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Help planning Christmas Dinner Menu? All from Costco [moved from Los Angeles board]

Thanks all. Any other suggestions? Here's the menu so far:

Appetizers: caprese salad-style crostini, shrimp if they look good, mixed nuts, olives, baguette toasts with cheeses, veggies.

Main: Prime Rib, Mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds, fruit salad, and I need something else green/veg. But I don't really want to do a green salad as it's hard to fit on plate/pass. I'd rather do something cooked--suggestions?

Dessert: Apple pie and the enormous chocolate cake. With vanilla ice cream (not from Costco).

Dec 19, 2010
banana_peel in Chains

Healthy, Delicious Dining for a solo traveler in Manhattan Beach?

Second Al Noor.

Al Noor
15112 Inglewood Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260

Dec 15, 2010
banana_peel in Los Angeles Area

Help planning Christmas Dinner Menu? All from Costco [moved from Los Angeles board]

On the 20th I am hosting a family Christmas dinner. Relatives are coming from far and wide. We will probably have about 20 people.

My wonderful grandma (matriarch of the family) has generously offered to pay for all the food, and I need to get it all at Costco. Budget is not an issue and grandma has a sophisticated palate. I'd love any help with menu planning.

I am thinking beef, probably prime rib, but I'm open to anything besides ham. I have two ovens so cooking/baking space will not be an issue. Will also do steamed green beans and beyond that, I have no idea. I have 3 young children and little time, so I need easy-to-prepare foods.

Specifically looking for:
basic appetizer/hors d'oeuvres
main dish (protein)
side dishes

I shop at the Costco off of Rosecrans in Hawthorne.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any advice!

Dec 14, 2010
banana_peel in Chains

Bento in Kona?

We are flying home tomorrow from a great 2 weeks in hawaii. We are looking for somewhere in Kona to get bento boxes to-go for our flight, any suggestions? thanks!

Jul 01, 2009
banana_peel in Hawaii

Sedona recommendations?

Truman, I hope you get to go to Sedona another time.

We ate at Elote Cafe and I highly recommend it. The Elote appetizer was delicious. The entrees were wonderful, although the carnitas was just normal, not exceptional. The Elote dessert was great, but if you don't like goat cheese, don't get it because it does leave you with that goaty aftertaste. I enjoyed my meal at Elote so much that I kept wishing they were open for lunch the next day so I could go back and try more of the menu.

We also ate at Garland's Lodge. The dinner was wonderful and I found the setting to be beautiful and charming. They post their menu online, and you can email them to ask for a reservation. We had no problem getting in on a Thursday night, during spring break, but the small dining room was full, so I think we got lucky. I liked the food and environs so much that I bought two cookbooks, and the Maitre d' kept them for me and had one of the authors write a personal note in each of them the next morning! They will be great gifts.

Last but not least, we ate twice at Wildflower Cafe. Mostly because of convenience. Our lunch was just fine, not amazing but also not bad at all. Our breakfast was wonderful, the lemon ricotta pancakes were great, and my husband enjoyed his frittata. There is a nice art glass sculpture in the center of the restaurant, it feels a bit like a Starbucks crossed with a Corner Bakery. I hope Wildflower will open a restaurant near me so I can get more of those pancakes.

Oh. And we also had a really fabulous, gourmet breakfast of Egg McMuffins at McD's. Bon appetit.

Apr 16, 2009
banana_peel in Southwest

Cafe Elote in Sedona, AZ

Amazingly, we were also in Sedona last week. We ate at Elote Cafe and it was amazing. Do not miss the Elote appetizer, I have been wondering how to re-create that dish ever since we ate there.

If you are going to grab breakfast in the morning, we enjoyed Wildflower Bakery's lemon ricotta pancakes.

Apr 16, 2009
banana_peel in Southwest

Pho in Manhattan Beach...we're all sick

Well, that was a wierd title.

We are all sick with this horrible cold/sore throat ugliness. Headaches, coughing and malaise abound. The only thing I can think about is Pho. We moved here from the SF Bay Area recently and I can't think of anywhere nearby that will deliver Pho to us tonight ,and I can't bear to get the sick kids into the car to pick some up.

Any suggestions for not-awful pho that will deliver to MB? (by Polliwog, so some Hawthorne or Gardena joints might work)

Thanks and stay healthy.

Feb 22, 2009
banana_peel in Los Angeles Area

Sports bar near Pantages Theater for tonight?

We are going to Wicked tonight (Pantages Theater). One member of our party *has* to watch a specific sporting event before the show. Any suggestions for a sports bar (or restaurant with a TV) near the theater, that doesn't suck? Thanks.

Oct 16, 2008
banana_peel in Los Angeles Area