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Home made hummous just not as good as restaurants

In the search for perfect hummus, I've read this entire 3 year old post. Here's my homemade addition:

1 Can of top quality Garbanzos, drained. 1/2 teaspoon Cumin. Dash or two of cayenne pepper. 2 tablespoons good quality EVOO. 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt. Puree` in blender or food processor until thick paste. In a separate cup, mix 1/4 cup water & 3 tablespoons lemon juice. Add to garbanzo paste and continue blending. Mix 6 tablespoons good quality tahini with 2 tablespoons EVOO. THEN...THE CHEAT...add 2-3 tablespoons HALF & HALF!! Mix with the tahini well and blend into hummos. Blend for a long time. Taste...Adjust seasonings...ENJOY!!

Sep 05, 2009
mssreatalot in Home Cooking

ATLANTA for 8 weeks!

Coming into Atlanta to work. Will be staying out near North Atlanta @ the W Perimeter but
will have a car. I live in Los Angeles and we eat all manner of food. The only prerequisites are quality, value and service. We eat everything. Just has to be GOOD!! Price is important but
value is too. From down home to upscale. From taco carts to Michelin and everything in
between. Looking forward to a fabulous culinary journey. THANKS!!

Makkah Halal Planet

Love Indian Food. Eat it all the time. From the high end to the low.
Yes, Artesia is the center in Los Angeles. But, what if I don't want
to drive to Artesia. Paru, sure. Inda Sweets and Spices, okay. Saffron,
Gil's, Anarkali. Yes. All have their pro's and con's. Some better than
others, some cheaper, etc.

I know it gets posted about from time to time. Let me add another.
Makkah Halal.

We had the Vegetarian dinner for two. Had the Aloo Gobi. Sag Aloo and
Channa Masala. Top flight all. Distinct, fresh and satisfying. Had some
Lime Pickles to salt up the Aloo Gobi. Took it to another level. When
things got to hot, the Mango Lassi brought it back down. Did we need
to get the Chicken Tikka on a sizzling platter? No. But, we did. And,
glad about it. The spiced ripe mango. The rice pudding desert. The
Garam Masala tea. Everything was delicious.

The place is strange. Nothing fancy here. The owner, Sunny, had it for a year.
He's solicitous, attentive. His waiter...slow, odd. This did not feel like Los Angeles
...and that made the experience even better.

Is this the best Indian food in L.A.? Probably not. But it's damn fine and
it's close and they deliver to Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz. And,
the Lunch all-u-can-eat STEAL at 10.95.

Totally worth it.

May 22, 2009
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Houston Theatre District

Help Hounders!

Headed out to see Tom Waits tonight @ the Jesse Jones Theatre. Need good food before the show. Price not too important but service and quality are. We're @ Main and Dallas and would love to walk or light rail our way there. Thanks!!

Jun 22, 2008
mssreatalot in Texas

LA - what would blow you away if you've been everywhere

Wow, who knew you'd hit a such a vein of opinions and suggestions?
I'll offer one more. Shinbucho. It's a 30-year-old sushi restaurant on
Beverly Blvd. Near Silverlake. It is small, it's urban and it is magnificent.
Shigei is a masterful chef and his technique is beyond reproach. His wine
list has the best selection of vintage Bordeaux's in the city, bar
none. A completely unique experience in sushi/wine paring. This
is NOT Nobu or Urasawa. It is not fancy. It is not trendy. It is not
populated with hipsters or starlets or hollywood wannabees. It
is an adventure. And, if one embraces and respects Shigei,
he will open his cellar and his talents and your friends will not be

May 31, 2008
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Downtown Houston Must Go

Chowhounder headed to Houston for the first time. We're staying
downtown without a car. Just for the weekend. My wife and I love
funky, fun and amazing with the flavor of the city. Old, new, affordable
or matters not. Great food, Great service and Great memories
are what we're after. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Thanks!

May 22, 2008
mssreatalot in Texas

Large seeds

A friend recently brought over a selection of gargantuan roasted and salted Sunflower seeds that he'd purchased at an Armenian market in Glendale. They were AWESOME! There were also Squash and Pumpkin and Melon...Unfortunately, he's moved and can't remember where he got them. Advise, please.

Mar 26, 2008
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast Conundrum

Yes. Forgot to mention Brite Spot and Coffee Table in my list.

Dec 03, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast Conundrum

Sunday morning. 10:30am. Friends just ran the 1/2 marathon downtown.
We needed breakfast. No frills, just good solid food for a good price.
Where oh where? I've been to the Pantry, Tiara, Nick's (not open on Sun.)
Philippe's (stop breakfast @10:30)Millie's, Town n' Country, Good Eats,
Square One....take your choice of long waits or slow service or hoards of
hipsters. Where friends, where can a person go?

