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Vancouver and Victoria Coffee

nice list! thanks.

Foothills butter in Vancouver?

thanks everyone!! i'm looking for a brick, it's in light blue.... i had it at a restaurant once and i loved it. i don't do margarine... but i'll try those places to try to find it, thank you!!

Foothills butter in Vancouver?

Wondering where to find it. Had it once and it was delicious. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Good quality maple syrup and olive oil in Vancouver?

Other than costco and superstore are there any other maple syrup suggestions? Maybe some local producers like there are in Ontario and Quebec, or is BC not a maple syrup producing province?

Good quality maple syrup and olive oil in Vancouver?

Thanks. I saw these I was thinking of stopping by but wasn't sure. Thanks!

Any tips for maple syrup?

Good quality maple syrup and olive oil in Vancouver?

I'm looking to buy real maple syrup and a good quality extra virgin olive oil at a good price. I jar moved here so am unfamiliar with the city. Where can I go? Thanks!

Restos on your "to-do" list

i like pangaea a lot actually... it was very good. pricey but good! do dessert. the chocolate thing with ice cream on it is pretty yummy.

Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

omg i'm so glad you posted this... now i can get super fat on ice cream! i didn't absolutely love cold stone creamery when i was in NYC, but maybe it'll be different here (like subway is). marble slab looks pretty good and they seem to pride themselves on the quality, so i'll try to hit that up too!!

Best Burgers in Toronto?

sorry i was so excited about nota bene's burger i forgot to add that i also like the burgers from burger shoppe in leslieville... they've always been nice to me by giving me extra onions and chipotle aioli at no charge. craft burger is also really good. i've had more consistent quality at the yonge/bloor location though.

Burger Shoppe
688 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1G9, CA

Big Smoke Burger
830 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

Best Burgers in Toronto?

i LOVE the burgers at NOTA BENE on queen and i didn't find them pretentious... maybe a tad shishi but no holier-than-thou feeling there, and i wasn't dressed up. then again we were teh only lunch customers. i still think about that burger to this day... i should really go back... i love nota bene's burger. at toronto taste they were rushing it and it was awful (and severely undercooked—room temp and raw in the middle).. at the resto they did an awesome job. and they give you cute little pickles. definitely try it!

Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

I went to Cantine for Summerlicious... It was so so so bad.. Let's do this chronologically. Ok so when we walked in, the ambiance was, err, dead. Or close to it. An older crowd hung out there, and by older, I mean the ones from the retirement living centre across the street. And their care-takers. Ok, not so bad so far... When the guy sat us, the tablecloth was very dirty. There were solidified food stains on the tablecloth! Very unprofessional, as well as absolutely disgusting. I asked to sit somewhere else. "Do you work in the restaurant industry?" someone asked me. As if I need to be an employee of the restaurant industry to realize that your tablecloth was disgusting.... The service seemed a bit cold. One guy (out of the three who waited on us) seemed like he hated his job. One was happy. The other just seemed irritated that I didn't want to sit at the table with the solidified food blotches on it. We did Summerlicious... I ordered mussels, which I had to send back to the kitchen because they weren't fresh. And by not fresh, I mean they tasted like the zoo. I've never eaten seafood so bad before. I don't know how they're allowed to serve that. Not only were they not fresh, but they were dried out. They were probably sitting around for a while, and then reheated all throughout Summerlicious or something, because I don't know how they could have something so not fresh! It was gross. They replaced it with chicken, which was pretty decent. What bothered me more is that they still served it to other customers! I saw one woman sit with it in front of her while her dining partner ate... She clearly wasn't going to eat them (but I guess didn't want to send it back to the kitchen). This was by far the worst restaurant I've visited in a long time. I don't know how something like this still exists in Toronto, especially in Yorkville! But I guess if there's a community there then that's what keeps it around. It's cheap, and as long as you don't order seafood and sit at a clean table I'm sure it's fine! The wine was the highlight of the meal. Can't really mess that one up. They let us sample wines before we committed, which was good of them.

Unpasteurized or semi-unpasteurized cream in TO? Shh, I won't tell.

i looked into michael schmidt and glencoltonfarms and when i checked there was about at least a year of a waiting list.. could've been 3, though i can't remember. very popular but the po are on his butt for it. last i checked he was the only one in the toronto area who could provide it. i'm sure all the legal problems he's facing is putting a damper on his business so it may be even harder than before to obtain his milk.

it would be pretty weak if CH removed this post.

What's good in the Annex area?

i tried CANTINE... absolutely disgusting... their mussels were really NOT fresh... i had to send it back to the kitchen because it tasted like the smell of the zoo... and they were dried out. it was gross... another woman ordered them and they sat in front of her (i guess she wasn't as proactive to send them back). the tablecloth they TRIED to seat us at was filthy.. the wine service was nice because they let us sample the wines... it was cheap though. overall, sick, i'd never go back. i can get wine anywhere.

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

thanks everyone for your suggestions.. i've put them all on a list and will be visiting them when i can! any more suggestions would be welcome too if they're not on this list already. thanks! :o)

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?


summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

hey thanks. and no i'd only be going with one or two other people. i have nothing planned but i could easily make plans to drink on a nice patio!

