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Cheese and Beer Pairings

I like a super old gouda with porter.

Jan 04, 2013
funklight in Cheese

Roasted Garlic and Smoky Greens Soup

I just couldn't pick up the flavor of this soup. I added some chopped bacon that I had on hand and a little lemon juice to try to brighten it up, but the flavor remained muddled. There is potential here, but it's definitely a fixer-upper.
Garam masala sounds like a good idea. Maybe add in some tomato paste at the same time as the garlic.

Feb 29, 2012
funklight in Recipes

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

This story was told to me secondhand, so bear with me:

Some friends were in Norway, and were at the last course of a very large meal that was filled with questionable dishes, including some very ancient, liquefied cheese and 'fragrant' fish offerings. They were already feeling quite full (and perhaps a bit queasy) when the waiter came around to announce that dessert would be 'anus pudding'.

Of course, he meant 'anise'.

Jul 14, 2011
funklight in Not About Food

Homemade Mayonnaise

How long does this stuff last in the fridge? I don't really go through mayo very quickly, but I would like to try this recipe.

Feb 03, 2011
funklight in Recipes

We call them Gypsy Eggs. What do you call them?

The thing is, I WOULD change what I call it if i could. I would much rather call it a sunshine vagina sandwich because it sounds so delightfully absurd, but 'toad in a hole' is always what comes out of my mouth.

Feb 02, 2011
funklight in General Topics

Trick to a good Roast Beef?

Just last weekend I seasoned an eye of round with s&p and a little garlic and onion powders, seared it, and roasted at 250 until a probe registered 125. I also threw a halved onion, a carrot, celery stalk and a couple bay leaves in the pan over the searing fond. The beef came out perfectly rare and tender, and i made a killer jus from the fond and drippings with a little wine and broth. I was very satisfied with it.

Feb 02, 2011
funklight in Home Cooking

We call them Gypsy Eggs. What do you call them?

I call it toad in a hole. my brother calls it man in a boat. my dad calls it eggs in a basket. i have a friend who calls it a sunshine vagina sandwich.

Feb 01, 2011
funklight in General Topics

Baffling Food Trends

Some things going on in the American food world at the moment just boggle my mind.

Who decided putting pasta on a sandwich was a good idea?

Who the hell wants a liter of coffee all in one sitting?

Why does Guy Fieri still have a job?

What are your food culture peeves?

Jan 26, 2011
funklight in General Topics

Paula's English Pea recipe = what's wrong with Food Network

Alton Brown is no fun anymore. He has distilled himself down such that all that remains is a crusty precipitate.

Jan 13, 2011
funklight in Food Media & News

You rub on the magical Chowhound Lamp and....

Lasagna bolognese
booze (too broad? beer then)

Jan 04, 2011
funklight in General Topics

I have GOOSE! WTF do I do with it?!

A friend recently dropped off 22 lbs of boneless, skinless goose breast on my front porch. I was planning on grinding most into sausage, but I am also curious about other applications, like dry curing or just cooking the breasts whole somehow (goose schnitzel?) Any information and/or suggestions would be much appreciated.

It's Canada goose, if that makes a difference.

Thanks in Advance!

Dec 14, 2010
funklight in Home Cooking

The f-word.

Ding Ding Ding.

Dec 10, 2010
funklight in Site Talk

roasted garlic soup from epicurious

The french word for garlic is ail. puns!

Nov 22, 2010
funklight in Home Cooking

Creminelli Salami

I went to a Slow Food thing with the Creminelli guy. Lucky me, I got to taste every salame in production, including the wild boar (top notch). They're based in SLC (well, technically their facility is in Springville, but they're building a bigger place and moving to Salt Lake). I'm also familiar with one of the farms where he gets his pork. They're all Berkshire hogs that get to run and root and have sex with each other... you can really taste the happiness.
I'm proud to have such high caliber charcuterie in my home town. Love it.

Nov 19, 2010
funklight in General Topics

Should I Cut My Steak Like a Brit?

I'm with cachers. Stop judging people based on something so very, very trivial.

Oct 06, 2010
funklight in Features

Visiting a friend in France. Any food presents I can bring to stave off homesickness?

Hello. I hope the title of this thread isn't a turn-off. It's kind of an odd situation.
A good friend of mine is moving to northern France (Bethune) for the better part of a year, and she has most graciously invited me and my SO to visit and stay at her place. I am wondering if there is any easily transported foodstuff that might be commonplace in the US, but hard to find out where she is. Something homey and comforting like peanut butter or marshmallows, or maybe a pantry staple like sriracha (or other hot sauce) or canned goods.
Trouble is I don't have any idea what is (or isn't) available out there. I would appreciate any advice regarding what small gesture I can make to show my gratitude.
Thanks in advance.

