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Where to get banh mi bread? (vietnamese bread rolls)

Whole Foods in San Mateo has the Bakers of Paris demi baguettes. They're about a $1/each. I've used them before in homemade banh mi sandwiches and they're very good.

Souce for Puff Pastry

TJ's San Carlos didn't have any puff pastry. I checked today and they weren't sure if they were going to get it back in stock.

Pastry Cream Storage

I'm going to fill the danish braid with the pastry cream, then bake the braid.

Thanks for the information. I'll try freezing the flour-based cream and see how it goes

Jan 08, 2010
peachblossom in Home Cooking

Pastry Cream Storage

What is the visual and/or taste difference of pastry cream made with flour vs cornstarch? I use the pasty cream recipe from Dorie Greenspan, which calls for cornstarch. I have no problem switching to another recipe if that's what it'll take for me to be able to freeze my pastry cream.

Ultimately I am going to use the frozen pastry cream in a danish braid and, since it is being baked, I didn't think that using a previously frozen pastry cream would make a difference (as long as the cream didn't separate from the freezing)

Jan 08, 2010
peachblossom in Home Cooking

The Problem with Mary's Chicken

I have purchased whole Mary's chickens (and parts) several times and I have never experienced what you have described. I like the Mary's brand for what it represents, air chilled chickens which have a better flavor and taste. I've always purchased my Mary's chickens in open butcher cases, where the chicken is packaged at the time of purchase. Since Mary's chickens are more expensive (hence it doesn't get sold as quickly), is it possible the butcher had them for a long time and it was possibly time for the butcher to discard the chicken, rather than sell it?

Pastry Cream Storage

I made an angel food cake and found myself with a surplus of egg yolks to use up -- a dozen of them! I decided to use them to make a pastry cream, however it makes a lot of pastry cream. Does anyone know how I can store pastry cream? Can I freeze it or will that cause it to weep and separate?

Jan 08, 2010
peachblossom in Home Cooking

Fresh Chinese Noodles in San Mateo???

Sorry. I don't mean to thread hijack but I plan to go here for dinner tonight. I'd like to stop off at nearby herb shops if possible. What herb shops did you go to which are nearby?

Where to buy Turkey Parts on the Peninsula?

Lunardi's has frozen giblets and fresh wings and drumsticks.

What is your favorite fresh turkey to buy for Thanksgiving?

Sorry. I should have been more clear. I was referring to the Mary's non-heritage bird. I have not yet tried their heritage one.

I paid $2.84/lb for Mary's at Crystal Springs Poultry in San Mateo

What is your favorite fresh turkey to buy for Thanksgiving?

I like Mary's turkey. I've had Diestel and Willie Bird in the past. Diestel and Willie Bird have a lot of white meat while Mary's have more dark meat. All brands contain a wide enough cavity for stuffing. I like the taste of Mary's the best. I always brine the turkey and I think that Mary's absorbs the flavor of the brine the most

Cross Rib Roast - Suggestions please

I made this last night and it was excellent. I followed the instructions nearly exactly but had to cook it at 250 degrees (I got home late and had to speed up the cooking time.) It was amazing and made an otherwise tough cut of meat really tender. I served it with a root vegetable gratin and it was an absolute hit. I'd definitely do this again

ABC Cafe (Hong Kong style cafe) in San Mateo opening Oct 3

Do they have a bakery portion like the SF Chinatown and Noriega locations? Or is it only a restaurant?

Looking for Green/Blue Chicken Eggs

Terrific! I called and found out that the Bianchini's in Portola Valley (Alpine Road) has the Marin Sun Farms eggs but not the one in San Carlos

Looking for Green/Blue Chicken Eggs

Unfortunately the only places on the peninsula which carry Marin Sun Farms' stuff only carry the meat, not eggs.

