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Tulum recs

I suppose your critique of the grammar is valid, but the part about the cooking not being authentic is silly--like criticizing a jazz singer for not doing opera. I've read numerous interviews with the chef and not once have I seen him claim to be seeking any sort of Maya or regional authenticity. In fact, I've seen him state just the opposite--original cooking using locally sourced ingredients.

May 01, 2015
Poindexter in Mexico

B.T. Smokehouse Southern Barbecue: The Real Deal in Sturbridge

General Francisco Franco is still dead and, at the risk of repeating myself, BT's is still cranking out the best brisket east of Caldwell County, Texas. In fact, I think it's getting better.
We were there a week ago and I am now a convert to their brisket reuben. While ensconcing yer beef in slaw, some cheese and grilled bread likely would start a fight in some parts of the country, it really showcases the fatty smokey goodness of the brisket. And the thing is so packed that a few hefty pieces invariably fall out and can be sampled unadorned--or perhaps with a pickled jalapeno or dollop of their fiery "Hellish." This giant sammich is best shared with a companion if you intend to sample their other goods....
Yes, sure, the hushpuppies are cornilicious, but go ahead and get the boudin bites--essentially a hushpuppy lovingly embracing a juicy and mildly spicy nugget of cajun sausage--instead. I guar-an-tee!
They were also serving up this special fritter thingee that was some kind of deep fried ball of mac & cheese & pulled pork. We drive this route frequently and so long as this cholesterol fiasco is on the menu, Mrs. P'dexter can be persuaded to forgo the Cracker Barrel on the other side of the Interstate.
Go now to BT's. You, and your cardiologist, will thank me later.

Dinner stop near 90 in Massachusetts or 95 in Maine?

As I wrote on the wall of the men's room at BT's (which is cool, since it's a chalkboard) "best brisket east of Luling, Texas."
Don't miss it.

Two dinners in Portsmouth - please help

Not your spot for pure, undadorned fresh seafood, but Black Trumpet might be a good choice for the "other" night. Creative and well-executed small dishes & entrees. Terrific cocktails.

Portland grub crawl--last stop(s)?

Heading down to Maine next month to stay on one of the islands in Casco Bay. For our grownups nite on the town, a half dozen of us plan to hit Eventide first (love this place!), then Duckfat (I know about the crowds at both; will get an early start). The question is where to go next for dessert & a nightcap? Could be one or two more stops. The only requirement is that it needs be relatively close to the ferry lest we get stranded.
Thx for any ideas...

NYC to Portland, ME

Consider a surf & turf approach: Plenty of great seafood IN Portland, but on the way there from NYC, I would hit BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge for some killer, real-deal barbecue .

Nice Westchester or Rockland place for Oysters- not too expensive

Check out Farmer and the Fish in Purdys. Outstanding cocktails and the seafood raw bar is impeccable. Lots of varieties of fresh oysters (east and west coast). Not necessarily cheap, but not over the top either.

Portsmouth Outdoor Waterfront Dining

You may want to check out Martingale Wharf Club in here. It has a terrific deck and we had a great dinner there a year ago.

Portland questions -- please help me out

If you want to celebrate at one somewhat fancier place, you might check out Bar Lola reviews in here. It's not inexpensive, but it is more of a locals hangout and is a notch or two down in price from some of the big names like Fore Street, Hugos etc.Their tasting menu is rated by many in here as very good value. (I haven't been but based on everything I have seen, am excited to have a ressy there late next month!).

Looking for stop off point 3 hours from NYC on way to Kennebunkport Maine

If you all are any sort of real-deal barbecue fans, I would suggest you consider BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge, Mass. You can check out the writeups in here. It's casual/kid friendly/reasonably quick (just off i-84, before you get on i-90/MassPike--ie. about 2 1/2 hours into your drive) and sublime.
Trust me on this for two reasons: I've done that drive two dozen times (from Northern Westchester) and I've been to all the BBQ meccas of Central Texas and find that BT's is in their league.

B.T. Smokehouse Southern Barbecue: The Real Deal in Sturbridge

Ahh, but Kreuz 's is in Lockhart, not Luling!
Next time you are in that area head south about 12 miles to Luling City Market where the brisket is sine qua none, in my humble opinion.
But BT's, in freaking Massachussets is right up there with em!

Purdys Farmer & The Fish

We went back for the second time ever this weekend and this place just gets better. They were busy, but the service seemed more in control this time and the food was fab. The seafood is, of course, impeccable, but what stood out this time was all the fresh greens they are coming up with now that it's warming up. One complaint--they would not do a half order for our youngster. We went early and there were a few other kids in the dining room, all on their best behavior, but they did not seem very welcoming of them--it's a nice place, but it ain't Per Se!

Food Trucks in Westchester?

You said "around Westchester" so hopefully I don't get in trouble for plugging the El Charrito yellow truck that is usually parked at Richmond Hill Ave. and Hwy 1 in west(!) Stamford. Justifiably famous and tasty tacos.
I believe they were featured on the food network about two years ago...

What is a suitable substitute for Maraschino liqueur?

I tried to make an Aviation with kirsch and it wasn't the same--picked up some Luxardo the next day.

Dec 19, 2012
Poindexter in Spirits

Proper martini glasses

The WSJ recently addressed this topic and extolled the virtues of smaller glasses over birdbaths both for the sake of tradition and functionality. I quite agree. I recently picked up a brace if tiny little coupes and they are fantastic for martinis. Regardless of size, the cone shaped martini glass is problematic, IMO. It sloshes easily when you carry it--waiters can't stand 'em--and takes up too much room in the freezer and the dishwasher.

