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Panadería in Durham

Anyone know where I can find some fresh baked Mexican bread in Durham? I know some of the grocery stores around carry Mexican pastries, but I´m looking for an actual bakery. Thanks in advance.

Best tacos al pastor in Durham/Triangle area?

Ate at El Paraiso on Alston Ave last night for the first time and was blown away by the food. The tacos al pastor were great, but the tacos de lengua were absolutely amazing, best I've ever had (sorry mom). I personally love that they stack the tacos with more than the sparse, traditional ingredients. The green salsa is amazing, you really get the flavor of fresh tomatillo. Next time I'm going to try the posole. I didn't see it on the carton menu, but anyone know if they offer pipian?

Jun 08, 2008
efe781999 in Southeast

Best Thai and Chinese in Durham?

Not that I've been particularly thorough in my search, but I have yet to find a great Chinese place in Durham. I'd also love ideas on Thai. Appreciate any insight.