Looking for Green/Blue Chicken Eggs

Does anyone know where I can go to buy green or blue (Araucana?) chicken eggs? I know there is Hector's Honey in Fulton but that's a little far north for me (I live on the Peninsula.) Is there anywhere else (farm, store, etc) which sells these colorful eggs? I'd prefer to go to a farm or store instead of a farmer's market (it can be hard to get to a farmer's market early enough before they sell out)

Where to find Guava Puree?

Any suggestions of which hispanic supermarkets to go? I've called a few of them and none one seems to have it

Where to find Guava Puree?

Where can I find guava puree? I am trying to make a cake which calls for it but I don't know where I'd be able to find it. I'm on the peninsula so I'd prefer to go to places somewhere close by but will travel if necessary. Thanks in advance!

saco cultured buttermilk blend

You can get it at Luckys

best method for grinding flax seeds?

I second the pepper mill. There isn't any cleanup to worry about. With the coffee grinder, you should clean it up after each use. If you don't, then there is residual flax seed oils in the container which will become rancid and oxidized. Once it has oxidized, the flax seeds are no longer beneficial to you.

Jan 21, 2008
peachblossom in Cookware

Where to find chestnut flour and other unusual flours

Chestnut flour can be found at Asian grocery stores. I've seen it at Ranch 99

Chinese Fish Stock?

To make soup, which includes the stock, you add soy sauce. When you make stock on it's own, you don't include any soy sauce. The idea behind Chinese stock is to make it clear (not cloudy nor opaque.)

Other aromatics you can add are coriander root, green onion, ginger, rice wine, and white peppercorns

Jan 17, 2008
peachblossom in Home Cooking

South Bay Bakeries: Sugar/Butter/Flour, La Patisserie, or Icing on the Cake?

I love their mango mousse. When we ordered that cake from them, lots of people asked for seconds!

South Bay Bakeries: Sugar/Butter/Flour, La Patisserie, or Icing on the Cake?

I have had two different cakes from Sugar Butter Flour and I've wasn't impressed by either one. I know there are several members here who are fans of them but I don't think they are worth the price nor does the taste of the cakes really agree with me. In find their cakes to be heavier and denser. The cakes aren't sugary sweet but they are very rich.

Icing on the Cake's cakes are wonderful but fairly expensive and are in a similar heavy style as Sugar Butter Flour. I like the taste of Icing on the Cake much better than Sugar Butter Flour. While I love Icing on the Cake, I think it wouldn't be right after an Asian dinner. An asian dinner will typically leave the diners very full and they will have minimal room left for cake so a lighter cake is best.

I love the cakes at La Patisserie (I assume you mean the one in Cupertino since there isn't one in Los Gatos). They did my wedding cake and I was incredibly happy with the taste of their cakes. The cakes were in the European style (not sweet and not heavy or dense.)

I think your choices are terrific in that none of them are too sweet (something most Asians dislike) but that La Patisserie is best suited to the end of a big meal.

Where can I buy organic ground turkey?

If Whole Foods does not have it, they've been kind enough to grind up some fresh meat for me too. I find the butchers at Whole Foods very helpful and they go out of their way to try to accomodate their customers

almond powder?

Does anyone know where to buy pure almond powder? I contacted Mandelin and they do not carry an almond powder. Instead, they have an almond meal.

Dec 12, 2007
peachblossom in Home Cooking

Pie has a problem-- the search for the elusive 7 inch pie dish

What is your price range? Williams Sonoma has an Emile Henry ceramic 8" pie dish for $30

Dec 07, 2007
peachblossom in Home Cooking

Super Deal: La Tur $2.99 at Sigona's

Sorry to be ignorant but what is a ripe cheese?

Made in France Sale

Has anyone been to any of the warehouse sales before? What kind of discount can you expect on products?

Brandied Cherries

The website says "by invitation only." Do you need to have received an invitation to attend the warehouse sale or can anyon drop in?

The 2007 Pannetone Roundup

Another vote for Williams Sonoma Sorini Panettone. It is wonderful stuff and my family can't get enough of it.

Nov 28, 2007
peachblossom in General Topics