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Looking for delicious, inexpensive food within a 1-2 mile radius of Surdyks

New Bohemia gets a bit loud but has great bratwurst and an extensive beer menu.

Sunday Supper - TBF? 112? Or?

They take reservations, but not for Sundays. :(

Sunday Supper - TBF? 112? Or?

Looking for a place to have a nice but reasonably priced meal for an anniversary on Sunday evening. We don't want to blow our budget on the meal as we want to enjoy a few rounds at Marvel!!

Any recent experiences with The Bachelor Farmer's "Sunday Supper?" Since it's no reservations, how hard is it to get in? The last comment I found in searching was from December. If it's not a zoo, that would be ideal for it's proximity to Marvel. And ~$30/person seems doable.

112 is always a winner in my book, but not sure we'll get a reservation at this point.

Other ideas?


Don't ask me why but I am craving a good, hot popover. Can I make them myself? Sure. But I want to go out and eat one someone else made.

Are they still served anywhere in the city or are they out of fashion?

MSP - Hot Dogs - need to buy 10 lbs

I am going to add my vote to Hackenmueller's for hot dogs. They really are classic campfire/grill/cabin/summertime hot dogs in my opinion. Love the things!