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

thanks! i'll add that to the list!

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

thanks! i'll put the hyatt on my list, it looks nice. and i've been to the sky yard at the drake, also very nice. and i'm never in the mood for tequila so i don't think i'll be going to reposado :p ... looks like a great little place though!

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

hmm. i've always wanted to check out Globe, maybe i'll do that now that i know they have a rooftop patio. is The Fifth as shishi as their website makes them seem? (boasting about celebrities going there and all that stuff) it looks beautiful but i wouldn't want to be treated like crap or anything.. lol.

summer patio for drinks on a monday or sunday night?

i'm looking to find a place downtown (ish) that's good for drinks on a monday or sunday night. it's summer and i want to drink outside on a patio. can anyone make some suggestions? price doesn't really matter, i'm looking for a nice place, not too shi-shi hopefully (though i'm open to those places too) but definitely not too grungy. i'm looking to go for cocktails not pitchers of domestic beer. suggestions?

Put Away the Darn Camera

taking pictures of food is fun. it's advertising and it's a form of art. it shows that you truly appreciate the presentation of the food. i agree that flash can be bothersome, but taking random shots of food shouldn't annoy most people, unless you're in a severely pretentious restaurant, where people are easier to annoy.. whatever, i think pictures are a form of free advertising.. people usually talk about how they enjoyed the meal if they're gonna take a picture of it, which'll get their friends to go too maybe. if you can't handle people taking pictures at a restaurant then you're probably a really stressed person and just need to relax.. maybe get a camera yourself and see how therapeutic the whole thing could be. or have another drink. live life and let people live theirs.

May 26, 2009
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Skip the Grapples

is this a processed food or a genetically modified apple? either way, yuck! if you like the taste of grapes, eat grapes! although last i recall, grapes don't actually taste like imitation grape flavour.

May 20, 2009
pinkskittles in Features

Baby on Board, Drink in Hand

thanks for answering this article the way you did, it's great!

May 20, 2009
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New Finds: Gin for Gin-Haters

wow this sounds great!! i have square one vodka and it's great... i'm in ontario and the LCBO governs all our liquor and we don't have the botanical one unfortunately... it's a shame, it looks great, i'd love to try it out!!

May 18, 2009
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Terra Burger: Anyone been lately?

I've been here and enjoyed my bison burger. I found it was quite nice how they put herbs in it (it seemed) like rosemary. Very yummy. I wouldn't get the salad again though, it was disappointing. I'd definitely go again!.. but only for the burger.

Tonic Water

I too would love to be able to find a good tonic water. When I was in London, select bars sold this brand called Britvic. It was really good! Much better than the Schweppes Indian Tonic Water, which was the alternative. Britvic was served in little glass bottles... Very old school. Honestly, I never liked gin and tonic until I had Britvic. I typed that in the search bar and nothing came up... It has the exact same ingredients as Schweppes Indian Tonic water (cane sugar included), but they taste completely different. If anyone knows where I can get Britvic that would be awesome!!!!

Terry Nichols and the Terrorist Diet

i think philosophical beliefs should be accepted. why does someone need to be religious? not everyone subscribes to organized religion. he just wants to follow a diet that works for him and his beliefs and i think should be allowed to to some degree.. it's not like he's asking for organic food. then again, as an inmate there to serve time as punishment, i don't really think people's tax dollars should go toward fresh fruits and vegetables at prisons. i'm sure prisoners eat better than some hard working people. throw in a few carrot sticks extra then... or maybe he should just change his diet and eat what they're serving him. he's a prisoner and committed a horrible crime, i don't have much sympathy for him.

Apr 05, 2009
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Do Eggs Need to Be Refrigerated?

when i lived in spain they left their eggs out on the shelves at the grocery stores and i was shocked! but i read up on it and really it doesn't matter. it's the quality of the egg that matters. i buy farm fresh organic eggs, they're delicious, they sit on my counter all week long and i sometimes eat them raw in smoothies. never a problem with salmonella. of course i smell the eggs to make sure there's no funkiness before tossing them in my protein shake.

Mar 29, 2009
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Green Your Hangover

organic is more sustainable than conventional, and it's also much greener. i agree entirely with this article's opinion about 360. it's all hype. if the company wanted to actually be green they'd use organic. how can they say that organic is not sustainable? other companies use organic.

lol @ miss clare, that was funny. so very true.. i found this article by looking up "360 vodka gift set" because i read on the LCBO's website that it was available in limited quantities and i wanted to pick one up... then i saw that it included a light bulb and a guide that teaches you how to be green. what the hell? what kind of gift is that. "here, get drunk and be green!" lame. i was hoping it would be an actual gift box, maybe made of recovered wood or something, instead of a booklet and a lightbulb... was the booklet also printed on post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink? who cares? when it comes down to it this is just another vodka except greenwrapped. the bottle is very attractive though!

i'm going to go with the suggestion here and go for square one on my trip to the liquor store. i've had that vodka before and i like it. same price but it's organic. why pay the same price if i can get organic?

Mar 28, 2009
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Organic or naturally raised meat restos in Vancouver?

i would like to say i went, thanks to your recommendations. i hit up chow and fuel and really enjoyed both of those places, chow especially. i wrote about my experiences here: