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"Worst of 2014" nominations

Terun in Palo Alto, where it seemed every dish exceeded the previous one in general gloppiness. It was so bad it was almost funny. Almost.

Umami Burger [San Franciscp]

Tried Umami a few days ago. Pleasant space on Union at Fillmore. I naively tried to order a burger with cheese and onions only. I was very nicely informed that the owner/chef (or something like that) didn’t allow changes/substitutions to the burger menu.

At that point I should have abandoned ship, but instead ordered their most “plain” burger which was one with a roasted tomato, shitake mushroom, caramelized onion and a Parmesan crisp. I think the meat itself was pretty good and the bun was great. Unfortunately, the crisp wasn’t, the tomato tasted a bit soggy and slightly odd and the mushroom was lost in mix. They have their own ketchup that is very, very sweet and didn’t taste very good to me.

The fries were crispy and a little too salty, but the real problem is the potato taste didn’t come through.

Great BBQ at Cathead's BBQ (SOMA) [San Francisco]

Went there yesterday with a friend and we both had the pulled pork sandwich. The pork was outstanding with great taste and just the right level of "smoke." The sauces were also really good with the classic (I don't know what they call it) sweet Kansas City style sauce with a kick, being my favorite.

The baked beans and collard greens were both quite good as well.

The women that is the co-owner is very friendly and welcoming

Catshead's BBQ
1665 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 861-4242

One notch down from Providence/Melisse - recommendation sought

Will be staying in Century City. I appreciate your help!

One notch down from Providence/Melisse - recommendation sought

Thank you very much!

One notch down from Providence/Melisse - recommendation sought

Any help would be appreciated. Places with an option to order a la carte would be great.

We have one non-seafooder so a place with great food, but not an emphasis on seafood would be preferable.

New American/French/Cal Ital would all be fine.

Thank you.

Suggestions requested

Going to be in LA next month and was looking for a restaurant not too far from UCLA that has great food without a tasting menu being obligatory.

Really good food is the most important criteria with atmosphere being a distant second or third.

Newer restaurants are great, but established ones are fine as well.

Any food type is fine.

Thank you.

Great meal at Le Verre Vole


The chef we spoke to was named Royden K. (that was the name on the business card he gave us).

I don't know anything about the history of this restaurant, but got the impression he was the "chef."

In any event he is a very nice, warm individual that seems to care a lot about his customers' experience.

Jun 10, 2011
KansasTornado in France

Great meal at Le Verre Vole

We had a great dinner tonight at a very reasonable price.

Starters -

Tomato salad - Fresh medley of tomatoes complimented by seaweed greens and a perfect vinegrette, 9E

Lettuce salad - perfectly dressed, very fresh greens

Bread was also very good.

Mains - 18E

Le Bauette Boeuf - grilled steak with seaweed (looks like tiny asparagus), fresh peas, carrots, fingerling potatoes in a very subtle, but perfect onion based sauce. Sauce was very light and outstanding.

Dessert -

Mousse de chocolat - simple, great flavor

Wine -

Priced fairly and the selection is good. Had a grenache based wine called Terre Inconnue for 39E (32E if you buy to take home + 7E to have with your meal) that was one of the best wines I've had for the price in a restaurant in a long time

Service -

Friendly and warm. Chef Royden K. came out to see how to say hi.

Le Verre Vole -

Jun 05, 2011
KansasTornado in France

Bistros in upper Marais? Advice appreciated.


Thank you very much for your helpful suggestions.

Best regards,


Jun 05, 2011
KansasTornado in France

Bistros in upper Marais? Advice appreciated.

Looking for ideas for non-touristy bistros or brasseries with an emphasis on good food. Fun/casual atmosphere would be great.

Thank you for your help.

Jun 04, 2011
KansasTornado in France

Rome - recommendation of best area/neighborhood to stay/eat wanted

Headed to Rome in April and was looking for ideas about slighly less touristed, but still interesting area/neighborhoods to stay and eat.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Jan 16, 2011
KansasTornado in Italy

Finding the Best Fried Chicken in San Francisco !!

I agree. The chicken I had the other night had skin/batter that just fell off in a pathetic lump. The rest of the meal was fine, but the accolades the fried chiken gets are lost on me.

Fat Daddy's BBQ at Kensington Farmers Market.

