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Chipotle coming to WP

Thanks for clearing that up Scott. For the past 3 years I've been wondering how people can argue 5 Guys is an equal alternative to Chipotle.
Neither are 'healthy' but I'd be damned if I didn't walk out of 5 Guys with about 30 seconds shaved off my life expectancy.
And yes, that happens more frequently than I'd like to admit. :O

Chipotle coming to WP

I never said it was healthy. Just not as artery clogging as burgers and fries.

Frank Pepe's

I love their spinach mushroom gorgonzola pies. I never though of adding bacon, but you just made my weekend!

Chipotle coming to WP

Thanks for the tip! Love this place to death and won't give me a heart attack like Five Guys.

Five Guys
7 Southside Dr Ste 107, Clifton Park, NY 12065

cheap yummy lunch in White Plains- anything not terrible fatty.

I struggle with this same dilemma nearly everyday.

The new Shoprite has a lot of options like a salad bar, grill, sushi. It's cheap, fast and taste is decent. Seating is usually easy.

Atlanta Bread and Panera Bread are somewhat cheap and I like their food. Panera is normally empty due to its crappy location and also has free wifi like Atlanta. They're both on Main St.

Finally, like others have mentioned, Bao's has a great lunch menu. Many options starting at 5.95 that include soup/salad and your choice of rice. It can be healthy if you pick the right dishes.

Main St Cafe
6 N Main St, New City, NY 10956

Asian - Mamaroneck

I agree with your sentiment... somebody needs to open up a Vietnamese joint in Westchester now!!

Fujinoya, Hartsdale (next to IHOP on Central Ave)

I always pass by Fujinoya on my way to White Plains. Glad to hear it's good, I'll make sure to stop by soon. Thanks for the tip!

26 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

That is bogus. I thought only bars and/or clubs had that kind of restriction but not a cafe.

How old are you guys anyway??

Any Westchester/CT Restaurants with live MUSIC???

The Iron Tomato in WP had live music (and table service as well) last time I was there a few Saturdays ago. Not sure how steady it is, I think they were just trying it out. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. The music sounded like a mix of traditional Italian music and some rat pack tunes, ie Sinatra, Martin, etc.

The Iron Tomato
57 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

westchester deli's

I love Buon Amici Deli. The owner, John, is a stickler for quality ingredients and it shows in his food. Can't rave about it enough.

Buon Amici Deli
836 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

How about Buffalo Wild Wings in White Plains, you know, just for chuckles. Its a fairly new location. Should be interesting to see how it stacks up to the local comp.

Serafina White Plains- SKIP IT!!!! ( long)

I'm not surprised that it didn't deliver, but am quite disappointed. Cheeburger had similar issues when they opened due to "grand opening" jitters, but I call it utter lack of respect for your customers. It's pathetic. Last thing we need in WP is more crap.

LTK coming to scarsdale!!

Seriously, that construction is out of hand!

But I will give it a shot after it opens.

New BBQ Joint in Scarsdale

It's a half baked attempt for a new restaurant. It doesn't feel like a shiny new place and the seating arrangement was just awkward.

The Korean tacos were't so bad, but they're nothing extraordinary. Yes, overpriced a bit as well. Owner is nice, but my money can be better spent elsewhere.

Rye Brook, Westchester

I recommend International Cafe in Portchester. It's a Brazilian joint that has a very good churrasco style bbq. Expect to be around $15 per person for generous portions. I love the skirt steak, but they have all types of cuts. It's a 10 minute cab ride from Rye Brook.
103 Adee Street
Port Chester, NY

I'm also partial to Chipotle. The Rye Brook location is pretty good. Inexpensive and tastes good.

Crave Bar & Grill (White Plains) and Central Avenue Generally

I'm actually very cautious about non-Japanese serving Japanese cuisine. Most of the time I'm right, but am glad when I am wrong.

Corner Sushi is not run by Japanese, but they have really excellent food and service. It's worth checking out.

Imperial Wok, from what I remember, is a good restaurant as well but I haven't tried anything exotic there either.

Imperial Wok
736 N Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603

Buffalo Wing Tour 2011 (westchester/putnam)

Nice! Looking forward to So Dam Hot!

So Dam Hot
10 Broadway, Valhalla, NY 10595

saratoga springs

I've been to Maestro's last month and found it to be very pleasant. Great food and cozy atmosphere.

Westcheser and the best for certain ethnic foods -- where do you go?

For Brazilian food, Chalana's in Mt. Vernon usually is very good. Usually, not always.

Though, if you venture into Rockland one day, the one and only Vietnamese place (I know of) outside NYC is The Vietnam Restaurant in Spring Valley. Cozy little place and authentic (I should know, I'm vietnamese).

Need some help around Tarrytown - in town for a wedding ...

Can't add more than what others have said, but Lefteris always left me impressed. I recommend trying it!

New Peruvian Restaurant on Central Ave, Yonkers?

I know the sign's been up for a while, but will try it when it opens. Good riddance too, that chinese place was atrocious.

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

If a Vietnamese shop opened up in White Plains, I'd be there all the time! I am from Vietnamese descent and have found NOTHING in Westchester. Do you know of any? I only know NYC and one in Rockland County (Saigon Restaurant).

I wish a good thai place would open up in WP also. Reka's is not awful, but not good by any means either.

I could rant on about the limited choice we have in WP for a good lunch, but that's just me being nitpicky. :-)

Via Quadronna in White Plains

Yea, I understand why it opened where it did and their reasoning behind charging what they do.

Even so, if I had the means to go there often, I probably would not. Unfortunately, I do not have that choice. :-(

EDIT: Is there a way for chowhound to notify us by email when a reply has been posted?

Via Quadronna in White Plains

I was at Via Quadronno the second night it was open. The prices really are crazy for what you get. I had the Porterhouse steak, which was good, but nothing special. Portions were adequate. Atmosphere was dim and the space was generally tight. Service was very good!

It's tough to return there however as there are many other alternatives that offer a better overall experience. I probably would not recommend this place, unless you have relatively deep pockets.