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2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

someone mentioned hansen's bakery butter tarts and i agree that they are really good. i'm not a butter tart groupie but i've had a few to compare them to. if you don't want to travel down to greektown to visit hansen's, you can always get their tarts from their booth at the farmers market on yonge st. north of steeles ave. they also make a very good meats pies, i like the chicken.

Let's hear who has the best onion rings in Toronto!

yup there's a post on everything. just saw this one. i really like the onion rings at auntie lucys, scarboro golf club and lawrence, plus their fish and chips are pretty good too.

also the tara inn on kingston rd near midland has good onion rings too.

Breakfast in charleston

so we're making our annual golf pilgrimage from toronto, this time in charleston so we're driving a little farther than myrtle for a change. i've been doing my research for places to eat but i really like my BREAKFAST so i'm looking for some help here. we rented a house in the wild dunes resort area and golfing locally. so the chase begins ......

Oct 23, 2012
doubledown in Southeast

Best shrimp with lobster sauce in GTA?

yeah, sea hi is like retro chinese food. i'll order the swls but i'm not a big shrimp fan so i'll just get the lobster sauce (it's cheaper too of course). i'll also get their steamed minced pork with chinese sausage. just keep in mind it's what i consider std takeout chinese food and i'm up for that once in a while.

Folia Grill: pork gyros is not your typical gyros...its ridiculously amazing

what's the seating like in this place?

Thai Restaurants in the 905 area

went to stars of thai, although it was ok, i wasn't impressed with the food. had hot and sour soup, beef pad thai, fresh veg roll, fried chili chicken. the chicken was decent but not very spicy even though it was rated at 3 peppers. i doubt i'll return.

bbq near wallace, nc

alright, thanks for the recs, we'll probably make a decision on the way down.

Nov 03, 2011
doubledown in Southeast

bbq near wallace, nc

we're always willing to make a little detour for good food.

Oct 24, 2011
doubledown in Southeast

bbq near wallace, nc

we're making our annual trip to myrtle for a golf week on nov 4 and planning a game at river landing in wallace on saturday. just wondering about a bbq place that we might be able to hit that day on our way into myrtle. last year we went to grady's but it may be a bit too out of the way this time. thx.

Oct 20, 2011
doubledown in Southeast

What's good in Hull?

check out maison samoru, 5 rue kent for thai food. it's a small family run place, wife is the cook. there's one app you should order, it's a marinated chicken leg wrapped in a banana (?) leaf. it's in what was hull so it's close to the river.

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

if they make them the same way as claremont's then ok. some of the other locations are too cheap on the meat and sauce.

Johns Barbeque Chinese Restaurant - Surprisingly good Cantonese cuisine!!

well, looking for a place to try, decided on john's to check out their char siu, among other things. started off with some hot and sour soup, good but i recently had the hot and sour at king lobster on spadina and i preferred their version. ordered the steamed fish (tilapia) with soy/green onion, and the others thought it was excellent, i don't like tilapia but i tried a piece and it was pretty good. steamed minced pork with preserved veg was also good, a bit of a different flavour than most other places, the minced pork was a little too fine ground for my preference though, probably not hand chopped. fried noodles with seafood, good, too much sauce though. fried beans with minced pork was good. deep fried tofu with meat sauce, good too, if not a bit bland. my kid had a bowl of wonton/noodle soup, six huge pork/shrimp wontons, they had forgotten the noodles so they took it back and tossed in some noodles, wontons were good, soup stock a bit bland too.
oh yeah, ordered some char siu of course, waiter asked how i wanted it, half/half, said ok. the char siu was very good, a bit sweeter than many places but i don't mind that, tender and juicy. i had some char siu at kom jug yuen last week and i'd say they were both good. you know, both places make a ton of the stuff so i think a lot has to do with the chunk that you happen to end up with as to your opinion that day. enuff!

Malaysian uptown?

the king of malaysia was in town a couple weeks ago and he was eating at villa malaysia so it can't be all bad. we were eating at the keg and noticed the entourage out front.

Must Visit Places in Oahu

we were just there last month, damn it was hot.

i think your daughter will like the pineapple maze at the dole plantation, plus they have a little train that does a mini tour of the plantation. while you're up that way, go to the north shore and have some scampi from giovanni's shrimp truck.

in waikiki, try matsugen, good ramen but it's also more than that. ezogiku and nakamura are also good for ramen and gyoza.

shirokiya, a japanese dept store in ala moana has an interesting food section upstairs. try the kona coffee mochi ice cream.

take a drive up the west coast, you can drive to the end of the road, it's an interesting drive, and you can stop at one of the local beaches. there's also a cave off the side of the road that you can stop at and wander inside.

Aug 09, 2010
doubledown in Hawaii

Wasaga Beach and Collingwood Recommedations?

catch 22 - try the ahi tuna and seafood chowder

oh yeah, if you're looking for a burger, try the georgian family restaurant in wasaga, and order the 'hook line and sinker'.

