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Four Days in Dublin (researched!)

They're all good suggestions - although LMulligan and WJ Kavanagh are a wee bit out of your way from your southside location but its a short taxi ride.
Vintage Kitchen is a great spot and Mulligans next door a classic.
Try Cup Cafe on Nassau st as a convenient alternative to 3fe on Wed. 3fe supplies their coffee.
What about the gastrobar in Fade Street Social next to your hotel? Mad place (as in busy), plenty of irish craft beers there and interesting modern tapas. And you'll leave convinced that the recession is an illusion!

Oct 22, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Suggestion for a cheapish group meal in Dublin!

Neon, Camden Rotisserie and Green Nineteen all on Camden St are some of the best cheap eat places you'll find. They're all buzzy, crowd-friendly places in a happenin part of town. some nice pubs too, check out Anseo or Cassidys.

Oct 22, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

breakfast near Dublin airport?

No personal recommendations I'm afraid (I'm a southsider) but there may be a nice cafe in Swords, the nearest town.
However I wouldn't go out of my way on the off-chance I may find something worthwhile. Irish cooked breakfasts are only average generally and it's a rare treat to find one of top quality.

Aug 21, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

London and Dublin with a 5 year old

In Dublin, Steps of Rome for pizza slice and their own gelateria next door. Avoca cafe on Suffolk St.
Elephant & Castle too.
By 'Dives' I take it you mean old pubs?
Kids not allowed after 9 but check out The Long Hall and The Swan.

Aug 21, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Best places to buy groceries in Dublin

Like most people everywhere, Dubliners shop in supermarkets and in Blackrock there is Superquinn and Marks and Spencer.
The former being middle market and the latter upmarket.
Pick wisely and you'll eat very well from both.
The discount supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl. These are cheap but only a few items are worthwhile.

For excellent produce go to nearby Monkstown and visit Avoca - it has one of the best butchers in the country on site. Expensive but excellent food is not cheap.
Check out local markets too.

Aug 21, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Dublin post-arrival dinner reccos

whatever you do, don't go to Temple Bar - its the Disneyfication of our culture! And you could be in Boston or any Irish bar in the world - there's thousands of people who think that the Irish live their lives to the constant lament of a fiddle or pouring pints down our necks day and night!

Try Bewleys certainly or Avoca as well - also a new little place is Hatch and Sons under the Little Museum of Dublin (charming in itself).
One new phenomenon on the Irish food scene is the scattering of new cafes like Hatch and Sons on the Green or Cup on Nassau St or Dublin City Food on Andrew St - all great but Hatch is particularly good on Irish provenance and heritage, without being Paddy Oirish!
Also, the whole new Irish Craft Beer micro-brewing offering is becoming very popular - check them out whenever you see them available on draught in a pub. Hatch does some too.
For pubs in your area of Dublin, check out the Long Hall and The Swan, both great old legends and not new mock-ups! The bar in Buswells (across from the Dail) is good for politician-watching and their attendant hangers-on!
You won't see kids in pubs at night generally.

Mar 25, 2013
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Small Town to visit in Ireland thats close to Dublin

Carlingford is a lovely idea!
Never been up there, but my brother and his wife spent a lovely weekend in Ghan House and really enjoyed the town.

Nov 20, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Small Town to visit in Ireland thats close to Dublin

KIlkenny is a great town, or city, as they like to call it.
Lots to see and do eg Kilkenny castle and the craft council hq, nice pubs and Campagne and Zuni are good restaurants.
Or a small town very near Dublin would be Enniskerry - nice walks and the impressive Powerscourt Estate beside. A Ritz Carlton on site if you fancy. (I suspect this is what zuriga calls Enniskillen which is in Northern Ireland and a few hours away)

Nov 19, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Ireland (Dublin and Connemara), mid-november

In Dublin, great for food, craft beers and great selection of whiskey try L Mulligan Grocer and WJ Kavanagh - previously old bars now revamped but still retaining a comfy dingy feel.
I'm really enjoying the new cafes selling coffee thats all about the bean, the roast and how its brewed - try Cup on Nassau St, Coffee Angel on south ann st and 3fe on grand canal st and The Humble Bean on Aungier St.
Some good restaurants eg The Pigs Ear, The Winding Stair, Pearl Brasserie(esp veggie menu). 'Bite' is mostly fish but have veggie options.

A food lover should definitely stay in Galway city for a visit to Aniar, just recently awarded a michelin star for their modern, simple, creative food with a serious determination to keep everything Irish and 'of the west'. I was there last week and was very impressed - no silly sauces, foams or embellishments and relaxed service. This is not your traditional stuffy Michelin establishment and is a great 'taster' and guide to new Irish cuisine.
And great value - dinner for two with bottle of wine 124euros. You'd be up near 200 at Thorntons which is now a waning star, I'm afraid.
Ard Bia and Kai Cafe are two more good spots in the city. Theres also a microbrewery whose name I forget.
Out in Connemara you're not going to hit the same highs - a nice trip would be to the Connemara Smokehouse in Ballyconeely, great beach!
The hotels mentioned previously are good too, esp Ballynahinch. Fireplace, pint of stout, chowder....