Dec 03, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Pickled Green Beans?

thanks! I'll try them!

Nov 12, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Ham for Thanksgiving

You can order one from Nick's cafe downtown. Same as the ham
they serve with breakfast. MMM!

Nov 12, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Pickled Green Beans?

The day after thanksgiving bloody mary is begging for
pickled green beans. There's not enough time to make
them. Any ideas where to purchase this most necessary

Nov 12, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Eatables near the Doug Fir

Headed to the Doug Fir for a show around Christmas and
wanted the scoop on good eats in the area. We'll be coming
from NW and would love to have a bite then hit the show.
We love all foods.
A broad range of choices would be appreciated.

Oct 31, 2007
mssreatalot in Pacific Northwest

Florence, Family run restaurants

We just got back from Florence last week. I won't tell you where to go.
But, I will tell you where NOT TO GO. Trattoria da Benvenuto. Not far
from the Uffizi. It's written up iin Frommer's as a "This is a no-nonsense place, simple and good, and Gabriella is a no-nonsense lady who'll get exasperated if you're not ready with your order when she's ready to take it. Da Benvenuto's is basically a neighborhood hangout that somehow found its way into every guidebook over the years. Yet it continues to serve adequate helpings of tasty Florentine home cooking to travelers and locals seated together at long tables in two brightly lit rooms. "

This is a horribly out of date review. The place was crammed with tourists and the food was absolutely the worst meal we had in all our weeks in Italy. DO NOT GO HERE!

Otherwise, enjoy your trip.

Sep 09, 2007
mssreatalot in Italy


How about Spain on Glendale Bl.? Pretty damn
authentic without all the new world ruffles.

Jul 24, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Rick's Drive In

Or, perhaps it refers to the film, "Casablanca" originally
entitled, "Everybody comes to Rick's." Maybe I'm wrong,
I don't know...

Jul 24, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Wing Hop Fung Wine!!

Out in Monterey Park for Dim Sum and make my usual stop @ the Wing Hop Fung
to try and bump up my VIP points so that someday, Buddha willing, I'll be able to get
a Chinese calendar or some cool chachke . I wander into the Wine/Liquor section.
I meet Keng, part of the clan that owns the Wing Hop, and we get to talking wine.
He's into it. Still learning, but into it. And, he's put his money where his mouth is.
He's built one of the best wine stores anywhere in town. Sure, WIne House,
L.A. wine co. K & L, Silverlake, Red Carpet, etc. are all well dressed wine and
liquor shops but Wing Hop is committed to bringing interesting, some mainstream
and some not, to the East side. Silverlake wine is great, but if you need a fine
spatlese or some sparkling rose to go with your Chinese food or just about
anything else, I suggest you check out the WIng Hop Fung for wine. Who knew?

Jul 04, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Best Breakfast/Lunch in D.C.

we like to run the gamut from simple diner, sandwiches to ethnic to...mostly what we're after is good solid and simple food for a good solid value. A place where, when hungry, leaps to mind for breakfast and lunch.

Best Breakfast/Lunch in D.C.

Certainly. When I say, "Best breakfast/lunch," what I suppose I should have said was, "Best breakfast OR lunch." Technically, I was hoping for the best places to have breakfast AND the best places to have lunch. Many of the postings on the board are geared more to "Best Dinner" in D.C. I didn't find many current "Best breakfast or lunch" listings. So, I suppose what I was really after was "best breakfast," meaning the first meal of the day, the meal which is usually eaten in the morning after we've slept, the meal with which we "break the fast." I was interested in opinions directly related to that meal, the breakfast meal. I was also interested in opinions directly related to the "best lunch," meaning the meal after breakfast, but before dinner, the meal in the middle of the day, the second meal of the day in a three meal cycle, the midday meal...unless, of course, you're in certain parts of the south, by which, I would mean dinner, which is actually lunch, the middle meal and not supper, which is actually dinner. Dinner, as I'm sure you're aware is the third meal of the day, the evening meal, the last meal in a three meal cycle. Now, as I'm sure you're also aware, this is all different in other parts of the world, I mean, I'm not after a late Italian supper or a post siesta snack. No, I just really was after a current "Best Breakfast...OR...Lunch" in the Washington D.C. area. Um...okay?

Best Breakfast/Lunch in D.C.

thanks for the great post! We will try them all!

Best Breakfast/Lunch in D.C.

Been scouring the board for a current "Best Breakfast/Lunch" in D.C.
and couldn't find anything up to the minute. Would love to get all
opinions. Thanks.

