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looking for pho/ramen and Thai eastside

I agree with HungWeiLo's comments

For Pho, Than Bros (locations in Redmond and Bellevue) is of the better eastside choices. I've also been to Pho House, Pho Mignon, Pho Express, Pho Tai in Kirkland, and Square Lotus and some other place in Factoria and put them in the "it'll do" category out of location convenience, pretty much in the order noted. (There's also Pho Tai in Bellevue.)

Eastside ramen is sadly lacking. But I do like Yeo's as a convenient work lunch spot, and I think of it as a Chinese version of Japanese lunch.
For Yeo's, I got a tip to skip the fish broth noodles, although I've gotten the dumplings in fish broth twice and really liked the broth.

Bai Tong so far has been the Thai eastside winner for me. Nappakao, King & I, Nibanna are ok. Gotta try Noodle Boat one of these days.

I go to Henry's Taiwan for beef noodle soup, it's a plain broth, dao shao (dough cut) noodles have good texture (sometimes stuck together), beef is tough. I probably didn't make it sound appetizing, but I like it enough to get it once in awhile.

Oct 29, 2012
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Update on Fuji Bakery

Ahh, thanks for sharing, just passed the Seattle store yesterday and saw the note to reopen mid-December. Fingers crossed on their reopening soon.

Oct 29, 2012
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Best Burger in Seatown?

Seconding Thiebaud's rec. A little smokey, very flavorful, great textures, so good. Joule/Revel do magic with their meat.

Oct 31, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Where is the best brunch? Seattle? Eastside?

Pomegranate Bistro is my favorite eastside spot for clean fresh fare if you haven't gone before. (Rec firebreads, haven't gone wrong with other choices) -

Pomegranate Bistro
18005 NE 68th St, Redmond, WA 98052

Oct 30, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Fun Seattle Wedding Favor Ideas?

My wedding favors were Fran's with a trio of salted caramels. I couldn't mix it with a different chocolate because I wanted to use the caramel trio box. It was really pretty and classy with the ribbon. You can ask them for other ribbon colors if they don't have the ones that you're looking for at the time. I had ordered mine about a month in advance and they had it ready for pickup with cold packs to help keep them fresh.

Jul 19, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Dim Sum on eastside

ah nooo! I was just talking to a friend about going there tomorrow. sigh, at least this news saves me a trip.

Jul 19, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Best Smoothies

I like Healeo. I've tried a number of their smoothies about 1/3 of their drink menus, most of them are blended juices rather than smoothies. It comes down to your personal taste, if you get the fruit/veg that you like in it. My favorite is the one with goji.

I've gotta add Jamba Juice, it's classic for me. I don't like drinks made from powder. Acai supercharger with less ice is my fav.

Jun 10, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

For Chinese-speaking Chowhounds

If you want good dim sum, you're better off going to Vancouver and would be able to take advantage with the language.

As for getting authentic Chinese dishes in Seattle, I think you can pretty much gauge by the menus and atmosphere when you enter a place. I haven't had any experiences in Seattle where speaking the language got me better food/service except as a result of better communication.

May 12, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Vegetarian/Vegan in Seattle

Casual mentions

Bleu Bistro - (they don't have a website) - Casual food, lots of vegetarian and a few vegan options, and wide selection of drinks. Their veggie bacon (homemade?) BLT is uncannily tastes like real bacon. I like their tofu salad (they also make the tofu in house), it's very flavorful and substantive. Interior's got character, it's unique, not for the claustrophobic.

Vegetarian Thai restaurants - Plenty of Thai restaurants in WA, some are 100% vegetarian. Of these, I've only been to In The Bowl, it's pretty popular. "ok" by omnivore standards for the fake meat.

Bleu Bistro
202 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102

May 12, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Looking for great sweet/desserts spots

I agree with shaolinLFE comments. I used go to Extraordinary Desserts when I lived in socal and still miss it, you won't find the equivalent Seattle. B&O isn't as good as ED (I've tried their carrot and chocolate-something cakes, mediocre, and $6 for what feels like half an ED portion). Another vote for Le Fournil, I like getting breakfast/lunch there.

I'll be trying out tsquare's suggestions, thanks for the post!

May 12, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Anyone in Seattle familiar with Original Joe's in San Jose, California?

haha, i remember that mafia-like atmosphere, great portions. Machiavelli's comes close with similar sphaghetti texture, but they don't have that same red sauce taste. Reasonable portions.

If you're hunkering for hearty red sauce, two suggestions.
- Romio's sandwich (Eastlake) (I like the meatball, friend likes the chicken parm). I'd skip the pizzas, never got a pasta before. Very casual atmophere.
- Via Tribunali (not a pasta joint) Sauce isn't hearty persay, but flavorful. A fav for thin crust neopolitan pizza if you've never gone before

Via Tribunali
913 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

11422 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033

Via Tribunali
317 W Galer St, Seattle, WA 98119

Via Tribunali
, Seattle, WA 98101

Mar 23, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

If you could only eat in five Seattle restaurants for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Seriously in need of a Like button for others' lists.

Green Leaf
Sichuanese Cuisine
Japonessa (as long as they have that HH going)

Was tortured not to put down seafood, italian, pizza, and hamburger places, but cheered up that no one will hold me to just this list for ever and ever. My precioussesss

Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant
1048 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

Mar 23, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Local/organic dining in Seattle

Haven't been able to make it to Chez Panisse (really want to!) so I don' t know if it's similar, but I've got to add:

Ravish (Eastlake) -
Small bites style. I always order one of the salads and roast vegetables. Drinks are just as good as the food, but never thought to ask if the drinks were organic.

Fresh Bistro (West Seattle) -
Went there once for HH, want to go back for more. Variety of vegetarian options, even for HH. Website talks about their local/sustainable mission, not sure if they're 100% organic. Some of the farms they source from are organic.

Fresh Bistro
4725 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Mar 23, 2011
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Downtown Seatte happy hours

Adding Pesos as a popular HH spot. I appreciate the big menu selection, and the red sangria's good. Music's a bit too loud to carry conversation.

For eastsiders:
Matador - My favs are the tacos, anything with steak is good, (I request it on the tacos, too), fried rolls. I'd skip the prawns
Bis on main - rotating menu of nice apps, such as duck nachos, truffle fries. They used to have a balsamic vinegar beef skewer that was fantastic, but didn't see it on there the last time I was there, and I like their sliders.
Palomino - can't beat thin crust pizza at $5, and I like to get the mushroom salad

Seattle's Weekly Happy Hours website and phone app has been really helpful when looking for a spur of the moment HH -
I haven't tried it in other cities.

I should have looked for this thread earlier. Thanks for starting it!

Nov 09, 2010
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Need recommendation - one ominivore, one veg, one poultry eater!

Would you like a smaller neighborhoody-kind of place that emulates low key glamour in Eastlake area? I last took my vegetarian friend to Ravish ( and been there a couple of other times and they're on the spot with local and organic food. You guys can share plates or keep your own. Mix drinks are good too, but I haven't had their desserts yet. Downside is that I haven't seen them serve seafood.

2956 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

Jun 09, 2010
munkeech in Greater Seattle

Vietnamese lunch in Bellevue

I enjoy Pho Express in Kirkland, I like their short rice combo bowls. It's s a bit more out of the way, but the people there are friendly. I've only gone there for dinner, service has always been quick.

I don't care for the pho at Pho Thai, but some of their other noodle dishes are alright.

Jun 05, 2008
munkeech in Pacific Northwest