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Lunch at Victoria's Bistro - Calgary

I threw an event here and was very disapointed with the food and "new" atmosphere. Granted, this was within the first week of opening, so I am happy to hear it has improved significantly.

My mom went here for brunch last week and ordered the Avocado Bennedict - specifically asking if the avocados were ripe. She got rock hard avocados unfortch.

Anyways, another friend has said the burger is amaze, so either way, I am going here for lunch!

Bistro 2210, Cgy?

I felt this post was getting lonely so...

I didnt mind it here, but didnt love it either. They did have a very 'fussy' maitre d for a while, who would chatter on about how they 'only use local ingredients' and where everything on your plate came from (which i didnt like that much, the whole thing came off a bit awkward, but I'm sure some people eat it up! ;-)) I am not sure how much he works the lunch crowd, or if he is even there still - this was 6 months ago. I live very close to 2210 and it doesnt seem to be doing too well, usually only one table full in the evening. I havent seen it during lunch however. Beautiful space though, and I would say the food was adequate...but certainly not up the the bistro standards of say, Divinos.
Heck, if you havent tried it, I would say give it a shot. I'd love to hear a more recent review.

New Butcher on 4th Street, Calgary????

I like Second-to-None for the same reason - they will go out of their way to cut/prep the meat as per your liking. I dont find all butchers are as openly accomodating. They also have somewhat hard to find items like lamb shanks.

Crazyweed - Canmore

prix fixe,
Trust me, I love Crazyweed more than anyone and thought well and hard before being so harsh. In fact, I feel like I am overly fair at allowing restaurants to have a few slips in service. The point is, this experience in poor-service was truly off the charts. Have you ever had your server just start pushing your apetizer plates to the side as you are eating? Am I supposed to bite my tongue simply because the food itself is awesome?

Lastly, this was not even near the first time myself or my family have had terrrible service there.

PS - the 'i think i hate her' and hair colour mention were obivously to be taken lightheartedly. Regarless I am sure I'll still be back this winter, tho I'll be giving the redhead the evil eye. ;-)

Nov 14, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

CGY: Birthday dinner

What about Sandro's? Its very cozy, festive and great italian. I am sure they'll send you off with (at least a couple) shots of sambucca.

Ice Cream at Manuel Latruwe

Besides their ham/cheese croissants (which are really like a croque monsier because of the bechamel/gruyere slathered all over) I now have a new reason to go there after trying their ice cream this weeknd.
I find it hard to buy a good pistachio ice cream, and theirs is amazing. I love this place!

Where to go in calgary?

I always want to love Cilantro, but am never that happy with what I get. I think i have ordered/tasted almost 90% of the menu at ths point (its barely changed in the last 10 years) and have only enjoyed the pear gorgonzola pizza or some of the steaks.
Super cute atmosphere tho and very charming...I just wish I wasnt always a bit disapointed with my order.

Kobe Beef Burger at Burger Inn, Calgary, AB

Ya, i tend to think that it is a bit weird to have a Kobe Beef burger, paticularly one that is executed by burger inn. dont get me wrong, i love the joint, but wouldnt consider them sophisticated enough to take that on.
I always order the B.I.G, curly fries and doctor pepper.

(I would love the Belmont/Glaxie guy to open a burger place! i love the burgers at Galaxie because i love a greasy burger from a well-seasoned diner griddle)

Oct 30, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Where to go in calgary?

I second Mercato and Brava as good places to eat that have a cool, hip ambiance and are located in good 'date' areas.

Crazyweed - Canmore

Funny, my mom was so sick of the service there she resolved to only order takeout as well. This plan worked well once, but then she phoned, they put her on hold , forgot about putting the phone down, and kept the phone off the hook for an hour! This happend to her twice no-less!

They need to drop the whole our-food-is-so-good-we-can-do-whatever-we-want attitude.

I notice alot at restaurants that because of my age or youthful appearance i'll call it ;-), I dont necessarily get 'bad service' sometimes but that every table in the restaurant got bread for instance, except ours. The wait staff take shortcuts.

Yen, I totally agree, sometimes you have to suck it up and speak up, making things awkward. Its almost more insulting sometimes to keep your mouth shut.

Oct 24, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Crazyweed - Canmore

So I consider myself a pretty forgiving person in restaurants in general, but my most recent experience at Crazyweed was so bad, I simply have to share.

There were 6 of us. We started by telling our server we would share the scallops and a flatbread to start, 'for the table'. We also put in our orders for our mains.

She arrived with the apps and as she announced the arrival of the scallops she said 'and here are your scallops - err - i mean scallop'. YES low and behold just ONE single scallop on a bed of friseƩ. After we all picked our jaws up from the table, i asked her if this was intentional as the menu said 'scallops', plural, and the thing cost $16! She assured us that yes, in fact the portions are measure by weight so sometimes you only get one. Ya right, it wasnt even that big! Regardless, i think if they cant secure a good amount of scallops to serve, it should be removed from the menu. I also didnt appreciate her incredulence to the situation, almost acting as if my questioning it was innapropriate. Also, she could have suggested it wasnt a good appetizer for the table to share!

