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In search of your favorite red borscht

That sounds great, thanks for the rec!

Sep 14, 2011
MMMMHoneybuns in Manhattan

In search of your favorite red borscht

There's a place on Brighton 4th St at Brighton Beach Ave called U Teshi (At The Mother-in-Law's) that does a good job with cold and hot soups, borscht included. You could do worse on a hot summer day than a bowl of their cold solyanka.

I have tried the borscht at Veselka and wasn't overly impressed to be honest. I thought it was fine but not memorably good.

I have to say, my favorite NYC borscht product is a glass jar of Gold's, tangy, crisp, not too sweet, good by itself or with some sour cream or more stuff (I like some chickpeas and kirby in there to balance the tang with something mellow and give it a little crunch).

However do not under any circumstances get the Manischewitz glass jar borscht instead as it is a truly foul abomination.

Sep 13, 2011
MMMMHoneybuns in Manhattan

Great food in Harvard Square?

I haven't tried most of the more expensive category, but in the (super)budget category Felipe's and Le's are my faves. I get such a craving for those sweet marinated onions at Felipe's I've drive out there from South Boston a couple of times. Le's is never that spectacular and the soups can be a bit bland, but I remember liking the shrimp dishes a few years ago.
Bartley's is fine but IMO not worth the wait if there is a line. Charlie's is meh - I have never had anything remotely memorable there. Chipotle is a disgrace to fast food chains nationwide.