Nov 07, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Dublin - Great Breakfast

I think the Bald Barista owns Fixx on Dawson St - another one for great coffee on Aungier St is the Humble Bean.

Nov 03, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Breakfast in Cork, Dinner in Dublin

The Farmgate in the English Market or Nash 19, both for breakfast in Cork.

In Dublin, If you're looking for modern Irish (which your desire for the Pigs Ear suggests) then go for the Winding Stair, good food and great location on the river.

Nov 02, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Dublin - Great Breakfast

The very thought of your visit makes me nervous..please be kind :)

For breakfasts other than the greasy spoon rubbish (which do come in handy sometimes!) go for Avoca Cafe on Suffolk St, the Bakehouse on Bachelors Walk, Cafe Tiesan on Harrington St.
Bewleys on Grafton st is a lovely room, if a bit traditional.

There is now serious 'third wave' coffee in Dublin too - try Cup on Nassau St with a simple breakfast menu, Fixx on Dawson St or 3fe on grand canal st or coffee angel on south anne st, off grafton st.

Nov 02, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Farmer's markets in Dublin?

The only market in Dublin that I think comes close to the term 'Farmer's Market' is the one in Leopardstown racecourse on Fridays. Denis Healy's organic veg with a lot that is Irish recently, Rahara beef and Coolanowle organic meats along with Jenny McNallys great salads and other greens and the fresh fish stall and Ray Clarke's soft fruit - and none of the knick-knack rubbish you find elsewhere.
There's also Quarrymount meats at Marlay market who has the best burgers!
These producers are to be found in the other markets too like Temple Bar on Saturdays. Although I don't know who is at what market and when. Must be a website for that info.

Try the market in Farmleigh too, a lovely spot to hang out and a guy from Louth (don't know his name) who has the best Golden Wonders in Ireland!

Sep 11, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Best Scones in Dublin

In the city centre that has to be Avoca Cafe on Suffolk St. - with jam and whipped cream.
You won't really find the English traditional accompaniment of clotted or Devon cream here in Ireland.

Jul 31, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Recommendation for Dublin eats?

this is always a difficult topic...what is one person's value is anothers rip-off.
And the cost of things like fish and chips or burger can vary wildly, depending on what sort of place you're in. And some items on a menu can be far better value than others. And its a small city, there's actually only a small number decent places in each price category.
Anyhow.. Here's some places to try that I like:
Green Nineteen
Avoca cafes
The Pigs Ear
Chapter One
Haven't been yet but the Greenhouse seems good value..

there's plenty more, but that's it off the top of my head..

ps in reply to Brian's post, there's no such thing as a good burrito : )

Jul 23, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

A weekend in Dublin

Those ideas are great plus there is Odessa for casual brunch and Avoca on Suffolk St for Irish cafe fare.
Haven't been to the Greenhouse yet sadly but judging by the reviews its certainly a must-see for any foodie while in Ireland.

Jun 23, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Good Pub food between Dublin and Westport

Strokestown Park is a good stop off on that trip - haven't been there in a couple of years but a fascinating and beautiful place - food was standard cafe stuff - could be very good now of course, very often these museum cafes can surprise - it's probably your best bet on that road.

Jun 21, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

I'm going to be in Dublin from July 1st to the 5th - Pub & Restaurant suggestions please

The Wine Cellar in 'Fallon & Byrne' on Exchequer St (does a wine deal on Monday nights - 1 euro corkage I think, if you buy a bottle off the shelf), followed by take-out Murphys ice-cream and/or coffee on Wicklow St. Fallon & Byrne has cheese plats and charcuterie which are great value to share and Murphys is down the road - pretend you're Italian by buying an after dinner gelato and stroll thru the city.
Lunch or brunch in Avoca Cafe on Suffolk st is a lovely modern Irish place, Davy Byrnes Pub does good pub food, Stags Head pub for history as well as The Long Hall.
Steps of Rome off Grafton St for lunch pizza by the slice or hearty lasagne for dinner.
Bite on south Frederick st for fish, haven't been yet but 'they' say its good - its opposite Dunne and Crescenzi for good Italian.

Jun 14, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Eating in Dublin on Sun/Mon nights

Very helpful and trustworthy article yesterday in The Irish Times on good spots around the country:

Great pub food, irish craft beers on draught at L. Mulligan Grocer - could be reached no problem after the match on Sunday!

Jun 03, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Eating in Dublin on Sun/Mon nights

Steps of Rome off Grafton St for a good pizza slice or hearty lasagne etc
Yamamori or Izakaya on georges st if u fancy japanese...
The Green Hen on wicklow st does french bistro stuff,
777 for modern mexican, Coppinger Row for a european mix
there's more, but tell us what you fancy eating?
and don't forget there's eating and drinking in a pint of guinness!

