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Date Places in Lower Westchester

Yeah...this is a casual met him online sort of date. So, it could go well or really really not well. I think my decision is going to be made for me when I see how he's dressed. If he shows up in a wifebeater or something, I might pretend I'm not me.

Date Places in Lower Westchester

I know...he does seem a little high maintenance. I think he wants bar food to be honest with you. I was sort of looking forward to relaxing in a calm atmosphere. I guess not!

That being said, I think I'll take him up to Pumpernickel in Ardsley. They make decent burgers there.

Date Places in Lower Westchester

Well he's driving all the way from Long Island and I don't want a half hour drive to White Plains after that. I also thought of maybe going to City Island - but again, too much of a trek and quite honestly, I wouldn't know where to go. My goal is to be able to get to the restaurant within 15 minutes. He's really picky. For someone who didn't care where we ate, he so far has told me that he doesn't like sushi and he can't have spicy food. So my idea of Korean wouldn't have worked anyway because he'd pass out from all the sauces.

Date Places in Lower Westchester

what's cookery like? I've never heard of it. i don't care for the cuban place in yonkers. Nine hours after ordering, you get your food and it takes three hours to get a drink.

Edit: Cookery is closed on Mondays. Which is a shame because I just looked up the review. I'm going to have to try that place.

Date Places in Lower Westchester

I have to find a good place to go on a date tonight. It's a first date so something really casual and laid back would be wonderful. He's not from here so I can't really ask him for ideas. I don't want to go as far up as White Plains. Something definitely in lower westchester. I also don't want anything pricey or too romantic. I'm not looking to be swept off my feet. I just want to get to know this person. Any ideas? Everything I'm coming up with is not a good idea. I thought of Kang Suh in Yonkers but I heard it's pretty expensive and I'm not sure if this guy would be too keen on Korean food.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I've been here two times. The food is actually really really good but the service is just HORRIBLE. The kitchen has it all right but they need to hire servers who can take a drink order and not let the fact that they are busy affect their ability to pay attention to the customer's needs.