So we start cutting into the flatbread and 'scallop' and she comes back to announce that our mains are ready. At this point i could barely take it anymore and told her that we had just started eating our apps, there was no room on the table, and further, this really wasnt our problem. She told us they were getting cold, and we told her to just put them under the heatlamp then! we were just taking our first bites of our appetizers! she said they didnt have heatlamps. Fine.

We all just stared at eachother wondering if this was a bad dream, wondering when it would end.

She walked away and, without asking her to go ahead, she came back and started putting the plates down on the table...forcing our plates of appetizers to the side. Finally my one friend snapped and said 'no! i am just starting to eat my apetizer, there is no room!' and she gave a look like she was equally fed up with us. At this point i wanted to throw my water at her.

She explained that she 'thought she heard' we were hungry so that was why she thought we would want our food out asap. Again, it seemed to be our fault we were in this situation.

We took our mains seeing as she kept delivering them anyways and tried to make the best of an awful waitress. We couldnt believe what had just happened and definitely were talking openly about how insane this all was.

Not sure if the chef/owner woman noticed (we were sitting at the back table directly beside the open kitchen) but the waitress came back after our meal and apologized saying she was sorry she rushed us and offered desert. They comped us 3 free deserts so... that was, I guess, somewhat of a makeup.

Anyways, the food really was as excellent as I remember it, but the service was even worse! i had even warned my friends the service was awful in there, but nobody was expecting that!

I had the flatbred with smoked salmon and also tasted the lamb curry special with fresh yoghurt which was so so so good.

Here is the thing. Even tho I am 30 years old now, I still feel like I get second rate service from servers who think we are just a bunch of punk kids. We work hard, have money and we tip sometimes better than our parents for godsakes! the whole thing just pisses me off as she was sucking up to two big-wigs who were sitting next to our table having a business dinner. I think I hate her. It makes me mad even writing this...the waitress with the red hair if anyone wants to know! ;-) boooooooooooooooooooo

Oct 23, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Best French Fries?

Divino's has what I think are the BEST and most authentic 'frites'...double fried yada yada. totally amazing, they have been hot and fantastic each time I have ordered.

Also Holy Grille has pretty tasty fries too, and also offer sweet potato versions that are pretty popular.

And here I go: I am sure I'll get whipped for this one, but I think Earls fries are good. Its probably my favourite size, thickness. And the Glencoe Golf Course has tasty fries....but that is probably not relevant.

lunch around penny lane mall area

I dont like either Tavola or Escoba much. Mango Shiva if I had to choose something on that block...otherwise, swear to god, ever had the lobster mac n' cheese at the Met? so good, but a bit of a tranquilizer lunch.

YES! Tropical Hot (not Hut!), Calgary- real Trinidadian!!

Island Foods....drool.

Oct 12, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Deluxe Diner Calgary?

Its also a cool place for lunch/dinner. Alot of old-school stuff like meatloaf and tuna melts, all of which i find as good as the breakfast.

Help me feed a celeb in Edmonton + Calgary [moved from Canada Board]

Burger Inn
Krete Souvlaki
Western Doughnut
La Chaumiere

Panko Bread Crumbs in Calgary

I know I probably paid too much, but I dont live anywhere near T&T and dont get there I picked some up at the Cookbook Company on 11th.

Sep 22, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Best Pho in Calgary

Not to worry yen. i just must be blessed with the good fortune of getting consistently good pho in calgary.

Sep 14, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Best Pho in Calgary

To each his own obviously, but I guess your point about chowhounders being anal-retentive is exactly why I found it odd to see a post about Pho. I just dont see it as much to dissect with Pho as with say...a steak, curry, seafood preparation, pastry etc etc. It is an extremely simple meal and obviously the best possible ingredients should be used. Rotten basil and bad sprouts sound awful!! I just never see that food crime happening THAT much in Calgary vietnamese places, and I attirbute that to the simpicity of the preparation and use of extremely basic ingidients. But ya, stock is its own I'll give you that one! :-)

Sep 13, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Best Pho in Calgary

I don't want to sound like a wet blanket, and that is probably not even the right term. But to me, Pho is Pho is Pho. Granted I am sure there are some that slip in/out of that generalization. I know the stock takes a while to make so there could be some differences here, but it always makes me smile when people talk good/best vietnamese because I truly dont see much difference. After visiting Vietnam and seeing all the street food you realize how basic, cheap and simply prepared it is.
That being said, I go to Halong Bay, Codo, Dalat and all the usual suspects in my area, never finding too much variance between them all.

