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Maxime Bilet's "Exploding" Chocolate

I haven't made this yet...But I have had a commercially made version, that included some hot pepper...

Oct 26, 2012
psh072857 in Recipes

Are Whole-Wheat and All-Purpose Flour Interchangeable?

I thought WW was all the rage these days...I'm seein' all sorts of recipies for WW pastry crusts, and cakes...

Jun 29, 2009
psh072857 in Features

Recipe Lab Turkey-Pork Meatloaf: Final Version

palsh- I use a bread pan also...Draining the meatloaf half way through the cooking time helps-it's also a good time to re-glaze with the tomato mixture...You could also shape the loaves by hand and bake on a sheet pam(make sure it has a rim)...

Jun 17, 2009
psh072857 in Recipes

Whole Wheat–Oat Pancakes

These sound yummy, but(there's always a but)I can't abide the taste or texture of soy milk(bean pee :-( ...)can whole milk, or butter milk be used instead?...

Mar 02, 2009
psh072857 in Recipes