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Grace Young's Stir-Fried Ginger Beef with Sugar Snaps and Carrots

Tried this recipe last night, and my husband, who generally moans whenever I make a stir fry, had two servings and told me it was delicious. And he was right!

Jul 18, 2012
adoranora in Recipes

Three lunches/dinners in Baltimore

For dessert hit up Pitango in Fells Point - Best Gelato Ever!

Pot Roast

I used to agree with you - until I used an Alice Waters recipe from the Art of Simple food. Now we love it and have it twice a month. So, er, I guess I am not your demographic. But I used to way overcook pot roast so I didnt like it - now I cook it right, and I think its good. Not to make you feel more alone though! Hey, you know, I can't stand lamb, and everyone else loves it so...

Dec 22, 2010
adoranora in General Topics

How to Host a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

If I was hosting Thanksgiving and my vegan family members asked to bring Tofurkey to the event I would welcome them to do so. Especially if its what their kids wanted. The holiday is playfully called Turkey-day, what do you expect? Otherwise you're looking at declined invitations. We love our vegan family members and want to spend time with them. Tofurkey...not so much. :(

Nov 10, 2010
adoranora in Features

Can I Take My Baby to a Restaurant?

Congratulations Helena! You'll find out soon enough that while half the restaurant doesn't want you to bring your kid to the decent local joint and would prefer you camp it out over at Chunky Cheeses, the other half doesn't mind at all as long as your child is behaving and not throwing food at them. With all the talk about improving they way we eat, organic, sustainability etc etc I am surprised that people expect kids to be relegated to gross "family style" restaurants. How did these people learn to appreciate food? I doubt their parents only took them to crappy restaurants. I think people need to be a little more...tolerant of others.

Nov 04, 2010
adoranora in Features

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

Café Monti on Duke Street! I used to live in Alexandria and would pass it all the time. My brother and sister in law still live in that area so I have been wondering if I should suggest as a place for dinner one of these nights...

DC Chefs Magazine: Chefs' Best of Washington

It was a good story, good work Melissa. Everyone has their own opinon about the best restaurants in town so dont let them get you down, I hope you do another one like this next year!