4 Days in D.C. with Family

one 17 year old, two 40+ and a 75 year old. And, mostly, we like great food at a reasonable value but will spend a little more for excellence. Thanks!

4 Days in D.C. with Family

Hey Fellow Chows,

Coming from the west coast for a thurs thru sun visit.
We'll have a fit 75 year old man with us and need some
recs for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the D.C. area.
We're staying near Dupont circle and will spend most
of the time touring the mall, museums and monuments.
So far, the only must do for dinner is Ray's the Steaks.
Otherwise, we're wide open and any relevant threads or
new ideas are very welcome. THANKS!

Reasonable Fish store in LA?

Yes to all the places mentioned above. Big fan of the Fish King and Santa Monica seafood. But, when I want the freshest and most reasonable price I can find (if there is such a thing for fresh fish) I go to:

Los Angeles Fish Company
420 Stanford Ave (Cross Street: East 4th Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2121
(213) 629-1213

Feb 05, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

EBISU - New Little Tokyo Izakaya from the Daikokuya People

Please find out what's up with this place. I've been there twice. Once for lunch and once for dinner. In total agreement with kiwonyoon. Nice, though not very efficient servers, cool decor (a bit cavernous for so few diners) and very mediocre food. The English side of the menu is so very uneventful that I'll be hard pressed to ever go back or recommend it. Shame, too, as Daikokuyo is still one of my favorites. Hmm. Hope they figure it out.

Jan 19, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Need Canning Jars in LA

Canning time has come and I need canning jars and lids. Any ideas where to get in the Silverlake/LA area? Thanks!

Jan 04, 2007
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Dinner near the Pantages?

Hungry Cat for outstanding cocktails, Pug burger and lobster rolls. They even have premium rye whiskeys. More than anywhere in town. And, you can even walk there.

Dec 20, 2006
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

ABC and NBC seafood

Did a dimsum run last week, hitting ABC, NBC and Capital. No question...Capital was far superior on every level. Quality, service, atmosphere, hands down, Capital beat them all. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that NBC was bordering on Empress Pavilion quality...

Dec 20, 2006
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Pizza Buona vs. Pizza Paul

I don't know if they deliver. It's just Paul and his wife so I doubt it. And, I've only had the pizza. I have friends who swear by the spaghetti and meatballs and the garlic cheese bread. I'm headed there in couple of days for sure to find out for myself. Here's the directions and menu. Let me know how it goes.

Oct 15, 2006
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area

Pizza Buona vs. Pizza Paul

Well friends,

We needed to know, once and for all, who makes the definitive thin crust pizza in our Silverlake/Echo park n-hood. The votes are in and the winner is...

Firstly. The method:

-Friends arrive. Drink beers. Build appetite.

-Calls to each establishment go out. Order one medium pizza from Paul, one from Buona. Each pie is half cheese, half Pepperoni.

-Split up into two groups. Fifteen minutes to pickup of said pizzas. Both are ready to go. Both are 11 dollars.

-Return home immediately. (less than 10 minutes door to door)

-Bottles of the '02 Lanzaga Rioja and '01 Le Poggere (Italian IGT, previously decanted) are poured.

-Judging begins.



Buona: Thin crust. Floppy, wet. Doughy, lacking in flavor.

Paul: Thin crust, crunchy. Light, flavorful with a yeasty essence.

Winner: Paul

All six tasters prefered the crunchy, thin, flavorful dough of Paul's pie. The Buona crust flopped, in terms of flavor and texture. While Paul's crust gave a supportive and encouraging foundation for the pizza, the wet, juicey goop of the Buona crust left our tasters cold.


Buona: Thin, watery, tomato sauce oozes beneath a sandwiched layer of white cheese and pepperoni (I think it was Mozzarella, but it was too tasteless to know for sure). The sauce was thin and lacking in character. The cheese was rubbery and the pepperoni felt store bought.

Paul: Concentrated, herb heavy sauce, sparingly spread over the crust. A tasty layer of cheese topped with pungent and flavorful pepperoni. A selection of herbs (thyme and oregano were identified) finishes the pie. All elements were distributed in an evenhanded way, never too much, never too little.

Winner: Paul

All tasters unaminously agreed that Paul's pie was a harmonious meal. A perfect blend of bread, cheese, sauce and meat. Each item serving the other. In contrast, all tasters found the Buona pie to be something more akin to the mainstream. It was...well, just Pizza. Not horrible, not the worst, just nothing to write home about.

In the end, after many beers and much wine and a spirited debate, Pizza Paul is our big winner and, for the time being, the house "Pizza of Choice."

Good luck, and God bless.

Oct 15, 2006
mssreatalot in Los Angeles Area