Oahu (with kids) trip report

lunched at giovanni pizzeria today. my kid had the caesar, i tried some and thought it lacked a bit of bite, but it was certainly a large sized order. he didn't finish it and that never happens.

i went for the bj penn favourite, which was the pastrami eggs benedict. i asked for the eggs to be soft, but they came out hard so i mentioned it to my server and she promptly took the plate back to the kitchen. a few minutes later, it was delivered back by another server with the original hash browns still on the plate, cold of course. i mentioned it to the server and again another server eventually brought me a fresh plate of hot hash browns wthout a word of apology, no biggie. the eggs were still more hard than soft but i didn't feel like going through another round so i persevered and ate. as far as taste they weren't bad so a plus there.

lesson learned, order pizza at a pizzeria. and the pizza, a thin crust version, looked pretty good. oh well ....

dinner was at ramen nakamura, endured the usual wait in line outside the smallish place, although the wait wasn't too long. ordered the miso ramen combo, decent sized bowl of noodles, good fried rice as well as what tasted like a crab and pork gyoza. it was a good meal, but i still think matsugen was superior.

Jul 04, 2010
doubledown in Hawaii

Oahu (with kids) trip report

stopped in to chinatown last nite, wow, don't know what it was like before but it's kind of a wasteland now, so many empty storefronts. don't jump all over me, that's just what i noticed.

so i stop a chinese copper and ask him what's good, he says he doesn't eat chinese, wtf? he said little village gets a lot of business so that's where we went. the place was busy, mostly caucasian customers. i kind of forget what i ordered, but the fried shrimp special was good. the other stuff was ok too, i'd say it was average compared to back home in toronto.

went to royal garden today for dim sum. now that was pretty good. the shui mai was very good, as well as the fried taro. we were there around 1:30, so the dim sum was winding down, but they still cooked up another order of shui mai and fried taro on request, so kudos for that. that's never happened for me back home.

had dinner later at matsugen and that was pretty good too, the tuna poke was smooth and fresh, almost like sashimi, the cucumber tsukemono was really tasty too, it spent the right amount of time in their nuka and had a nice crunch to it. the hot soba and udon, very good, and finisher off dinner with the warabi mochi, well done.

Jul 03, 2010
doubledown in Hawaii

Caplansky's - You have got to be kidding me!

count me in the disappointed crowd on the smoked meat 'wich. the service was very good and the fries were excellent.

and ... maybe it's my shoes but the floor seemed very slippery.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

so i'm a new member of teambuy and today they have a deal on the burger bar on augusta ave. i didn't notice any mention of the place in this thread and was wondering ......

mariko on bloor

it was better when it was still in carrot common across the street. since, they've cut down on the menu for their ayce. i don't go there anymore

Bistro Camino is Hiro and a Chowfind

if you ask him about the name of the restaurant, you will get an interesting story about its origins. he named it after spain's camino de santiago, a pilgrimage he made in 30 days. this was after he had closed mika. he decided that if he finished the pilgrimage in 30 days, he would come back and open a french restaurant, his original passion. huh.

Where to buy oysters by the pint in Mississauga (or GTA)

there's a chinese market in the plaza northeast corner of finch and leslie, they have shucked oysters in pint and larger sized containers, as well as lots of other seafood. they also have a good fruit and vegetable selection.

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

well, finally made it to this place last nite, got there around 10, near closing. reading the mixed reviews i wasn't sure what to expect but damn, nobody mentioned how slippery the floor can get, not sure what the cause is there. but i digress. i had julia serving me, cute pleasant waitress, hey service is important to me. ordered the fatty smoked meat on rye, hand cut as advertised. it was decent, a bit salty and a little bit hard to bite into in portions. slicing the meat is sooo important and i think the guy (andy?) could do better. i like the selection of mustards though, i mixed some hot with some kozliks. julia did say the fries were top notch so i ordered some and they were very good, mine were freshly made. with soup and pop the bill came to $18. i like the service so left $25. eh, didn't have to pay for parking.
now, i wouldn't be rushing back there anytime soon, but i'll give it another go when i'm in the area. i still prefer the fatty old fashioned at montreal deli on dundas w and the pastrami at steeles deli.

Copacabana Opened; and its Great!

we hit this place last sunday, still got the $30 deal. not too busy, the meats were good though. only thing, no coffee yet, but i got a cap so all was good.

Underwhelmed by Skyland

i go to skyland for the minced meat noodle dish, it's on page 20, lower left hand corner, one of the better ones i've had.

as for the dumplings, they're ok, but the my fav is still ding tai fung.

Been to Jacob & Co recently?

yeah, i was there a couple months ago, for the first time, excellent steaks, i had the bone-on ribeye med-rare. plus, the caesar salad is very good, especially since they make it at your table. it is a bit pricey though. . . .

Super Fresh Tofu?

i've bought tofu at the korean galleria on yonge north of steeles and in the chinese markets, they're ok but if you want tofu to eat fresh with a bit of soy sauce, i usually go to a japanese market, like sandown in pearl plaza at brimley and sheppard. they don't make it there but it's usually pretty fresh. store it in fresh water and change the water at least daily.

Proper Italian-homemade pasta type resto in Toronto

ate here last nite, very good pastas, both the gnocchi and agnolotti. i live in scarberia but will travel for food. i'll be back for more.

Collingwood/Blue, anyone know about...

you could try Catch 22 on the highway just as you enter collingwood, on the highway from wasaga. my kid loves the lightly seared sushi grade tuna dish.

Toronto Sushi

you can purchase wasabi oil at sanko in the pearl court strip mall at brimley and sheppard.
as for zen, i like this place, especially their 'saba no matsumae', a box-type sushi that i can't find anywhere else in the city. it looks like this: