good, but anything is fine.
Any good recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Sep 05, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Help at Palate Food + Wine

Came back from dinner here and it was pretty good! the service was really good and out waiter knew a lot about the soup... The portions were really small, but the price was good.
We ordered the stone fruit (the best! but i didn't really taste anything.. pickle-y?), and pickled apples, which were also really good, and the albacore tuna confit- also delicious. Then we had the soup, which was delicious!! and the presentation was pretty cool, and the corn ravioli (MY FAVORITE!), and then the pork belly (which i didn't try, but everyone said it was good) and the scallops, which was okay...

Overall, i think i expected A LOT from this place. It was really good and definitely worth the money... but i did expect a littttle bit more because of every single good review i read.
but i would definitely go back and palate is by far one of the best (and affordable) restaurants near my home. (:

Aug 15, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Help at Palate Food + Wine

Everything sounds great! I've made my reservation for tomorrow (which i called one week ahead)... I tried making one a couple months ago (called the day before) and they told me they were booked for the whole week!

I definitely have pretty high expectations for this place!

Aug 13, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Help at Palate Food + Wine

I'm planning to go to Glendale's Palate food + wine this week, and i'm not sure what to order! i read all the reviews and everything sounds great.
One of the people i'm going with doesn't eat meat, are there any good seafood/pasta/vegetable dishes that you would recommend?

Aug 12, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Cliff's Edge

I went to there pretty recently... and although the ambience may be great, the food is just mediocre. I got the roasted beet salad, which was pretty bland. My friend got the minestrone soup, which was good. But how can you mess that up??? And another got the risotto which was just okay also...
The service was really bad! it took about fifteen minutes to get water... and we tried ordering drinks but the waitress's job was just.. giving water and bread. Even though service was really slow, the waitress was really nice.

The only pros about cliff's edge is their drinks and dessert. My favorite drink was the lychee martini and dessert was their blood orange sorbet.
I'd only go back for drinks and dessert.. Dinner is too expensive for mediocre food.

Aug 03, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Vegan Eats ???

I live near Pasadena/Glendale and it's hard to find any vegan restaurants. Does anyone know any good ones? Or just restaurants that offer tasty vegan choices would be great. Thanks!

Jul 13, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Drinks & Desserts

I'm planning to meet a group of friends tomorrow night and we don't know where to go!
Does anyone know where there's a place with good desserts and drinks?? Somewhere not too expensive-- i guess about $5-8 for dessert and $6 for drinks?
I'm looking for a place that is casual and opens late, meaning closing around 12am.
Area can be around either pasadena, glendale, or west hollywood area.

Jul 11, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Review: Divina Cucina, Montrose

I love this place! I haven't gone to lunch, dinner only... The dinner is pretty expensive but the food is pretty good. Their eggplant parmesan is really good, but a little bit too expensive for the amount they give. Their appetizer that's eggplant, ricotta (or goat cheese, i don't remember) is also very tasty, but expensive for the amount.
The risotto is also delicious, along with their pastas.
I just wish the prices went down a little... I think it's either equal or a little more expensive than the ones in pasadena.
But i do love their decor. (:

Jun 18, 2008
hello1234 in Los Angeles Area

Lost in Japan!

Wow all of the responses sound great!
I did a little bit of research on the internet and came across some interesting places.
I read that there are 100yen sushi places, a mosburger, and the tsukiji fish market.
I've also read that italian food is good too!
I really want to try really good sushi and wouldn't mind splurging for one day.

Any recommendations?

Jun 11, 2008
hello1234 in Japan

Lost in Japan!

I'll be staying in downtown tokyo in shinjuku

Jun 10, 2008
hello1234 in Japan

TOFU ... desserts?

Does anyone have a recipe for tofu cookies???
Or know a really good brand that makes organic soy or tofu ice cream??? A friend told me about soy ice cream, but they're pretty pricey for ice cream and I don't want to spend a lot and just throw it away.

Jun 08, 2008
hello1234 in Home Cooking

Seoul, South Korea-HELP

I've been to Korea numerous times and eaten at great places. But I haven't been to any fancy places... primarily because those $3 bowls of noodles are delicious and cheap! But I'm going again soon, and want to go to a nice restaurant. Doesn't really have to be for Korean food, any type is fine. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Lost in Japan!

I'm going to Tokyo for about a week soon, and I've never been there before so I have no idea where to go! I'm on a budget, so spending about 10US dollars on a meal would be great! I'm really excited to go, but because I don't know any Japanese, somewhere that speaks a little English would be great... Any recommendations?

Jun 08, 2008
hello1234 in Japan