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Oakville recommendations

Thanks for the response! I actually grew up not too far from Hopedale Mall and I can't believe there's a decent restaurant there now. It's come a long way since the mid-80s, clearly. :)

Oakville recommendations

Perfect, thanks! Think we're going to go with Julia's. :)

Oakville recommendations

Hi all, wondering if you can help me find a decent restaurant in Oakville for my mother's birthday? We're looking at a group of 15 people or so, mid-price ($25 or so for an entree), and she isn't the most adventurous eater...I'm sure she wouldn't be into anything like, say, Ethiopian, or on the other end of the spectrum, molecular, but Mediterranean would probably work. Thanks in advance!

Has anyone tried the new Mexican resto: Cocina Lucero?

I went with my boyfriend last night and it was easily the WORST service I've ever had in a restaurant. We sat down, had our drink order taken, the waiter brought our drinks and tortilla chips and took our order and then.....nothing. For 45 minutes. No drink refills, no more tortilla chips, not even a glass of water. Every time I made eye contact to try to find out where our food was, he disappeared into the kitchen. Finally we went up and asked, and were told "It's coming, it's coming" (no apology or explanation). 10 minutes later, we still didn't have our food, so we started putting on our jackets, when the waiter came over to see what was wrong(!!). We told him to cancel our entrees and since he assured us that the appetizer was on it's way out, we said we'd just take that. On our way out, the owner came over (looking more annoyed than concerned about keeping people happy) and said "You're OK? We have a big party here, so....." (again, no apology.....and the only other table was a party of about 10 people).

Anyway, I had high hopes, but this was incredibly disappointing.

where to buy edible lavender in Toronto?

Excellent, thanks!

where to buy edible lavender in Toronto?

Hi all,

I've been trying to track down some edible lavender in the big city, and haven't had much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? THANKS!