Jun 03, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Ireland - First visit must eats

Kai Cafe in Galway and Anair in Galway are two new places that are great.
Out of the Blue, Doyles, Murphys Ice Cream and coffee, Global Village in Dingle - lots of rubbish in Dingle but also the best collection of good food in a small town in Ireland. Plus the scenery of the peninsula makes a great foodie holiday.
Thats the Leinster Hurling Final on July 8th and should be a packed Croke Park, a great day out! is the usual way for the public sale of GAA tickets. Don't know if you can purchase outside Ireland, maybe your hotel would do it or try when you arrive - there are tickemaster outlets in the city centre.
Have a Sunday Brunch before you walk up to Croke Park - the stadium is brilliant but no foodie paradise! Lennox Cafe, Odessa, Brown Thomas are good spots for brunch. You staying in city centre?

Apr 17, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Upscale Dublin or Ireland restaurants in general

Two new places at the forefront of creative Irish cooking:
The chef at anair in galway spent time at noma in copenhagen and is bringing the same philosophy to the west.
The chef at Gregans Castle hotel, mickael viljanen, tipped for a star last year, has moved to the newly-opened Greenhouse in Dublin and getting excellent reviews. A star or two there in the future.

Apr 13, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Cork, Dublin, Inverness, Edinburgh, Newcastle

Don't go to Kinsale for lunch, good food but same-y, for something different but Irish - def try Crawford Gallery and the Pigs Ear in Dublin or newly opened The Greenhouse in Dublin (that chef is taking Irish food to new places) has foodies salivating and great reviews!

Apr 06, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

shelbourne or merrion for afternoon tea in dublin?

The Merrion is my favourite Dublin hotel. It's the glorious Georgian building (birthplace of Wellington incidentally) and the Irish art collection. Compared to other branded hotels where you could be in any city in the world, you are undoubtedly in Ireland at the Merrion. They have an 'Art-Tea' thing they do where the dishes take inspiration from paintings on the wall - haven't tried it but sounds interesting.
The Shelbourne is a close second for me and an old Dublin classic - poor old Countess Markiewicz should have taken over the Shelbourne rather than the College of Surgeons in Easter 1916 cos the British soldiers ran across the Green up to the roof of the hotel and could pin them down from there. Its been dolled up somewhat and is all contemporary Marriott style and glamour now - if you like that mixed in with history then it's for you.
I'm not one for afternoon tea and I'd imagine the London hotels mentioned on the boards here would do an English classic best. Please report back and tell us what you thought of the hotel you picked.

Feb 24, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Need tips for upcoming Ireland trip

You're spoilt in Galway, small town but relatively great food offerings: three places in Galway I've heard about lately are Ard Bia cafe, Kai cafe and a place I haven't been to: Anair restaurant whose chef Enda McEvoy received 'Chef of the year 2011' in Ireland - check it out on the web, looks great and a friend who's opinion I trust raves about it. If you're lucky, it'll stop raining.

As for Cork, Nash 19, the Crawford Gallery Cafe and Cafe Paradiso are all great. Cafe Paradiso is one of the best veggie restaurants on this side of the Atlantic. The English Market is good fun: sure, it has all the usual mainstream stuff but also local cheeses, terrines and charcuterie, great seafood, organic veggies, and pigs feet for the local crubeens! Try a spiced beef roll there in the stall opposite O'Connell's fishmonger.

In Kinsale its the Fishy Fishy, the Lemon Leaf cafe and Max's that I would recommend. The Fishy is resting on its laurels a bit and some items are fairly pedestrian but I've had some of my best fish meals there. The little cafe he has does great fish and chips too.
In Kenmare, avoid the Park Hotel, €9.50 for a cappuccino and a mince pie, ahh Celtic Tiger where are you now?

Feb 15, 2012
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Seeking Destination Restaurants in Ireland

Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co Waterford is an excellent hotel in a great location on the water with its michelin-starred restaurant a bonus.
Chapter One in Dublin is a Modern Irish gem and their chef's table in the kitchen is a must on a fine dining Irish trip!
What has changed in recent times is the surge in value dining around Dublin and the rest of the country - especially the Michelin Bib Gourmand establishments and the many cafes and pubs upping their food game.
Ballymaloe is an icon in the scene here and if you like the experience of country house hospitality, it's not to be missed. The other hotels in 'the Blue Book' are a treat too with Gregan's Castle in Co Clare and Rathmullen House in Donegal two of my favourites.

Dec 08, 2011
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Slow running

No problems here in Dublin...but then the good ol' IMF is looking after us now

Oct 13, 2011
DublinChow in Site Talk

Herbs and spices in Dublin?

Ahh yes Tesco stalks the land here also. Supermarkets are getting better all the time I find and Superquinn and Marks and Spencer are good here.
For small independents try Fallon&Byrne, Evergreen and Listons in the city. Get Fresh in Rathfarnham has every ingredient under the sun, Cavistons, Mortons, Donnybrook Fair, are good too plus the farmers markets at the weekend.

Aug 09, 2011
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Dublin Bakery

Cakes and Co in Blackrock will design a cool cake but they know how to charge!

Also, nearer is Valentino Bakery in Grand Canal.

And finally, Google have loads of bakeries!

Jul 06, 2011
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland

Dublin Bakery

Queen of Tarts beside you on Dame St is a good bet.

Jul 06, 2011
DublinChow in U.K./Ireland