Sep 13, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Belgo in Calgary

Belgo (Centraal) in London is AMAZING.

..just another glorified Hooters cash cow. Love it!

Sep 05, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Business Dinner Restaurant

I found the food at Belgo to be truly awful. Why pretend you are a belgian/french brasserie when you serve wedge-cut fries that are battered with seasoning salt? The moules (muscles) were also cold, small and a whole bunch at the bottom were closed. Its too bad cus i was drooling at the thought of a good brasserie/bistro with a similar menu to open in calgary.

Calgary Street Eats?

whoever opens the first authentic mexican place in calgary is gonna make a killing. simple as that. chipotle's is owned by mcdonalds no? still delicious!
god, even salt lake city has better mexican food than us! somebody do something!!!

big ups to island foods! i have yet to have a decent roti in calgary.

my fave street foods are
- 4 street pizza
- chien chaud (better than tubby dog, but not nearly the cool atmostphere. i find the tubby dogs to be too 'porky' that a word?)
- burger inn (not really on the street)
- this is making me think there also isnt nearly enough street food in calgary.

Aug 23, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Spice Cafe- Malay Wok resurrected (sorta) in Calgary

I used to work in Vintage (as of two months ago) and I have to say, the malay food served at the Secret Cafe (its still called this) was decent, but nothing i would really write home about. Its really really pared down, to just a few Malay items curry soups, and the rest is regular soups/sandwiches that are...(sorry, awful...the chicken noudle soup tastes like dish water). The owner is in there alot. The old restaurant reviews are certainly still up too! My only complaint is the broth was a bit too thick for my liking, and they could be more generous with the cilantro. However, very flavourful and I would suggest it as a place for lunch for anyone who works in the area who feels up for a bit of spice. Its small inside, and mostly eveyrone is ordering tuna sandwiches..and its decorated in a Parisien theme, which must be from the previous establishment.
They do however make a great breakfast special egg sandwich that was my saviour when i was hungover! :-)
PS - i think he is also selling his curry paste retail?

Any suggestions for PARTY FOOD that I can "gather" from local CALGARY restaurants....

hey! my dad was part-owner of the Bombay Bicycle Club back in the 70's! was an after-hours speak easy thing...

Aug 09, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

best pizza in calgary?

i like it to be pretty basic with basil and tomato... but not too much like a sauce that would go on a pasta. i guess its hard to describe, but i hate the sauce at wicked wedge, its too spicy, and i find other sauces use too much oregano.

i have started bbq'ing my own pizzas using Mercatos fresh pizza dough and its a pretty righteous thin-crust. They have premade Pomodoro sauce that is very good. The BBQ is way way better than when i use my pizza stone during the winter.

Question, Pulchinella's review in the Herald last week mentioned its the same owners as the old Strombolis? is it in the same location again? man,that family is back/forth with that location..its crazy! if it is thin crust, they must have departed from their old style of pizza from the resto, hey? i loved their house pizza when i was growing up.

Aug 08, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

best pizza in calgary?

4th street pizza is my go-to pizza joint. the sauce is very important to me and i LOVE theirs.

Aug 08, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

best pizza in calgary?

for real? you think Demitri's in thin crust? maybe you have to special order that? cus it seems pretty regular-crust style.

anyways, i agree. they have some amazing toppings. the NY Garbage pizza is a fave of mine...its sooo loaded. We always have to pay extra for the delivery to the SW tho.

Aug 03, 2006
misscheeks in Prairie Provinces

Bonterra - Calgary

I went here for dinner last night. One of the most beautiful patio's in Calgary (right up there with Cilantro), but the food here is sub-par. This has been my 3rd time I've been taken there in about the last year and each meal is continually bland. Too bad, its a nice space.

Does anyone else hate it when they dont put salt on the table? I know this is the way chef's are saying that there food doesn't need any more flavour, but its annoying when the dish is truly bland...and you're paying $25 for it.

I had the scampi liguini which said it was in a spicy tomato cream sauce. not one tablespoon of cream, not even approaching spicy a..just tomatoes. adnt he linguini was dried out like it hadnt been tossed with the sauce in the pan. My mom had the pesto linguini with scallops which also had no flavour. their version of the ceasar salad to start was nice tho..and the wine list is at leat appropriately priced and not 'everything $40 or more'.

Globe & Mail Reviews Calgary's Saint Germain, River Cafe and Capo

Ouch., I still think Moxies is sick. Pretentious is a dificult thing to describe I guess.

Obvs pasta can be way better when made fresh and cooked properly (and it is at Il Sogno), but its still just water and flour, right? so why the mucho $$$$$$. its the biggest margin for every restaurant.

Okay, and lassstly, I know earl's takes shortcuts, but I not prechopped vegetables arriving in boxes.

Anyways, its weird talking about both restaurants in the same post, feels so wrong.