Sep 22, 2010
funklight in General Topics

Join small h and I in opening an ironic-foods restaurant!

Prepare something like pressed duck with an entirely automated method (from slaughter to plating) and deliver it to diners in their cars via conveyor belt or bank tube.

Sep 03, 2010
funklight in General Topics

What do you mix with ketchup?

my fry sauce secret: liquid smoke.

Aug 27, 2010
funklight in Home Cooking

What do you mix with ketchup?

Whenever my SO gets fries or onion rings with a meal, he'll take the pepper shaker, unscrew the top, and pour enough pepper in his ketchup to make a paste. It's surprisingly good, even with old pepper that's been on the table for a while. Fresh pepper makes it glorious.
I can't handle ketchup on it's own. I like sriracha in mine. I'm from Utah, so I like to mix mayo into it sometimes too. Don't hate.

Aug 27, 2010
funklight in Home Cooking

Could your/ IS your significant other a picky eater?

Yikes. stay at home with a turkey sandwich and the travel channel, where it's safe.

Jul 20, 2010
funklight in Not About Food

Could your/ IS your significant other a picky eater?

I lived with 4 other girls when I studied abroad in Rome. One of my roommates would not eat anything but pizza and chicken (her words). I would walk up the street every couple of days for fresh produce and meats to cook for everyone in the house (I cooked, they bought the wine) but she never touched any of it. If she didn't want the saltimbocca I sure wasn't going to force it upon her, but I refused to bend my cooking and eating principles to her narrow diet.
On another note, I was really surprised by how many people in that program ate three meals a day at McDonald's when they were immersed in one of the greatest food cultures in the world... poor bastards...

Jul 20, 2010
funklight in Not About Food

Best IPA

Squatter's in Salt Lake City makes a double IPA called Hop Rising that is insanely good.

Jun 23, 2010
funklight in Beer

Perfect Potato Salad

I like a mayo-free grilled version with sherry vinaigrette.

Jun 17, 2010
funklight in Features

Your Favorite way to do it - Chicken thighs

Bone-in skin-on. brined and dry rubbed (no salt in the rub, of course), then grilled over charcoal (sometimes with a chunk of mesquite or whatever i have around). Simple, juicy, delicious every time.

Jun 03, 2010
funklight in Home Cooking

Dinner with friends - should they show up empty handed?

I have a similar situation with a couple of my closest friends. Lately there seems to be a pavlovian effect whenever they come over, absent-mindedly idling toward the kegerator/stove/liquor cabinet.
They call, ask what we're doing in the evening, possibly watching some sporting event or what-have-you implying that they want to be invited over for drinks and a meal. NEVER do they reciprocate. I think I've been to one friends house only once in the past 5 years for a social event. Never been to some others' houses, though they sure see a lot of mine.
Yeah, sometimes I feel taken advantage of, and sometimes it really pisses me off seeing my money and efforts guzzled like so much risotto and moose drool. However, I love to entertain, and I love seeing my friends. It's only after they leave that I get resentful, and that usually only lasts through 2 more cocktails or so. No big deal.
Friends are like bears at a campsite; keep feeding them, and they'll keep coming back.

Apr 30, 2010
funklight in Not About Food

Sour Cream–Banana Bread

made this recipe with a big dose of texas pecans and they added a really nice toasty note. A+. i found my standard.

Apr 15, 2010
funklight in Recipes

What Wine Goes With Douchiness?

I'm neither hungover nor in a bad mood, and I still couldn't sit through four minutes of that schlock.
Self-gratifying BS.

Mar 22, 2010
funklight in Features

What to eat with a Belgian sour?

This is all great info. Thanks a lot! You saved my ass.

Mar 15, 2010
funklight in Beer

What to eat with a Belgian sour?

Like i said, never had a sour before. It calls itself an Oud Bruin (Old Brown), so maybe Flemish Brown is right. I would hesitate to compare it too closely with a lambic, which is much more sweet than what i have.

Mar 12, 2010
funklight in Beer

What to eat with a Belgian sour?

I'm doing a beer tasting in the next couple of weeks, and a local brewery gave me a bottle of their new sour (new meaning it was just released this month) to use. After a taste of it, i couldn't think of a single thing to pair it with. It's the only incarnation of a sour that i've ever had, so i can't offer any specifics about the flavor aside from, of course, the sourness. I haven't laid out the courses yet, so anything from hors d'ouevre to dessert is fair game. Any input? TIA.

Mar 11, 2010
funklight in Beer