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Paneterie coming to Delray Beach

Fall opening in Shoppes at Addison Place on Jog per Palm Beach Post

What's good near Nesconset Highway?

Erica, FYI, had freshly caught black sea bass last month for Saturday night dinner at Fifth Season.

Traditional in Nassau

Manka Peruvian Grill, Glen St., Glen Cove, I think will fit the bill.

Any food blogs covering Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton Beach?

And another. from the Sun-Sentinel's critic #sthash.ypPgpHfr.dpuf

most vegan-friendly city in south Florida?

New Vegan in Delray Beach.

Any food blogs covering Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton Beach?

Take A Bite out of Boca. Written by a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn't mind accepting freebies.

Delray Beach and area restaurants

Skip Chaiyo Thai... Most parts eat sushi rather than the bland Thai.

Do add Smoke to your list. Very good barbecue.

The Orient Bethpage

Fred19, you still can bring your own bottle of wine, but you have to pay corkage of $10. Not a big deal if you drink good wine.

A restaurant/caterer in the Farmingale (Long Island) that could accommodate a party of 20 or 30?

Black Forest Brew Haus, Smith St., E. Farmingdale. Nothing fancy. House made beer.

Best deli in Boca/Delray/Boynton

Zinger's on Powerline in Boca--same pastrami I had in Kew Gardens, Queens, years ago. Better than almost anything I can get now on Long Island. Not overwhelmingly large so it feels less cafeteria like.

Birthday Dinner for 85-Year Old Near Delray

Some years back we did Sunday brunch at Sundy House for my MIL's 85th. Different owners and chef then, but loved by all.

X-Mas Eve/Day in Delray or Boca

Le Cigale is open.

Flamenco or Marriachi (live) with dinner on Long Island

I was in Quetzalcoatl in Huntington recently. We were entertained by a one-man Marriachi-cum-crooner with a guitar, keyboard and laptop. Probably not quite what you're looking for, though.

Chez Marie, Boca Raton, replaces Mimosa.

I see that Mimosa has been renamed Chez Marie. Anyone aware if this is just a change in name or new owners. I found Mimosa somewhat disappointing and wondering if there have been any improvements in its new incarnation.

Long Island: Went to Chowder Bar and White Cap, any other places to try along Montauk Highway between Babylon and Patchogue?

You don't have to rely on the Montauk Hwy bus. The LIRR is a short walk from Montauk Hwy and can take you as far east as the Hamptons and west to NYC

Duck King in Boca Raton

Returned after first visit 5 months ago. The young server who refused to let me order from the Chinese menu is gone. Instead, owner Logan, a young bespectacled fellow in t shirt, offered various suggestions with real heat. Shredded pork with sliced peppers left a nice burning ting around my lips. Alas, no Peking duck available for several months due to the need to replace equipment used to cook the duck.Logan told me a new menu is in the works that will incorporate more dishes from the Chinese version. And yes, it's BYOB if you choose. Avoid the Lucky Buddha "Chinese" beer. It's crappy lager from Australia.

chirashi / chirashizushi on Long Island

Kotobuki in either Babylon Village or Hauppauge.

Why do chinese restaurants insist on having "secret" Chinese menus their English-Speaking customers can't decipher?

Try using an app called Waygo to translate the signs.

Jun 23, 2014
dixdiner in General Topics

Anyone been to Tao's Delicacies in Selden?

Just east of Nichol's Rd. Tao's Delicacies offers Halal meat and some Xinjiang cuisine. Found it after researching recent Newsday item on Tao's Bakery in Stony Brook (same owners).

Popei's in bethpage--The Real Thing?

Been to the one in Deer Park. Meh. One of those places with a lot of food for the money.

Need for-real Top spots in Boca Raton/Delray-

LETTUCEINLOVE: You must be a Long Islander if you know John's Market in Plainview. Glad you started this discussion as I've found it useful as a Long Island snowflake in Delray Beach.

Duck King in Boca Raton

What app did you use?

Oh no! Comtesse Therese Bistro is changing hands.... [North Fork, L.I.]

From their website:

After 3.5 years of fun and enjoyable operations with our great customers and excellent staff, the Bistro is pleased to announce some changes.

We have decided to lease the space to famed Long Island restaurateur Tom Schaudel, who will create his newest restaurant in the space, to be called The Petulant Wino. The owner of several other restaurants on the North Fork and elsewhere on Long Island, Tom’s newest restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to the North Fork food and wine scene.

Comtesse Thérèse wines will still be the featured wine, but Tom plans to add a few other Long Island wines and also have a full liquor license.

Tom said that he intends to keep most of the Bistro employees.

Having breakfast on Long Island

Any one try Jam's in Massapequa Park?

Duck King in Boca Raton

Dined there on Feb. 12. Despite what may have been one o the best renditions of hot and sour soup I have had, this place was a disappointment for this guailo. Two months after opening they are still using the excuse they are new and don't have everything on the men, i.e., duck rolls and even wontons for wonton soup (for the less adventurous at my table. There is a 2-page all-Chinese menu (no translation), but our waiter insisted the stuff on it was too hot for even him. I've been eating Sichuan food for decades in NYC and know what hot is, In any event, deep-fried, crispy duck was quite tasty, albeit salty, and one must debone it in order to eat it on the accompanying buns. Tea, BTW, is served by the cup. The dry-fried shredded beef was more beef candy w/a few studs of Sichuan pepper corns for decor, Way too sweet and I told our serve so. His reply, "Next time when you come in I will tell the chef to make it hotter." Seeing how they treat guailo as being unqualified to eat authentically spicy food, I'm not sure theis "foreign devil" will return.

Best new in Delray Beach

The beers that I've sampled at Saltwater Brewery were extremely well made. They're full of flavor and well balanced. I reviewed them on my blog:

Boca to Boynton Area Happy Hour Birthday Location?

Brewzzi's in Boca.

Looking for a Long Island restaurant!

Erik's Italian Bistro, Mineola
Passione, Carle Place

Where to eat near Bethpage State Park?

The Orient, for Chinese. Dim Sum on weekends for lunch/brunch.

BYO Wine in Chinese restaurants

Wondering if places such as Silver Pond and Hong Kong City BBQ allow BYO wine.