Dec 19, 2012
Poindexter in Spirits

Rye recs

Templeton and Bulleit are smooth and solid choices for Manhattans. I love Michters, but would describe it as more assertive: can't be beat for a sazerac, IMO.

Dec 19, 2012
Poindexter in Spirits

What to do with a few open (full) bottles of wine?

Rename them vinegar and use as such.

Dec 19, 2012
Poindexter in Home Cooking

Need dinner rec for Port Chester by Capitol Theater

You might consider bartaco, especially if you are in a big group such that you can get a resy (i think they take 'em for parties of 6 or more). The tacos are quite passable, though it's not the foodie destination others in here have recommended. It is, however, fun, close to the station and the Cap and easy with a group--you can just order a pitcher of tasty margaritas and ask the chef to prepare a large mixed tray of tacos and sides and augment that with additional orders, tapas style, if needed.

Need recs for small wedding in Westchester

Bedford Post has rooms and is very swish. May be worth considering, though it's more central WC than southern.

3 New places opening in Mt Kisco+ 1 New Japenese

"What's the differnece between that and greek food??"
Probably ~30% !

Purdys Farmer & The Fish

Terrific meal here this weekend. Went without reservations on a Friday night and had to badger the front desk a bit after the promised 30' wait had b/c 60', but waiting at the bar was fun and the cocktails well-built. Oysters and shrimp were fresh, cod entree was crusty on the outside but still tender inside and came with generous lobstah chunks. Escarole contorni was well imagined. Nice wines by the glass. I sampled Ms. Poindexter's white chocolate bread pudding, which I never would have ordered in a million years, and it was spectacular.
Great old space.
Boisterous and loud, but I don't mind that when I go out--plenty of comfortable & quiet places in Westchester with insipid food and patrons...

the various "moonshines", comments please

Oh, and my dad cooks moonshine in Sweden but you don't want to try it b./c it is bloody awful.

Nov 15, 2012
Poindexter in Spirits

the various "moonshines", comments please

I have a taste for Ransom WhipperSnapper. It's pot distilled and made from a combination of corn and barley spirits. It is aged for about a year, which may disqualify it as "moonshine," but it's still plenty raw and funky and looks old timey in the bottle.

Nov 15, 2012
Poindexter in Spirits

Greenwich, CT: Dinner for 4, Recs Needed

I would second the rec for Lolita, which is in nearby Byram/Portchester--it's got a sexxy Mexican bordello vibe, pumping DJ music on weekends and the food is creative if not exactly authentic. You prolly need a resy.
Polpo is great, but I wouldn't describe it as energetic. Dunno Morello Bistro. Tapas at Barcelona can be fun--cougar central after 9pm. Also check out Bartaco in Port Chester.

B.T. Smokehouse Southern Barbecue: The Real Deal in Sturbridge

Wow! Just wow!
We stumbled upon this place en route NYC to NH, a drive I've made dozens of times, but always in the morning rather than BBQ o'clock. Found & located it on Google maps and we were expecting--and probably would have been content with, since needs must when you're on the road--a Famous Daves type experience.
The Harleys, pickups and giant smoker in the parking lot and the tubs of spicy pickled wonderments on the counter next to the cash register suggested we were in store for something much different. The beans were black and undercooked and could have used a different species of bean coupled with some burnt ends. The hush puppies were nicely spicy and serviceable. The mac & cheese our neighbors got looked sublime. And aforementioned pickled delights/relishes and their sauces were really good. Next time I've gotta try some ribs.
But the brisket. Oh my.
Moist, fatty, tender, smokey like the Lord intended it to be.
As I wrote on the wall of the men's room (which is cool since it's blackboard and chalk is provided): "Best brisket east of Luling, Texas!"
Those who know barbecue will know that that's heady praise, indeed.

Martingale Wharf Club opening in Portsmouth NH

We had a terrific meal here this weekend. Imaginitive, well-built cocktails with respect for the classics, beautiful oysters and a cod fillet baked in the richest, smokiest tastiest bacon evah. Attentive service; everyone at our table was pleased.

Good kid-friendly diners or restaurants nearish Pound Ridge?

We live in PR and the choices for families are, indeed, limited. Blazer Pub, up toward Purdy's is very good, fun & family friendly. It's a pleasant drive too. My one complaint is that there isn't a kids menu and the adult portions are huge. But you can order soups or apps for the youngsters.
Bar Taco in Port Chester or Stamford (equidistant from 10576) is also fun & loud & kid friendly. We also like Village Social in Mt kisco. The food's mostly just OK (keep your order simple) but it's comfortable and kid friendly and the cocktails are terrific.

Hayman's Old Tom Gin

The Ransom Old Tom is terrific! Makes a mean Martinez and a meaner Pegu Club cocktail.

Nov 09, 2011
Poindexter in Spirits

American aperitifs for French friends

The sazerac--a New Orleans original made with American rye and French Pernod--might set the right tone of bonhommie:
Chill cocktail glasses thoroughly
Shake 2 parts rye, 1/2 part simple syrup (optional, but important IMO, especially if they aren't serious drinkers; some podered sugar could substitute) and two dashes Peychauds bitters.
Put a few drops of the Pernod in chilled glass, tilt to completely coat the sides & pour off excess (or pour into next glass to be coated). Add contents of shaker and garnish with lemon twists.

Nov 09, 2011
Poindexter in Spirits

Manhattan Cocktail Advice

I'd say you're off to a pretty credible start. I agree with the poster who suggested you try a "perfect" Manhattan (1/2 sweet and 1/2 dry vermouth). Garnish that with a lemon twist and not a cherry & see what you think. And I wholly endorse using rye. I've not tried Templeton. Bulleit rye is good and Michters is better, IMO.--cheers

Nov 09, 2011
Poindexter in Spirits