I couldn't agree more about their ribs. The pork ribs achieved the perfect balance of meat/fat/bone. Not too "meaty," but not too fatty either.

I really liked the BBQ sauce which was a little sweet and a little hot. The ribs were great with or without the sauce (they're served without sauce)

The only side I had was the potato salad which was the best I've had in a long time.

In May I made a pilgrimage to Marietta, Georgia and had Sam's BBQ (amazing), Bub-Ba-Q (merely great) and Dave Poe's and thought I wouldn't have good BBQ for months. Fatdaddy's has changed all that and I'll be back there on Sunday.

Cyrus - worth it or not? Boston hound would like to know.

Thanks for your reply. I would say great and interesting food is the overwhelming priority. Less important is atmosphere, TFL like service, etc.

Any other ideas in S.F. would be much appreciated.

Cyrus - worth it or not? Boston hound would like to know.

Your opinion would be appreciated.

Neptune Oyster

Kbee, you reminded me that for the first time ever we didn't consume every morsel of the fried clams. While they were okay they weren't up to the miracle fry job I'd experienced before. The batter wasn't bad, but didn't have any "interest" to it like previous visits.

Neptune Oyster

Went there last week and had perfectly amazing Pemaquid oysters. The lobster roll conversely was very salty and the meat was uninspired to say the least. Fries were cooked fine, but average at best. Uni crudo was ok.

I think the food has dropped off considerably since I was there this summer.

Help - ideas needed for good food, casual atmosphere on Cape

Any part of Cape and any food genre is great.

Thank you.

The Independent, Somerville - worst meal in a long time

Funny you should ask. The margaritas were too sour the first time. When some of us ordered again we asked that they add more triple sec. They came out the same way.

As to the title, that was my experience. I'm glad yours was different.

The Independent, Somerville - worst meal in a long time

Here goes:

Mixed greens - bitter greens, benign, practically tasteless dressing

Fish and Chips - good french fries, tired fish that was almost inedible. Fry job had a weird beige/yellow color and tasted like it looked

Steak salad - small amount of dried out meat on greens

Cheeseburger - prepared properly and while average, was a least edible

Service was nice, but two of the entrees arrived about 10 minutes after the first two arrived

The temperature of the restaurant went from too warm to freezing and back again at least twice.

Cinnamon rolls - help me with my search

I have a craving for just about any type of cinnamon roll. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Brown's Seabrook Lobster Pound, Seabrook, NH - Avoid

Went there this afternoon.

Steamers were very gritty and tasteless.
Fried shrimp was rubbery
Fried clams and onion rings had the same greasy flavor and the clams were mostly batter
Lobster was cooked okay, but not particularly sweet, just not terrible like the rest of the food.

Fried chicken in Alabama or Mississippi?

We are doing a driving tour of Alabama and Mississippi in the next few weeks. Any help on where to get great fried chicken would be appreciated. Also if you have a favorite(s) BBQ place that would great as well.

Thanks for your help.

Mar 13, 2007
KansasTornado in Central South


I agree, I like them more compact as well. I would say theirs is comparable to quarter pounder in size and pretty good at that. The fries are very, very good.

Carlo's Cucina - still getting it right!

I think their simple salad is really good. It has the perfect blend of olive oil and vinegar. I should also add that my attempts at home to replicate such a simple combination have resulted in utter failure!

Tremont 637 Eh

I had a horribly amateurish meal there this summer. It would have been laughable had it been free!

Coast Cafe- Cambridge- Now I understand!

You might want to try their fried haddock as well. It's the best fried fish I've ever had.

Amazing lunch - May's Cafe in Allston

Had one of the best meals I've had in awhile at this pristine little place in Allston.

Started with Fresh Steamed Greens in a subtle, yet tasty light sauce as well as Five Spices Calamari with cilantro that was also simple, but very, very good.

We also had Formosa Spicy Yaki Ramen with shitake mushrooms that was the best noodle dish I can remember having.

The second "main" was Sauteed Udon with Veggie and Basil which we also liked a lot.

I can't wait to go back and try more things from this very friendly place.

May's Cafe
97 Glenville Ave.
Allston, MA 02134

Dinner on Monday night - suggestions please

I'm open to an cuisine, just looking for an interesting place in any price range other than Per Se, etc.

Thank you.

Oct 17, 2006
KansasTornado in Manhattan