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Shortcut BBQ Brisket

Also from Texas, I don't think finishing in foil is a good idea. Hard to shorten a 10-14 hour process, but would add a astep. Following above, and but add 30 min unwrapped. The foil step will keep it moist, and then you can "dry" it off plus if you add some more chunks/chips it should refresh the smoke. Make sure you keep the fat on or you will have a dry mess. I haven't tried this out, but have gone the foil route and have been disappointed.

Hickory is easier to get at stores, and imparts a bolder flavor than pecan. Mesquite is pretty harsh wood.

May 21, 2009
gsmith75019 in Recipes

Fantastic hole-in-the-walls in San Antonio and in Austin?

We recently visited with similar desires.

Have to second Chris Madrids as hole in the wall with good burger. Not sure the tostada burger is that much different than cheese burger, but still good. Great atmosphere.

Hot donuts (Original Donut Shop) was also cool. Good breakfast tacos, but wish I had done one of the breakfast platters.

2 Bros BBQ was also very good. And location is very different so would think it might qualify as hole in the wall. Smoked Jap poppers were freaking great.

Have fun.

Apr 10, 2009
gsmith75019 in Texas

Inexpensive (cheap) place to have a reception/meeting in Dallas

We are looking to have a reception during the day for a group of 10 people, and are looking for a place with good grub and a "private" room. Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking to stay within 20 minutes of the Galleria area.