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Pie Shack

According to yelp, the Wendover location is closed. Also no website anymore :(

Pie Shack

Hey what happened to the Pie Shack on Annette? I liked their raspberry pies and I'm sad to see it go. Anyone else know where to get a similar raspberry pie?


Chawan Mushi............japanese egg custard.

Party sandwiches

Yummy party sandwiches for "boys" and "girls"............does that exist? Has anyone had any experience with the pickle barrel party sandwiches in a box? IE quality, taste and/or how many a box will feed from past experience. Hosting a retirement party and need some tips on where to get party sandwiches. Midtown or downtown pick up if possible. Other suggestions much appreciated.

Olive Oil Recommendations?

Olearia San Giorgio Sarafino Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive Oil Recommendations?

That is an excellent olive oil. I purchased this several times. It has wonderful fresh grassy notes, and you can taste the difference when you make salad dressing with it. A little goes a long way.

Lai Wah Heen-Dinner menu

Looking to plan the menu for a chinese feast! What is their house specialty. The do not miss dishes. Im looking for interesting and tasty. The group going is mixed and a tough crowd to please, and it would be nice to have both traditional dishes and more western style dishes. Also, any opinions on there abalone or shark fin- is it worth it?

ad hoc, bouchon, bistro jeanty.

I will be in yountville this week for one day and am psyched!

I have planned this trip around going to a keller restaurant, but it appears to me, that ad hoc seems to fair much more favorably than bouchon- why is that? and after going over the boards, im now considering scraping the keller joints in favor of going to bistro jeanty. since i only have time for one meal, I JUST WANT MEMORABLE and TASTY EATS, and not be disappointed. Im looking for a great overall experience.

For the people who have eaten at these establishments, where would you go for your one meal? and what would you order?

Also would it be fair to say that all three are similarly priced?

visiting and looking for better than great chow!

I'm looking forward to a week long visit to San Francisco in the beginning of July and need your help on chow worthy places that can t be missed and that I cant get back home in the true white north (Toronto). Any opinions on Bouchon, Chez Panisse, or Zuni. Are these good choices? Or should i scrape one of them?! Jewels and hidden jems bring it on! Favourite places and dishes.............great! We plan on making a few day trips out of the city ( Napa, Sonoma and Palo Alto) and will have access to a car.