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Dutch food in Boston

Mail order I'm afraid is best i have experienced. and based in Middleboro --used to be in Hingham.

Going to NL in April and staying in Bergen on the North Sea, can't wait!

Clementines that actually taste good

I scored a bag today on the bargain rack at Russo's and as you said --- SO juicy and sweet. Great tip!

olive oil?

Letting the "cat out of the bag" that Costco now has the Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive oil Toscano, Oct/Nov 2011 Harvest in the glass 2 litre bottles. At least they did in Waltham and i bought a case. So happy as this is good stuff for $12 a litre!

Where to get Soft Shell Crabs

Legal Seafoods at the Pru had a special on soft shell sandwich today.

Where to find Q or Fevertree Tonic?

Where can I find these premium tonics in the Boston area? It's gin and tonic season don't you know!