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Best place in SF/East Bay for Belgian beer?

Right you lot....

You live in the possibly one of the best places for beer in the world, be thankful.

then get your asses to one of the following:

Toronado, haight st.
The Trappist, Oakland.
The Monks Kettle, in the SFMission.
The Trap SF.

The Monks Kettle is great - and your have belgian beers being brewed in Santa Rosa, and San Diego Russian River & Lost Abbey that are great -

But, if you want bottles - try Ledgers on Universty in Berkeley or City Beer on Fulsom St, SF. Monument Liquors has some fun stuff too....

and, I live in ENGLAND, I work in Belgium.... and work here -> Http://

See you all in February!

Oct 27, 2008
Phil_L in San Francisco Bay Area

Micro's in cans....

Canned, 21A IPA, Watermelon Wheat, New Belgium Fat Tire, and the Oscar Blues, Dales Pale ale, are all really nice to see in can. And, damn handy when your out and about! Bonus is that they taste great too!

Jun 06, 2008
Phil_L in Beer