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George restaurant

Hello, we are researching our wedding venue - for spring 2012 now. I have never eaten at George restaurant in Toronto. What can people on this forum say about it? We likely will have a cocktail reception with finger foods but possibly a sit down dinner. A friend suggested George as a contender and said she had attended a lovely wedding there. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

Need help for dessert obsessed fiancee bday

Senses on (or around?) Front/Wellington has impressive desserts.

Best Cupcakes in Toronto?

Flour at Eglinton/Bathurst has excellent cupcakes - fleur de sel chocolate (with caramel in the middle) is excellent. I've also tasted Dlish newly opened on Queen West (near trinity bellwoods) and they're good.

Wedding venue in Toronto

Hello fellow Chowhounders,

I'll be getting married later this summer/fall and am looking for the right venue.

We will either have a sit down dinner for about 25 to 30 or we will have a cocktail party for about 70. Our budget is mid range - my biggest concern is good food. It would be lovely if the venue had an appropriate space for vows but if not we may do these at City Hall anyway.

I'm looking for a venue that is convenient (downtown), reasonably priced but not low end (particular emphasis on the food), and attractive (not run down).

If anyone has any suggestions, I would very gratefully receive them.

Many thanks

Good food in Atlanta

thank you everyone for all of your suggestions -- i'm so glad i came to this board!

Good food in Atlanta

awesome -- thanks to you all for all of these suggestions. i think i'll leave atlanta with a very full tummy! one last question, any good homemade ice cream joints? thanks!

Good food in Atlanta

thanks everyone for these suggestions -- v helpful!

Good food in Atlanta

great suggestions, thanks so much!

Good food in Atlanta

Hello. I'm travelling to Atlanta next week for a short visit and would really like to experience some real southern food -- biscuits, fried green tomatoes, mac 'n' cheese, fried chicken. You get the idea. I'm not really looking for a chain but more an independent hidden gem that's sort of quirky with a bit of character.

In fact, I'd welcome all recommendations for good places to eat in Atlanta that aren't too $$$ but deliver good food and a dose of originality rather than a generic, big-box type of feel -- southern food or not.

And my last request is for Atlanta's best bakery.

I welcome all of your suggestions! Thank you.